Our Interviews

june 21, 2021

Urgent Need for Information Concerning the Situation of Abdullah Öcalan

“The relevant international institutions and the forces that organized the international conspiracy are silent. They seem to be very satisfied with this situation. Everybody who has made promises is silent.We do not know what is currently happening in Imrali. We have no information about the life and health of Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. Neither as a movement, nor as a people. Oppression and injustice may exist, but in other places at least one hears about it and receives information about the person concerned. One learns when they are taken to the hospital, for example. But from Imrali there is no information at all. Accordingly, our worries are great. This is unacceptable. Society is also very worried. It demands information. From us, too. So the lawyers have to inform society better about what is currently going on. Society is also demanding this from us. What are the responsible international institutions and those in charge saying? All information must be made public. Naturally, society demands to be informed. But there is no information at all. Nobody knows what kind of pressure is being exerted in Imrali at the moment. Therefore, anything can happen. In this sense, we must continue to strengthen our campaign `Time to Ensure Freedom` for Önder Apo’s physical freedom.”

Use of Islamist Mercenaries by the Turkish Army in South Kurdistan

“This constitutes an occupation, an attack and a huge danger. For Kurdistan, the Middle East and all of humanity. Intellectuals in the Arab world have understood this. Their protest is very important. There is protest in Iraq as well. This is important. There is open talk of neo-Ottoman plans. Ultimately, we are dealing with a structure of Islamist gangs. It is important that all democratic forces in the Middle East and the whole world recognize that. In the past, Turkey has threatened everyone – from France to the U.S. – with IS. If Turkey gets a foothold in South Kurdistan, we will all see what it will do to the world with its fascist mentality and politics. But by then it will already be too late. That is why we say: Everybody needs to come to their senses. It is time to stop spreading this nonsense that this is an attack against PKK terror. Everyone must look the facts in the eye: Occupation and genocide are taking place. These developments are extremely dangerous for the Middle East and the entire world. This must not be allowed to happen. It must be stopped immediately. That is the issue now. We have invited everyone to do just that. Because we ourselves are already fighting this battle.”

Historical US-KDP Ties

“An agreement was also signed there at that time. Our delegation told us that Neçirvan Barzani had said the following during the talks: `We do not understand why you are attacking us. Even if you destroy all of us, all of the KDP, the U.S. will come and simply create a new KDP.` Okay, so now we know that. Currently, talks are taking place in Rojava between the PYD and the ENKS, mediated by the US. Information about this is spreading in Rojava. In the talks, PYD representatives have apparently accused ENKS of not having fought against IS and of now making demands. The response of the U.S. representative present was apparently: `Why, didn’t we fight? We did fight.` So he says the U.S. and the ENKS are one and the same. We know that as well. We have understood this fact and we pay attention to it.

Most Important Results of the Latest NATO Summit

“There is a lot of exaggeration and propaganda going on in connection with the recent NATO summit and the talks that accompanied it. There is neither a new NATO vision, nor is a new Cold War beginning. Also, NATO does not have the power, the idea or a plan to end the current Third World War and establish a new world order. It has neither the power to find a way out of the current crisis, nor has NATO given Erdogan a real new mission. It uses him everywhere as its guardian. NATO has now once again ordered Erdogan to carry on as usual, to behave and not to complain too much. NATO wants to use Turkey. Erdogan has now completely surrendered himself to NATO and the United States. Some observers have also correctly concluded that. The most important result of this NATO summit is that Erdogan has fully surrendered to NATO and the US. Whether NATO and the U.S. have accepted that, we don’t know.”

Importance of the HDP for the Democratization of Turkey

“The HDP is not a bureaucratic party, but a social and democratic movement. This movement cannot be stopped, banned or contained. The issue now is not to work against a ban of the party, but rather to work for the overthrow of fascism and the establishment of democracy. The Turkish regime constantly tries to distort the real political agenda in order to prevent its imminent collapse. We must not fall for this. The HDP represents the democracy in Turkey. It is capable of governing Turkey. That has become clear once again now. The HDP must now claim the mandate to govern. There is only one political line that can end the current collapse in Turkey, the crisis and exploitation: the HDP line. That is clear. Therefore, the real issue is not to prevent the ban of the HDP, but to hand over the government to the HDP. The HDP must strive for this and actively demand it. It has the necessary knowledge, the willpower, the program and the cadres to do so.”