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august 15, 2021

Current Attempts of the KDP to Provoke a War with the PKK in South Kurdistan

“If a war with the KDP has not yet occurred, this is due to our patient and responsible attitude. But our patience has reached its limit. It is totally unacceptable that the guerrilla is being surrounded and harassed. Especially while the guerrilla is fighting against the Turkish state. While intense hand-to-hand fighting is taking place in some places. The enemy is using all kinds of technology and is bombing the mountains everywhere. He uses chemical weapons. He attacks the guerrilla tunnels and positions continuously with chemical weapons, with gas. The current attitude of the KDP is absolutely unacceptable in such a situation. There are reports that the KDP is preparing to attack during the fall. The KDP is ultimately trying to get the public on its side. To turn the public against the PKK. If the KDP finds favorable conditions for this, it will attack. Due to the attentive attitude of the Kurdish public, such an attack has been prevented so far. The current attitude and policy of the KDP are tantamount to a declaration of war. Because whoever legitimizes the Turkish state’s policy and surrounds the guerrilla is openly waging war against the guerrilla.”

EU`s Responsibility for the Ongoing Isolation of Abdullah Öcalan

“Of course, we do not accept this oppression and injustice of Turkey that has been going on for 23 years. Our people are fighting against this. In Europe, too, many democratic institutions, trade unions are fighting against this. But the EU must live up to its own legal standards. If it does not intend to do that, then it should not pass such laws in the first place. Or do EU laws and standards not apply to Turkey, which, as we know, is seeking EU membership and is also a member of the Council of Europe? Is there a rule that says that existing EU laws and standards apply to everyone except Turkey? Since this is not the case, the EU must take a clear position towards Turkey. That is what we expect. Of course, we are fighting against the isolation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. The Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom is identical with the struggle against his isolation. Our people consider the attacks on Rêber Apo and his isolation as an attack on the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom. They understand the isolation as a part of the denial and genocide policy against the Kurdish people. Therefore, the Kurdish people naturally stand up for Rêber Apo. They consider this as a patriotic task that is part of the struggle for freedom and democracy.”

Forest Fires in Turkey

“They want to use this as an opportunity to increase hostility towards Kurds, to incite hostility towards the PKK and to instigate hostility towards Kurds among the people of Turkey. In response to such statements, fascists will of course attack Kurds in Mugla, Izmir and elsewhere. They are already doing so. Because of the mindful reaction of certain political, democratic circles, the attacks on Kurds have been slowed down a bit. Without these reactions, there would have been attacks on all Kurds in Izmir, Mugla or Antalya. This is what the AKP-MHP government wants. This is how they want to achieve their goals. They want to destroy the relations between the Kurdish people and the people of Turkey and make them enemies. Because then they can suppress the Kurds and the democratic forces more easily. This plan is part of the special warfare. Neither the PKK, nor the Kurds have anything to do with the forest fires in Turkey. They have not the slightest thing to do with it.”

Significance of the Guerrilla Offensive on August 15, 1984

“In the future, August 15, 1984 will be considered one of the most significant events in the history of the Middle East. August 15 has really left a strong mark on the history of the Middle East. Without the August 15, 1984 offensive, the Middle East would look very different today. Despotism would have become even stronger in the region. All democratic values would have been completely suppressed. The voices for democracy and freedom would not have much influence today. All of this would have had a negative impact on Africa and Asia as well. Backwardness in the Middle East always has a negative influence on the entire world. This is because the Middle East is the cradle of civilization. This is where the Neolithic Revolution took place. All social, political and cultural developments in the Middle East do not remain limited to the region itself, but also influence the surrounding areas. The Middle East is like a center of the world. Therefore, all the changes in the Kurdish society, the peoples of the Middle East, the politics in the Middle East, in the realm of emotions and in the ruling classes that were triggered by the August 15 offensive really need to be analyzed in a very comprehensive way. Thus, August 15 has a very great significance today, which will grow even more in the future.”