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november 19, 2023

The campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question”, initiated by the international friends of the Kurdish people, has completed one month while the severe isolation of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Öcalan, continues. How do you evaluate the progress of the campaign and how should it proceed from now on?

Before answering your question, I would like to say the following: the month we are in is a month in which many friends were martyred. So firstly, I would like to commemorate all the martyrs of revolution and freedom with respect and gratitude.

As it is known, the great patriot Yûsif Gulo was assassinated by the Turkish state in Qamışlo on November 9, 2021. On November 10, comrade Yılmaz Dersim, one of the commanders of HPG, was martyred in clashes. In 1999, 18 comrades were martyred as a result of a chemical attack in Kulp. Yasser Arafat was martyred in 2004. Delal Amed and her comrades were martyred in 2017. In 1979, Edip Solmaz was assassinated when he was the mayor of Batman. In 1960, 283 Kurdish youth were massacred in the cinema of Amûdê. Seyid Rıza was arrested in Dersim and executed in Elazığ on November 15, 1937. His son and companions were also executed. The great artist Ahmet Kaya was martyred in Paris in 2000. Comrade Doğan Dideri was martyred in Amed in 2017. Comrade Hüseyin Özbey was martyred in 1997. Reşit Serdar was martyred in Şemzinan in 2012. Of course, not only these friends were martyred in the month of November, there are many more than I can mention here. As I said, I remember all our martyrs with respect and gratitude.

As you said, our international friends have started a new campaign. Some results of the efforts within the framework of the campaign have already appeared, and I think there are more results to come, as the participation in the campaign is still growing day by day. I would like to take this opportunity to greet and congratulate everyone who is part of this campaign. It is a great campaign, but it has only just begun. It needs to be further strengthened and developed. Our international friends have started it and we as a movement have declared that we are also participating in it. We are not only taking part in it, but we are using all our means to make it successful and achieve its goal. This is a historical duty for all militants of the movement and all Kurds. Of course, it is not only their duty, but all the international friends of this movement, of the Kurdish people in the world, all those who fight for freedom and democracy must take part in this campaign. Because it is a movement for freedom. Participation alone will not bring results, a common struggle is needed.

The current policy against Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has no precedent in the world. They are carrying out a very dirty policy, an absolute isolation because we have not heard from Rêber Apo for 3 years. The policy they are carrying out against Rêber Apo, they are also carrying out against the Kurdish people. They are even carrying out this policy against the democratic, socialist and liberal people of Turkey. In other words, they have isolated the whole society of Turkey with this policy. Everyone who has a political conscience, a sense of morality and is in favor of freedom is taking part in this campaign. This means defending the Kurdish people in the person of Rêber Apo. As soon as we understand the isolation, we can fight against it and achieve results. There is a reason why they developed the isolation against the Kurdish people in the person of Rêber Apo, the democratic, socialist and freedom forces of Turkey. Because Rêber Apo always provided a depth in the struggle for democracy and freedom. Again, there was a blockade in the socialist and freedom movement which Rêber Apo wanted to solve and therefore took up the struggle.

When the PKK was founded, it was under the influence of real socialism, which affected its practices. Rêber Apo wanted to remove this influence. He wanted to create changes and innovations in the PKK and it’s struggle. He worked with this aim and as a result, not only the Kurdish people but also other peoples were affected. The capitalist modernity and those who lead this system saw this. Rêber Apo is searching for the freedom and democracy movements, for the PKK and for socialism. With this search, Rêber Apo has also taken some steps. If this was not prevented, it would be dangerous for the capitalist system. That is why they developed the international conspiracy, abducted Rêber Apo and developed absolute isolation on Imrali. In this way, they wanted to pave the way and protect their system in the Middle East. They realized that if they could not develop measures against Rêber Apo, he would cause them great problems. Their system would be hit, changes would take place in the Middle East, freedom movements would develop. The leaders of the system of capitalist modernity, the powers in the region and some Kurdish collaborators of the system joined hands and carried out the conspiracy. They abducted Rêber Apo and developed a system of absolute isolation. But Rêber Apo had a goal and he focused, researched and took steps towards this goal and even the conspiracy could not stop him.

Rêber Apo continued his work even under the conditions of Imrali. He developed a new paradigm against the system of capitalist modernity. With this paradigm, humanity gained a great weapon. All those who fight for democracy, freedom and socialism understand the reality of Rêber Apo very well. They see that there is a solution in the paradigm developed by Rêber Apo. Because they too are in search. That is why they embrace Rêber Apo and his paradigm. That is why our international friends have started such a campaign. It is our responsibility to expand and deepen this campaign. Political pressure must be put on the Turkish state. Not only the Kurds, but all those who are involved in the struggle for freedom and democracy, who fight against fascism, who want to develop the brotherhood of the peoples, must take part in the campaign. They should also put pressure on the UN, CPT, Council of Europe and other international institutions. They should mobilize these institutions to put pressure on the Turkish state. Because if the Turkish state is not put under pressure, the Turkish state will never take steps for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo and for the solution of the Kurdish question. Because the goal they have set for themselves is the liquidation of the freedom movement and the genocide of the Kurdish people. The Turkish state, which has set these goals, will never take steps for Rêber Apo and the Kurdish people if it is not put under great pressure. Everyone is asked to put pressure on the Turkish state. Everyone should do all their work on this basis.

When this campaign was developed, at the same time the war between the Israeli state and Hamas started. It is a big war that has started. While doing our work for the campaign, we also have to express our friendship with the Palestinian people. Because the Kurdish people and the Palestinian people are the same. In the Middle East, these two peoples are in captivity and facing dirty politics. These peoples have been struggling against genocide for many years. To protect Rêber Apo is to protect the Palestinian people. Because Rêber Apo has a very strong relationship with the Palestinian people. He stayed with the Palestinian movements for a while and built strong friendships. That is why our movement has a strong relationship with the Palestinian people. We even fought on the side of the Palestinian people against the policy of genocide and gave martyrs for it. Since Rêber Apo’s goal is freedom and democracy, it is the Kurds and the Palestinians who are most in need of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Other peoples in the region may also have demands in this sense, but the Kurds and Palestinians are being subjected to genocide. Maybe there is no such problem for other peoples in the region, but there is such a reality for the Kurds and Palestinians.

Since Rêber Apo’s goal is democracy and freedom, he focuses on both Kurds and Palestinians. He struggled for years on how to solve these problems, how these two peoples could get rid of the genocide, how they could gain their rights, how they could live freely with their identities. As a result, he saw that the problems of the Kurdish and Palestinian people could be solved through the brotherhood of peoples. He saw that these problems could not be solved through religion, racism or the nation state. Trying to solve them in this way will deepen the ongoing massacres and genocide. The way to peace, tranquility and the elimination of the policy of genocide is through a democratic nation. This is where Rêber Apo saw the solution. Therefore, both the Palestinian people and the Jewish people must develop a united struggle against the war. This is the only way to resolve the situation. Some democrats, intellectuals and socialists both in Kurdistan and Turkey have made statements and calls regarding the campaign started for Rêber Apo. This is positive, but they should give more support. It is not enough to make a statement or call for support, it is also necessary to fight for it, to organize accordingly. If the campaign is successful, democracy will develop in Turkey, the Kurdish problem, the problems of Alevis and other peoples will be solved. This will also lead to the development of democracy and freedom in the whole Middle East. That is why this campaign is so big and important.

The 1st World Youth Conference was held in Paris between November 3-5 with the participation of about 350 young people from 60 countries, led by Kurdish youth. How do you evaluate the conference and the discussions?

First of all, I greet and pay my respects to all those who led, worked and participated in the conference. The youth have done an important work in France. They have claimed the history, character and spirit of the youth. It is known that in 1968 the youth in France started a movement, which spread all over the world and had a great impact on the states and society. The youth organized this conference in Paris and focused on the problems of young people around the world. They drew attention to the obstacles to freedom and democracy. They discussed how to solve these problems, because young people all over the world are also in search and they see answers in the paradigm of Rêber Apo. That is why they take Rêber Apo’s paradigm and freedom as a basis.

In 1968, when the youth movement was developing, capitalist modernity was creating problems for humanity and eliminating the solution. Until then, the youth saw the solution in socialism, but they realized that socialism was no longer the answer. Therefore, they gave up hope both in the capitalist system and in real socialism. As a result of this search, they began to look for a revolutionary movement. That’s why the youth movement, which was founded in 1968, spread everywhere very quickly. The feminist movement was also born at that time, as well as the ecological movement. In the current period, it may not be exactly like that period, but it is comparable. The capitalist system is again a big problem for humanity. It cannot even sustain itself, so how can it be a solution for humanity? Far from being a solution, it has become a scourge for humanity. It wants to bring about the end of humanity. Real socialism, on the other hand, has already been liquidated. Young people want to develop solutions. We see in history that it is the youth who create changes and develop revolutions. The youth organized such a conference because they saw that the solution lies in Rêber Apo’s paradigm.

That is why they embrace Rêber Apo and his paradigm and join the movement. Of course, it is not enough to join the movement, they have to lead the movement. They should develop the movement everywhere and tell everyone about the importance of the movement. Rêber Apo made the youth and women pioneers in his paradigm. This shows how much Rêber Apo values and appreciates them. He showed this not with words but with his practice. He founded and fought the PKK on this basis. That is why Rêber Apo said, “We started young, we will succeed young.”. Because the spirit of youth never gets old or weakens. The youth is always searching, always seeking change-transformation. What is required of the youth is to better understand Rêber Apo’s paradigm, to better explain it, and to better lead it. If they do so, they will achieve the same success as the youth movement of 1968. The conference in Paris is an important conference for the youth. Young people must educate themselves on the basis of Rêber Apo’s paradigm so that they can fulfill their leadership role.

In your previous interviews, you drew attention to the Turkish state’s strategy of special warfare to hide its losses. While the war continues in the Southern Kurdish Medya Defense Zones [areas controlled by the guerrilla forces], the HPG stated that the Turkish state has also landed its soldiers in places where there are no guerrilla forces. What does this mean?

I greet the HPG headquarters and the command of HPG and YJA Star and I also convey my respect and esteem to them because they are giving their lives not only for the Kurdish people but also for humanity under very difficult conditions and circumstances. What they are doing seemed impossible. They do it without hesitation. The Turkish state uses all NATO weapons against them, chemical weapons, tactical nuclear weapons, tanks, artillery, planes… But they still cannot achieve results because the guerrillas have a very strong will and they are attached to their goals. They have taken Rêber Apo’s attitude and approach as an example for themselves and have chosen to be in the full service of their people and humanity. That is why the guerrilla fighters are maintaining the resistance under these difficult conditions and writing dozens of epics. That is why our people must protect the guerrillas and our international friends should give meaning to this immense struggle. They should also have a look at the Kurdish youth, who are steadfastly standing against the Turkish occupation state and many of them are sacrificing their lives for this resistance. The Turkish state has mobilized all its means inside and outside the country to liquidate our movement and genocide the Kurdish people. It has linked its fate to the liquidation of PKK and the genocide of the Kurdish people.

An essential part of this plan is the KDP and the Barzani family. Of course, not all Barzanis are the same. For example, Eyüp Barzani or Ethem Barzani are different from the rest of the family and oppose Massoud Barzani’s policies. But those in the KDP who currently dominate the Behdînan region are from Massoud Barzani’s side of the family. They are working only for their own interests and those of their families, thus serving the genocidal policies of the Turkish state. This is happening under the eyes of public opinion. Anyone who claims to be Kurdish, patriotic, politically conscientious and moral must see this. This is not a policy that anyone can accept. Serving the policy of the genocidaires does not benefit the Kurdish people. Therefore, democrats, patriots, politically conscientious and moral people need to see who is serving the Kurdish people and who is serving the politics of genocide. Patriotism means to stand up against the politics of genocide. The Turkish state is waging this war with the support of the KDP. Not only in the Medya Defense Zones, but also in Northern and Southern Kurdistan, as well as in Rojava and in different parts of the world. The Turkish state’s policy against the Kurdish people is carried out with the support of the KDP and especially Masoud Barzani. If they did not support them, the Turkish state would not be able to carry out this policy of genocide against the Kurdish people.

The media in South Kurdistan published images of Barzani’s Peshmerga shielding the invading Turkish army from the air and on the ground. How do you evaluate this situation?

The KDP and Barzani are helping the Turkish state in every way. They are hostile to PKK and free Kurds in every sense. They are doing this not only in the Medya Defense Zones, but also in Iraq and other countries. They are cooperating with the Turkish state on how to isolate and eliminate the PKK. As you said, the television has already shown the pictures. The outposts of the Turkish army and the KDP are side by side. The KDP is building roads for the Turkish army’s outposts. The Turkish army brings its troops with helicopters and places them under the protection of the KDP. The pictures of all this have been published, everyone can see them. Step by step, the Turkish state is building military posts for itself in South Kurdistan. They would not be able to do this without the help of the KDP. The Turkish state is trying to intervene in Iraqi politics with the support of the Barzanis. It prevents Iraq from taking any steps and says that it must do everything according to its demands. They are threatening, they are cutting off the water, in this way they want to use Iraq for their own politics. They have already used the Barzanis for their politics, Behdînan has become like a province of Turkey. They cannot do anything there without the Turkish state.

Turkey wants to use Iraq and the whole Middle East as a tool in its policy against the PKK. They get this power by getting supported by the KDP. In this way, the Turkish state wants to strengthen its power both in South Kurdistan and in Iraq. They do not hide their goals according to the Misak-ı Millî [National Pact]. They say that Mosul-Kirkuk and all of South Kurdistan belong to them. They say that they lost these areas through the Treaty of Lausanne, so they do not recognize it and threaten to occupy these areas. They carry out their practices based on this understanding.

There are many Turkish military posts in South Kurdistan and the Turkish intelligence [MIT] has settled in many cities from Hewlêr to Kirkuk. The aim of the Turkish state is to completely occupy South Kurdistan and to strengthen its power in Iraq. This is their goal. This is a fact that must be well understood.

The ‘People’s Defense Headquarter’ [NPG] announced that its forces have withdrawn from Mexmûr [Makhmur]. Murat Karayilan, commander of the NPG, addressed the public and stated that Mexmûr can now defend itself. A few days after this statement, forces loyal to the Barzani family tried to settle in the points vacated by the HPG, and when Iraqi forces also tried to settle in these points at the same time, a clash broke out and an MIT officer was killed there. Are there any new developments in this regard and what would you like to say to the people of Mexmûr about this issue?

We have to ask ourselves why the guerrilla came to Mexmûr in the first place. Because the gangs of Daesh [ISIS] attacked Mexmûr and wanted to commit a massacre. The aim of Daesh was not only to massacre the people of Mexmûr, but also to take over South Kurdistan. They were already close to Hewlêr. In order to prevent massacres, to prevent Daesh from entering South Kurdistan and to prevent the achievements of the people of South Kurdistan from being endangered, the guerrilla went to Mexmûr on the demand of the people and parties of South Kurdistan. There the guerrillas fought against Daesh and not only defended Mexmûr but also prevented Daesh from entering Hewlêr. In other words, the guerrillas also defended the government of South Kurdistan and Iraq. That’s why Masoud Barzani himself went to Mexmûr. His pictures, where he thanked the guerrilla, appeared on TV. Because the guerrilla also defended them. The guerrilla withdrew and said that their mission was finished. The KDP troops immediately tried to take over the vacated positions. That’s why they clashed with the Iraqi forces and the MIT officer was killed. This proves that the MIT is directing the KDP. What is the KDP doing there? Because the Turkish state wants them to be there, they want to establish sovereignty over the camp, massacre people and dismantle the camp. Because the KDP is conducting a policy over the camp, there is an embargo on the camp, there is a blockade, they are preventing people from entering and leaving.

The warplanes of the Turkish state always fly over Mexmûr and commit massacres. I guess they did think that was not enough, so they want to commit more massacres and destroy the camp and the people’s homes. It is the demand of the Turkish state that the KDP go to Mexmûr. The departure of the KDP means the departure of the Turkish state and this has already been proved because an officer of the MIT was killed in a clash on the same day. Of course, our people in Mexmûr are a conscious people, they have experience, they have been struggling for years. They are well aware of these games. They know very well why the KDP came. That is why they openly said that they do not want them there. Because the KDP is in the service of the Turkish state. Our people in the camp can develop their own defense because they have experience. They have been fighting and defending themselves since the day they left their villages. So they don’t need guerrillas anymore. Also, Iraq came to this region. So there is no need for the guerrillas to be there. Our people can take care of themselves, they can run their system. They already have a democratic system, what is being asked of our people is both to strengthen their system and to defend themselves. Of course, we are not leaving our people helpless. Our headquarter also made a statement in this direction. We are a freedom movement and we are at the service of our people. Wherever there is danger, it is our duty to defend our people. We have done this everywhere and we will do it from now on. Therefore, our people should have no worries or fears. They should believe in themselves, that they have the power to stand against all attacks.

I also have a call to Iraq and the UN in this regard. So far, the KDP and the Turkish state have lied to them. The KDP and Turkey lied that Mexmûr was a military camp and they believed it. Based on this lie, the KDP and the Turkish state attacked Mexmûr and committed massacres. The Iraq and UN forces kept silent and said that it was a military camp and that HPG was there. With this excuse, they did not stand against the attacks of the KDP and the Turkish state. Now the HPG is no longer there. Therefore, they have to fulfill their responsibility towards the camp. If they do not fulfill their responsibility, they will be responsible for the attacks and massacres that will surely take place. Our people should demand Iraq and the UN to fulfill their responsibilities.

Strange things are happening in Turkey right now. Before the elections, you have drawn attention to the dangers for the society. Recently, the Supreme Court of Cassation did not “recognize” the Constitutional Court and filed a criminal complaint against its members. What does this mean? How do you assess these events?

Now they have thrown the decisions of the Constitutional Court in the garbage. We said that if the AKP-MHP would win the elections, they would install fascism everywhere. What is happening in Turkey is happening on this basis. AKP-MHP has taken many steps and now they are taking their last steps. In other words, they have abolished the regime and institutions established by Mustafa Kemal. Only the Constitutional Court was left to defend the old system. That’s why they took their last step to neutralize the Constitutional Court. AKP and MHP are developing a regime based on the Turkish-Islamic synthesis. They want to complete this by neutralizing the Constitutional Court. In other words, they are hammering the last nail. Rêber Apo said, “If the Kurdish problem is not solved, the coup mechanism will be activated and fascism will develop. This process is happening now with the AKP-MHP. They are making their last step. The opposition in Turkey has also served this. In other words, they did everything for the AKP-MHP to build a regime based on racism and religionism. They never stood against the government’s moves. They always served the government. They did this against the Kurdish people with arrests, massacres, seizure of trustees, arrest of deputies. The opposition did not raise its voice even for one day. Again, they all stood by the AKP-MHP for the war law. Now, they say that the Constitutional Court is neutralized and the government wants to make a new constitution.

This situation is similar to when Laz was executed. They asked him what his last wish was and he said: “Let this be a lesson for me.” This is the situation of the opposition in Turkey at the moment. What Erdoğan said: ‘The horse has passed Üsküdar. Interestingly, when the Israel-Hamas war started, when all the attention was on this war, Erdoğan put the issue of the Constitutional Court on the agenda. Because everyone’s attention is on the Israel-Hamas war, Erdoğan wanted to achieve his goal in this environment. The Turkish society has very big problems. In order not to draw the reaction of the society, he changes the agenda and creates other agendas. The move of the Constitutional Court is the last move to keep the AKP-MHP in power. Erdoğan has said before that a new constitution is necessary. He is deceiving and mocking everyone by saying that this constitution will also be democratic. The constitution they want to make is a totally fascist constitution. It is not possible to make a democratic constitution in this way.

The opposition must realize this and seriously reconsider its position. The socialists, the democratic and freedom forces, all those who fight against fascism must urgently take part in the formation of a common democratic movement. Again, there was the alliance of Labor and Freedom, this alliance must be further strengthened. Everyone should take self-defense as a basis. If the society is not made conscious on this basis, if the struggle for democracy is not developed, there will be nothing left for them to do. With the fascist system, everyone will not be able to breathe. Even now they cannot breathe. If they make a new constitution, the government will do whatever it wants. Everyone must see this. That the government is taking this step now is not a surprise. They have been coming to this point step by step for years. This is the last step and the opposition is just realizing it. A few years ago, Erdoğan said “I don’t recognize this decision and I don’t respect it” regarding a decision of the Constitutional Court. He also took steps on this basis. As a result of these steps, they are throwing the decisions of the Constitutional Court in the trash. This is not something that happened suddenly.

The international societies are reacting to the Israeli oppression in Palestine more than their states. Kurdish people in different countries of the world also take part in protests against Israel. You have already made your position clear as an organization. What do you want to say about the current state of the war? What should the people and the international powers do for a solution?

We oppose all forms of genocide. What is happening now against the Palestinian people is genocide. So we are against it. This war must be stopped immediately, genocide must be prevented. Some states are meeting, making statements, saying that the war should stop, there should be a ceasefire, the problem should be solved, a Palestinian state should be established. These are all just words. None of them are based on a real search for a solution. All these moves are based on the interests of the state. They do not act against genocide, they do not bring a solution. Peoples, societies, socialist, ecological, women and youth movements all over the world stand for the Palestinian people and against the genocide. These movements should work even stronger and put pressure on their states, put pressure on Israel. Then this problem will be solved. Problems cannot be solved by creating nation states, by religionism, by racism. These are what create the problems in the first place, they are the causes of genocide and war.

A movement is currently developing within the Jewish people that stands against the war and the ongoing genocide. This is a good development because it is necessary for the Palestinian and Jewish people to join hands to stand together against the war. A common fight is needed; that is the only solution. Both Hamas and the Israeli state abuse religion and racism to promote war and genocide. To put an end to this, Palestinians and Jews must stand together. On this basis, relationships with the other peoples of the Middle East, as well as on a global level, can be developed. This is how we can stand together against war and be successful.

What Erdoğan is doing right now is a play and a big lie. He pretends to stand up for the Palestinian people in order to obscure his own reality. How can the person who carries out genocide against the Kurdish people stand on the side of the Palestinian people? If he wants to live a truly sincere friendly relationship with the Palestinian people, he must first create a sincere friendly relationship with the Kurdish people. Both the Palestinian and Kurdish people are suffering great pain, caused by the Israeli state on the one hand and the Turkish state on the other. How could the Turkish state be the friend of the Palestinian people? They present themselves in this way based on their own interests. In order to complete the genocide of the Kurds parallel to the events, they are staging themselves like this. Also to strengthen the own government, they change the agenda in their own country and thus delay inevitable protests. Erdoğan says that for him Hamas is not a terrorist organization. Confronted with this, the head of NATO answers it is not a problem for them. What Erdoğan is doing is waging an absolute psychological war, a special warfare. He is not a true friend of the Palestinian people. Those who are attacking Palestine today have their headquarters in Konya. There they organize their educations, prepare themselves and attack from there. There has never been as much trade between Israel and Turkey as there is today. This continues unabated the war. How can they claim to be friends of the Palestinian people? They negotiate with the Palestinian people as a stake that can be sacrificed. Erdoğan says he will only be willing to classify Hamas as a terrorist group if the YPG is also designated as such. So he wants to continue the genocide against the Kurds. This is the basis on which Erdoğan is currently doing his play and spinning his lies.

45 years ago you founded the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK. What do you want to emphasize regarding the meaning of this day?

First of all, I would like to congratulate Rêber Apo on the founding day of the PKK. The founding of the PKK by Rêber Apo was not only a service to the Kurdish people, but to all of humanity. This is why so many people all over the world are standing up for Rêber Apo today. I would like to congratulate all peoples, our people and our comrades on this day.

It is important to remember under what circumstances and for what purpose the PKK was founded. It was founded under the most difficult circumstances, while a genocide of the Kurdish people was taking place. This genocide had a devastating effect on the Kurdish people. It no longer had the hope or saw the strength within itself to stand up again and stand up for itself. The people were in such a state. Rêber Apo has analyzed and well understood both Kurdish society and the enemies of the Kurdish people. Based on this understanding and analyzing the history of the Kurds and all of humanity, the PKK was founded. The PKK was founded against the genocide. It was founded with the intention of making the enemy’s policies come to nothing and allowing the Kurdish people to live a life of freedom on their own soil, based on their own identity, with their own language. On this basis the struggle was developed.

In this way, the reality of the oppressors and their backers was exposed while the Kurdish people got back on their feet. Today the whole world sees an example in the Kurds and gets hope from them. Because the state in which humanity finds itself today is reminiscent of that of the Kurdish people. Just as a genocidal policy was pursued against the Kurdish people and little was left for the Kurds to cease to exist, today at a similar level the system of capitalist modernity has become a problem for all of humanity. The survival of humanity is in danger. One of the reasons why the youth gathered in Paris is precisely this. Capitalist modernity is destroying the foundation of life. In the name of survival, life is destroyed. That’s why they went in search of a free life and saw this in the paradigm of Rêber Apo. There is no other way. Humanity can only defend itself against capitalist modernity with this paradigm.

Just as Rêber Apo took responsibility for the Kurdish people back then, he is now doing the same for all of humanity. This is based on Kurdistan, because for him society, free coexistence and democracy based on the depth of human history are essential. Based on this, he takes responsibility for the Kurds, women, youth and all of humanity. People see a solution in Rêber Apo’s paradigm. That’s why the campaign was started and why so many people are supporting him. The offensive that Rêber Apo launched against capitalist modernity is now directed against the global genocidal mentality. Just as his offensive revitalized the Kurds and brought them back to their feet, today humanity is also being revitalized and gradually getting back on its feet. That’s why the paradigm is spreading more and more and the responsibility for Rêber Apo is constantly increasing. What kind of task do we get out of this? We must show a strong sense of responsibility for Rêber Apo. This is not only the task of our internationalist friends, it is also the task of the Kurds. Kurds, the militants of this movement, all need to commit more to this campaign and paradigm. We have to carry the paradigm everywhere in the world and work harder for it than anyone else. That is the task that falls to us.