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august 23, 2021

Current Situation in Afghanistan

“Both NATO at its last summit in June and the U.S. itself had declared: `We have built a state, an army and a new government in Afghanistan. They are capable of defending themselves. We will therefore withdraw.` But in the course of just one month, everything has turned out quite differently. The NATO forces are completely at the end of their tether. They are not even able to withdraw their forces or protect their embassies. Today, NATO is experiencing what happened to the Soviet Union in 1989. Some had previously claimed that NATO had developed a new vision, would reorder the world, and that no one could stand against NATO. Today we are witnessing the actual state of NATO’s vision. In Afghanistan, it is facing a shambles. NATO forces are currently at the end of their tether. It has also been said time and again that Erdogan has been given a particularly important role. Now we are seeing what his role is: NATO has asked Erdogan for reinforcements so that it can rescue all its agents from Afghanistan that it has trained over the last 20 years. Erdogan is supposed to protect Kabul airport with his forces so that NATO forces can get their supporters and collaborators out of the country. NATO, at its June summit, gave the Erdogan government the task of playing the role of a human trafficker.”


“Now, of course, it is up to the Afghan society, women and youth. They must resist and achieve their social freedom through their own willpower and find the right line of resistance against the Taliban. They must not believe that they will succeed with the support of the U.S. or NATO. They have to find the right line of resistance. That is very important. It would be wrong to think of the Taliban as a force that is not part of the system. The same is true of the Islamic State. Both are a result and a part of the internal conflicts of the system. That is how we should look at them. That’s why it’s important not to think of the Taliban as a force that is outside the system or represents an alternative system to capitalism. Yes, certain contradictions exist. Which ones, exactly? On the one hand, a new state based on the modernity of the Middle East and Asia, which is clearly more state- and power-centered. And on the other side the modernity of the USA or capitalism. But at the core they are the same. The state and power system is a whole. Therefore, it would be wrong to assume bitter enmity between the Taliban and the system and take a position accordingly. One can neither side with the Taliban, nor with NATO.”


“Of course, you need to know the Taliban and Afghan society well. In addition, a line of resistance needs to be organized in Asia and the Middle East. that has freedom, democracy and society as its basis and fights against the power and state system and the male-hegemonic mentality. In Afghanistan today, the conditions for this are very good. This is because Afghan society has been at war for years and is therefore in a state of motion. Afghan women are also in a state of war. They have acquired knowledge and developed their consciousness. One should not be fooled by the fact that they look somewhat in need of help. Just because Afghan women are veiled, you should not think they are ignorant. They have enormous life experience and are very resistant. On this basis, a liberal and democratic attitude can develop which can then turn into a fight against the Taliban.”

Struggle Against the Total Isolation of Abdullah Öcalan

“The total isolation continues. The pressure is enormous. A really tremendous resistance is taking place on Imrali. This resistance is now better understood outside the prison and support for Önder Apo’s [Abdullah Öcalan] stance has grown. It is supported by all our people and all our friends. Thus, the struggle for Önder Apo’s physical freedom has grown even stronger. Parallel to the legal struggle, a social struggle including protests is taking place. In all parts of this world, this struggle continues. This has led to a great hope for success. We have started the 38th year of our war and resistance much stronger and more hopeful than ever. Euphoria and excitement are at their peak. Önder Apo says: `Hope is more valuable than victory.` In the 38th year, our hope and excitement are huge. This hope and excitement will lead to great victories and developments. We are absolutely convinced of this. We will continue our struggle on this basis. Through Önder Apo’s physical freedom, we will smash the torture and isolation system on Imrali. We will destroy AKP-MHP fascism and thereby liberate Kurdistan and democratize Turkey and the Middle East. In order for us to succeed at this, we will fight for freedom and democracy even more strongly, comprehensively and profoundly in the 38th year since the offensive of August 15, 1984. We are determined to do so and we will succeed.”

Guerrilla`s Successful Resistance Against Turkey`s Occupation Attacks on South Kurdistan

“The plans of AKP-MHP fascism did not work out, but failed. Now a new phase has begun in which the guerrilla is carrying out effective and destructive attacks. It is foreseeable that such a phase will develop. The enemy does not succeed in controlling [Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn]. Since he has huge difficulties on the ground, he relies heavily on air attacks. He uses chemical weapons and the like. All of this has been made public. Despite all this, the enemy does not succeed in driving the guerrilla out of certain regions. The guerrilla is active everywhere. It is capable of attacking the enemy at any time. It is in a position to attack. The guerrilla also regularly publishes videos of its attacks. The enemy is in a pathetic condition. In many places, it cannot even protect itself and is simply hiding. The results of this war are hidden from the public of Turkey. AKP-MHP fascism does not publish the true record. Only when it suits them, do they publish figures and instrumentalize them. What does not benefit them is concealed.”


“The enemy’s tactics have been largely rendered ineffective. His plans have also been foiled. Further developments will be in the guerrilla`s favor. The guerrilla will expand its attacks. Of course, only if the KDP does not take any problematic steps. In this respect, the danger continues. We have nothing to add to the HPG Central Command’s statements in this regard. The threat and danger continue. The KDP’s problematic stance continues. This also prevents the guerrila from dealing heavy blows to the occupier and from thus breaking the occupation. Everyone should be aware of this. This has also already been made public. If the KDP refrains from creating such obstacles from now on, the occupier will be dealt even heavier blows in the near future.”

Latest Turkish Attacks on Sinjar

“We have always said that the people of Sinjar and the Ezidi Kurdish society can be sure of the following: The PKK and all Kurds will always stand by their side. They consider the free will of the Ezidis to be fundamental and will unconditionally support this free and determined attitude at all times. Everybody should be aware of this. No force can dissuade the PKK or the Kurds from this stance and their support. This is very clear. Our people are angry. They should be. They are fighting and that is really necessary. And our people have responded with protests. Those protests need to be stepped up. But our Ezidi people are not alone. And they will never be alone.”


“Some call on the people of Sinjar to dissolve their self-administration and self-defense forces. Why should they do that? So that the Turkish state and AKP-MHP fascism can attack and annihilate them? Where are those today who claim that Sinjar`s self-adminstration and self-defense forces are not necessary. Where were they when Turkish warplanes bombed a hospital in Sinjar [on August 17]? What did they do about it? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, they have no right to give any more advice. Does a state even exist in Iraq? Is there really a government in Baghdad? All of that is really questionable. If so, where are they? There are many who give all kinds of advice to the Ezidis. But where were they when Turkish fighter jets attacked a hospital and assassinated a commander and diplomat of the Ezidi community in the open street [on August 16]. How do you expect the Ezidi community to believe them?”

Possible Political Solution for Syria

“We wish that all this will lead to a result. And we are convinced that this will happen. We think this is an important and significant development and we will follow it closely. Syria can solve all its problems and preserve its unity by establishing local and regional councils, that is, by adopting the system of Democratic Autonomy. We firmly believe in this. We know that our Kurdish people in Rojava are doing exactly that. This is their program. Dozens of statements have been made for this in the past. Currently, great efforts are being made. Rojava will take this seriously. We, as the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, also support this search for solutions and the establishment of a new democratic system. We will use our influence to support it. Everyone should know that. It is really very important that a democratic Syria develops with local and regional councils that protect their peculiarities and autonomy and thus gain influence. Syria can thus become a model for a solution for the entire region. Thus, it can both preserve its unity and develop a model for a solution.”

Need for a Stronger Struggle Against the Global Ecological Crisis

“But as far as the pillar of the ecological revolution is concerned, we are still too weak in the area of ecological education, awareness, organizing and practice. This topic is always mentioned only briefly. But how should it be organized? What should it look like in practice? What role does this play in the struggle for Democratic Autonomy and in the revolution of Democratic Modernity? How can this be permanently driven forward? We have not yet dealt intensively with all these questions. This is what I mean when I talk about our necessary self-criticism. Against the background of the current situation, we have to deal with this more intensively. There is definitely no other way. Because the danger is great. The events this year are terrible. Drought on the one hand and floods on the other. This is destroying the entire world. There are fires everywhere. Temperatures of 50 degrees have been reached. Global warming has really reached serious proportions. This year the forests are burning. The next, it may be people and all living beings. There may be even greater floods ahead. That’s the point we’re at already. Nature is imposing punishment. It is warning us and calling for help. But does all this originate from the environment itself, as Erdogan claims? Of course not. The reason is Erdogan’s government and the global system. The power and state system, capitalism are definitely responsible for this situation.”