KCK - Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union

Support and build structures of self-administration in Kurdistan, the Middle East and beyond.

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our statements

We regularly publish statements on political and social developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East and beyond. Find our official statements here.

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our interviews

In regular interviews the KCK co-chairs share their perspective on the latest political agenda in the region and beyond. Find the latest interviews here.

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our publications

We occasionally publish reports about important developments in Kurdistan and the Middle East or brochures with background information.

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our motivation

Find out more about our home region Kurdistan, the political idea we strive to put into practice and the importance of Abdullah Öcalan for our everyday work.

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women`s freedom.


KCK co-chairs

Cemil Bayik

After having been active in the Kurdish freedom struggle since the mid-70s, Cemil Bayik became co-chair of the KCK Executive Council in 2013.

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Besê Hozat

Having been active in the struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people since the mid-90s, Besê Hozat was elected co-chair of the KCK Executive Council in 2013.

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"The KCK is vital not only for solving the problems of the Kurds, but also of the Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Afghan and Caucasian societies and all other communities experiencing similar problems."
Abdullah Öcalan
"The Kurdish struggle could become a model for a wordwide movement towards genuine democracy, co-operative economy, and the gradual dissolution of the bureaucratic nation-state."
David Graeber

recent news

may 16, 2021

In an extensive interview Duran Kalkan talks about a political approach to the Corona pandemic, the necessary strategy for the struggle against Capitalist Modernity, the struggle of the workers class and more.

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may 10, 2021

Parts of an interview with Duran Kalkan, member of the KCK Executive Council, about recent developments in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

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may 05, 2021

KCK statement calling for a united resistance of the Kurdish people and the guerrilla against the attacks of the fascist AKP-MHP government on South Kurdistan.

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april 28, 2021

KCK statement on May 1st calling for an increased struggle against the AKP-MHP government in Turkey.

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april 25, 2021

KCK statement condemning the latest attacks by the Turkish state on South Kurdistan and calling for a full-scale resistance.

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