Besê Hozat

KCK co-Chair

Besê Hozat has been serving as the co-chair of the KCK Executive Council alongside Cemil Bayik since July 2013. She was elected by the General Assembly of the Kongra Gel (People`s Congress) which was held from June 30 to July 5, 2013. Replacing Murat Karayılan she was the first woman to be elected for this position in the KCK.


Born in the village Taner (Dersim province, North Kurdistan/Southeast Turkey) she grew up as the seventh of nine children. Her family is of Kurdish Alevi background. After having finished primary school in her home village she visited middle and high school in the city of Kayseri. Her family had been subject to the Dersim massacre committed by the Turkish state in 1937/38 with several of her relatives being killed and her grandmother barely escaping.


During her high school years she came in touch with the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan. In the mid-90s, Besê Hozat decided to join the PKK. She stayed in Dersim for several years before she participating in Abdullah Öcalan`s educational courses. Ever since Besê Hozat has taken over various positions and played a leading in women`s self-organization within the PKK and KCK.