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december 06, 2021

Latest Decision of the Council of Europe Regarding the Imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan

“Yes, an important result has recently been achieved due to our struggle. New data has been published. Now this new data needs to be scrutinized. What does it mean, what are its positive and negative sides? What else needs to be done in the future? By finding answers to these questions we need to increase our legal struggle. And, of course, our political struggle as well. The recent decision was taken by a political institution. This decision and debate are the result of a political struggle. Everything is political. When Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] was once asked about his health, he replied: `My health corresponds with the political situation,` and added: `In Imrali, everything is about politics. Here, nothing works but politics.` It is important for us to know this. This observation is absolutely true. Therefore, the torture and isolation system on Imrali will only be brought to an end by our political struggle. In order to increase this struggle, the fascist, genocidal mentality and policy in Turkey need to be destroyed. There is no other way to reach the desired results. But in order to achieve this, we have to advance step by step. This is called `tactical advances`. By waging all these different struggles and by achieving one victory at a time, we need to advance and achieve our desired results. Therefore, all these struggles need to continue. The recent developments are important. We could analyze them even more and could have an even closer look at the details. But it is clear that a new situation and new opportunities for our struggle have evolved. Without loosing any time, both the legal experts and our people need to continue their struggles.”

Torture in Turkey`s Prisons

“Today, the most heavy torture is being used not only in Imrali, but in all prisons [in Turkey]. Just like during the time of the military junta [after Sept. 12, 1980], we are seeing corpses coming out of the prisons. Just like back then, today prisoners are leaving the prisons as corpses. With regards to the prisons, the AKP government has turned into exactly the same thing as the military junta of September 12. There is enormous violence and torture in the prisons. And there is more: Hundreds of prisoners are not being released because of made up reasons. Due to disciplinary penalties or other made up reasons all these people are not being released although they have served their prison terms. This shows that all these penalties have only been introduced for this very reason. They want the prisoners to confess, surrender and ultimately become AKP supporters. That is their condition for release. This is how much this matter has been politicized.”

Successful Resistance Against Turkey`s Attacks on South Kurdistan

“They have been defeated in a lot of places and have withdrawn from there. The gangs of AKP-MHP fascism have suffered much heavier blows and casualties than they had expected. They have been defeated. That is a fact. Some say that AKP-MHP fascism had planned to occupy the area [in South Kurdistan] within 15 days, declare victory and then call an election. Others say that they had given themselves one month to do so. It is being said that AKP-MHP fascism had made many political plans in connection with this occupation attack. That is absolutely correct. Our friends have published several statements on this issue. Our leadership is constantly informing the public and sharing the available information. All these statements and information are absolutely true. So what has happened? All the attacks have led to nothing. Now they are saying: `There won`t be any early election. There won`t be an election anytime soon.` Actually, they are this close to announcing that there won`t be any election at all. `We can`t hold elections because we are waging a war.` This is what they are basically saying. If they achieved victory, they would present themselves as successful commanders and only then call an election. What does someone who is unable to achieve victory do? He prevents elections. `We are waging a war but have been unable to win it. So there won`t be any elections.` This is what they are going to say. This is how far they have come.


“The result: The Turkish army is withdrawing from certain areas. In some other places they are trying to stay. The guerrilla is dealing heavy blows to them every single day. It will do so the whole winter and attack unabatingly. Everybody should know this. Our friends have said it before: The Turkish army can attack as much as it wants. They can call in reinforcements, deploy new armies or gather as many Islamist proxies as they want. Still, the Turkish army will be defeated in the mountains of Kurdistan. These fascist gangs will definitely be defeated. There is a slogan that the youth shouts in the streets: `Kurdistan will be fascism`s grave.` This is very important. This is exactly what happened, what is happening and what will happen even more. Fascism will be defeated in Kurdistan.”

Failure of the International Community to Investigate Turkey`s Use of Chemical Weapons

“They have used chemical weapons in order to prevent their defeat. They have done this all throughout the year. A lot of evidence for this has been made public. Now, their masks have slipped and they are afraid about all of this coming to light. That is why they are doing everything they can to prevent this from coming to light. They are using the KDP for this. And they have been trying to destroy all evidence and traces of the use of chemical weapons. More than anybody else, the KDP has been saying that chemical weapons had not been used. The KDP has prevented several initiatives to investigate the issue on site. And they are still continuing the prevent such efforts. Evidence has nevertheless been extracted and made available to different institutions. Yet, they are afraid to carry out investigations. This is what I find important to make clear. It almost seems like all these institutions are either taking a common stance or have been bribed by AKP-MHP fascism when it comes to the investigation of Turkey`s use of chemical weapons. It seems like they have been bought off. It is almost impossible for us to find courageous, brave, libertarian and democratic circles. All institutions whose task it is to investigate the use of chemical weapons – especially the OPCW – are keeping away from this issue. All of them seem to be afraid. Have they been threatened? Or bought off? We do not know.


They are not even doing their most urgent task. They have been provided with evidence but are afraid of openly identifying what it is. They are keeping away from this issue by claiming that they cannot help. This is a very serious situation. This is a really serious situation for all these different circles. We had not expected them to sink so low and to prioritize their own interests this much. They shouldn`t be acting like this. This is what we can say. We still expect them to take a different stance. We believe and hope that all the diverse libertarian and democratic circles which are against fascism, colonialism and genocide will strengthen and support the struggle against the fascist, genocidal mentality and policy of the AKP-MHP. This is what we expect. And this is what we call on them to do.

Reasons for the Crisis in Turkey

“Nobody can deny the crisis in Turkey anymore. Not even the government. In a recent speech, all Tayyip Erdogan talked about was the crisis. He only talked about economic issues and claimed that they were initiating all kinds of developments. Why did he say this? Recently, there have been many demonstrations in Turkey and the deep crisis continues. He recognized this. A lot of things are happening that are directed against him. People are asking for him to step down. So he held his recent speech in order to prevent all this and to deceive the circles that support him. This shows that the crisis is on his agenda, too. He knows and sees this. That is why he tried to deceive different circles. This is an economic crisis, a political crisis, but also a military crisis. The crisis is everywhere. It is important to identify the main reason for this crisis correctly. Yes, it is a structural crisis and yes, the general crisis of Capitalist Modernity does play a role. But where does the structural nature of this crisis come from? Why is Turkey being hit so hard? All this has not just developed by itself. So what is the reason for the economic crisis, the government crisis and all the other crises? The ongoing war is the reason. And what is the reason for the war? The reason is the hostility of AKP-MHP fascism towards the Kurds and its genocidal mentality and policy. They are saying: `We will wipe out the Kurds. Kurds don`t exist. You will cease to exist. If you don`t voluntarily surrender and become Turks, we will wipe you out and won`t even leave a graveyard for you.` This is the kind of fascist aggression we are faced with. This kind of mentality and policy are paving the way for the ongoing war. This war is the main reason for all the different deepening crises.”

Wrong Policy of Turkey`s Main Opposition Parties

“The so-called main opposition or parties of the system say there is a crisis, that the kitchen is on fire and similar things. Great, but what are the reasons for this? Why don`t you talk about the reasons? The war is the reason. So what are you going to do to stop this crisis? Do you have anything to say against the war? How are you going to solve this war? The CHP, for example. The CHP recently rejected the mandate for war. Good, but a simple `no` is not enough. If you don`t stop the war, you will just keep the crisis going. The current crisis is not due to the AKP-MHP`s inability to wage the war successfully. The war itself has led to the crisis. So if you want to stop the crisis, you have to end this war. And if you want to end the war, well, this won`t just happen by itself. Some foreign circles have recently said that the problem here is not the Kurdish question. The Turkish mentality and policy which wants to wipe out the Kurds has led to this war. So what is your opinion on the mentality and policy that consider all Kurds as enemies, seek to annihilate them and put this into practice? The current talk about how they are going to reconcile with everybody is just empty talk. The kitchen is on fire. There is war. There are a mentality and policy that have led to this war. What do you have to say about that? What is your opinion on the rights of the Kurds, women, Alevis and other oppressed groups? What is your solution? They are all being oppressed due to the war and violence of the fascist dictatorship. The dictator needs to go and you will simply take his place? Is that what you are saying? This is unacceptable. With regards to this issue, the opposition has no clear stance.”

Need for the HDP to Form a Broad Democratic Alliance

“The HDP recently published its declaration. Good, but we have also criticized this. We asked how they are planning to implement the declaration. There is a war. How are you going to stop the war so you can implement this? There are discussions about a peace plan against the war. But the HDP has so far remained alone with these efforts. It has not built a broader democratic coalition. This has not happened yet. With the declaration the HDP has of course clarified its program. But there is also need for a basic democratic program and coalition which includes the broadest range of all democratic circles. The situation of the main opposition is obvious. These opposition parties of the system. If you want to overcome them, you need to build a real opposition. Now, everybody is building coalitions. The HDP also needs a real and very broad democratic coalition. This has not happened so far. As long as this doesn`t happen, the opposition – actually the crutch of those in power…The AKP-MHP are crumbling and will definitely collapse. But the opposition only receives support so that it can then take their place. That is why they have come to the forefront. If a real democratic coalition develops, comes to the forefront and shows society the real situation, it will win. This is what we need.”