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july 15, 2021

Use of Chemical Weapons by the Turkish State Against the Guerrilla in South Kurdistan

“The Turkish state attacks Avaşîn, Heftanîn, Zap, Metîna and all regions in Northern Kurdistan with NATO weapons. The army is using all the weapons at its disposal. Our headquarters has repeatedly made public that the Turkish state is using chemical weapons. Despite the weapons technology Turkey is using, it does not achieve any results. Therefore, Turkey wants to defeat the guerrilla with chemical weapons. At the same time, the KDP is besieging the guerrilla areas. This is done at the request of Hulusi Akar [Turkey’s defense minister]. The Turkish state cannot achieve results with thousands of soldiers, mercenaries and chemical weapons, so it urges the KDP to enter the war. Special forces under the command of the KDP are being deployed. They are not Peshmerga. Peshmerga are not involved in the war. These special units are besieging the guerrilla areas. This siege serves the Turkish state. Without this participation, Turkey would suffer heavy blows and ultimately be defeated.”

Importance of the International Initiative `Defend Kurdistan`

“International friends of the Kurds, Kurdish artists and institutions, and other circles have recently become increasingly skeptical of the KDP. They declared that they do not agree with the KDP’s policies. They openly opposed it and staged protests against the KDP policy. Thus, the initiative `Defend Kurdistan` did very important work. They did a great service to the Kurdish people. I would like to take this opportunity to express my greetings and respect to all those who have contributed to this initiative. However, both the KDP and Germany have targeted those who joined this iniative. Why Germany is acting in this way is clear. The initiative is an obstacle to Germany’s interests and relations with Turkey. Turkey and Germany share a common anti-Kurdish policy.”

Close Ties Between Germany and Turkey

“Everything that Germany does is done at the request of the Turkish state. Germany has already fulfilled the wishes of the Turkish state before, because the German state has strong interests in Turkey. According to these interests, Germany stands behind Turkey and fulfills its specific demands. Turkey has stronger trade relations with Germany than any other country. Germany sells a considerable amount of weapons to Turkey. This is common knowledge. Germany also defends Turkey at the level of the European Union and NATO. On the other hand, these are two countries that have close ideological ties. At the time, Hitler already expressed this fact. Those who have read his book know that. There are many things in history where Germany and Turkey have acted together.”