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may 20, 2021

Total Isolation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]

“The reason for the insistence on the total isolation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] is the policy that is being pursued against the Kurdish people. Rêber Apo doesn`t only represent himself. He represents a people. Even more than that: He represents many different peoples, humanity and the struggle for freedom and democracy. The Capitalist Modernity constantly attacks the peoples` struggle for freedom and democracy. And the fascist, colonialist and genocidal Turkish state carries out attacks against the Kurdish people and many other peoples. Rêber Apo is not only a leader of the Kurdish people but of all different peoples. That is why they pursue a genocidal policy against him and the Kurdish people. The total isolation of Rêber Apo and the policy against the Kurdish people are both part of the same strategy. They are both part of the same policy. As long as the mentality of the Turkish state does not change, this policy won`t end. As long as this state does not accept the Kurds as a people and does not recognize their rights, it will continue this policy against Rêber Apo, the guerrilla and the Kurdish people.”

Danger of the Current Turkish Attacks on South Kurdistan

“Our struggle against the Turkish state is not just a struggle for the Kurds. Yes, we are waging this struggle in Kurdistan. But we understand it as a struggle for all peoples. For the different peoples of Turkey and the Middle East. And for humanity as a whole. That is why the ongoing war is a very heavy war. It is important for everybody to understand that the current attack of the Turkish state on Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn is not like the attacks of the past. In the past a lot of attacks were carried out against these areas but the current attack is very different. It is important for everybody to understand this and to realize that this is not a normal attack. Because the goal of the current attack on South Kurdistan is to destroy the PKK and to carry out a genocide against the Kurds. Therefore, the current attack is very serious and dangerous.”


“Capitalist Modernity and its leading powers stand behind the current attacks of the Turkish state on South Kurdistan. Before the start of the attacks intense diplomatic talks took place between Turkey and countries like Britain, the USA, France, Germany, Israel, Iraq and also Erbil. Talks also took place between the USA, Britain, Iraq and Erbil. All these talks served to establish the basis for the current Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan. On this basis Turkey started its attacks [on the evening of April 23, 2021]. Because of all these diplomatic talks before the attack, everybody remains silent now. Turkey is using chemical weapons in South Kurdistan but everybody remains silent. Iraq calls South Kurdistan Iraqi territory. Erbil calls it Kurdistan and makes statements and takes decisions against the PKK on a daily basis. But neither Iraq nor Erbil have made a single statement or taken a decision against the Turkish attacks. Turkey has already established many military outposts in South Kurdistan. But there are no official statements against this. This shows clearly that all these different forces have prepared the current attacks together with Turkey.”

Need for Protests and Actions in Support of the Guerrilla

“It is important for everybody to know that the PKK is resisting against a huge danger. If the struggle of the PKK looses its strength, everybody would suffer a huge blow. There would be nothing left called Kurdish. And the Kurds would loose all the gains they have achieved. In this case, the genocide against the Kurds and their enslavement would continue. It is important for everybody to recognize that. So what kind of attitude are we witnessing at the moment? There is this attitude: `The guerrilla is fighting heroically and dealing huge blows to the enemy. The Turkish state has been unable to advance in South Kurdistan. So there is no danger. Just like in Gare the guerrilla will now achieve huge results as well.` That is why many are just watching the guerrilla and saying: `The guerrilla is fighting. That is enough.` This means that many people don`t recognize their own responsibility. Yes, the guerrilla is fighting but our people in Kurdistan and beyond also have a responsibility. The left and the democrats in Turkey have a responsibility, too. And so do the friends of the Kurdish people and the PKK.”

Disruption of the Euphrates River by Turkey

“The Turkish state pursues a hostile policy towards the Kurds and all other peoples in the Middle East. That is also why it has disrupted the water supply for these peoples [by disrupting the flow of the Euphrates river]. The Turkish state is using water like a weapon. But deliberately leaving people without water constitutes a crime. This is a war crime and a crime against humanity. Currently, we can see that nobody has raised their voice against this Turkish policy. The Turkish state profits from this international silence and tramples on all laws. It uses water like a weapon against the Kurds and the other peoples in the region. All those who don`t raise their voice against this are also committing a crime. They become complicit in the crimes of the Turkish state. That is a fact. It is important for everybody to hold the Turkish state and all those who remain silent to account for this crime [of disrupting the flow of the Euphrates river].”

Current Situation in Sinjar

“Iraq, Erbil, the UN and the USA need to accept the freedom and self-administration of the Ezidi people. This will gain them respect. But trying to impose their decisions on Sinjar by force, trying to gain control again over the area and refusing to accept the institutions and the autonomy of the Ezidi people is a huge injustice. In the past, all these forces have committed a huge injustice against the Ezidis anyway. Therefore, they need to refrain from any more injustices now. They need to show respect for the Ezidi people and accept their demands. The Ezidis don`t want to build their own state or break up the unity of any existing state. They simply want to be able to defend and govern themselves on their own land. Who could be against that? The Ezidi people have earned this right and built their system through their struggle. Everybody needs to accept this.”

Use of Chemical Weapons by Turkey During its Current Attacks on South Kurdistan

“The AKP-MHP regime has recently increased the isolation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. It has put the HDP, which represents democratic politics in Turkey, on trial in order to close down the party. This is the so-called `Kobane-trial`. The AKP-MHP regime has also attempted to close down the Constitutional Court of Turkey. It is carrying out attack after attack. And most recently the regime has started a massive occupation attack on the Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn regions in South Kurdistan. Everyday representatives of the regime are making new threats. Tayyîp Erdogan has recently said: `We will wipe out Kandil.` The AKP-MHP regime has said such things openly. This is what it says and does before the eyes of the whole world. It is Erdogan`s and Bahceli`s aim to finalize the Kurdish genocide. That is why they have mobilized all their resources for their attacks on the PKK. They are using everything they have for their attacks, even chemical weapons. Some of our friends have fallen martyr on the mountain Mamreşo in South Kurdistan because of chemical weapons. The People’s Defense Center (HSM) has officially confirmed the use of chemical weapons there.”

Ongoing Hunger Strike in Turkish Prisons

“The hunger strike is very important. I would like to greet all hunger strikers and congratulate them on their protest. Since the start of the occupation operation in the Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn regions of South Kurdistan the meaning of the hunger strike has become even greater. Today, the hunger strike continues as a protest against the occupation. So it is not only a protest against the oppression in the prisons and the total isolation of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. Now, the hunger strike has also turned into a protest against occupation. Therefore, the hunger strike carries a clear message to the people of Kurdistan, all four parts of Kurdistan and beyond, to the friends of the Kurds and the forces of democracy and freedom. It carries an important message. The hunger strikes in Mexmur and Lavrio are an expression of the reality of the PKK and the Kurds. Because the PKK and the Kurdish people are waging a huge struggle despite all the difficulties and scarce resources. They make huge sacrifices and create values for themselves, the peoples in the Middle East and humanity.”

Call on the People of the USA and Europe to Protest Against their Governments` Support for the Fascist Turkish Regime

“I would also like to call on the people of the USA and Europe: Your governments are supporting Erdogan and Bahceli in your name. They are supporting a fascist dictatorship and the Kurdish genocide in your name. Can you really accept this? You cannot accept that your governments are supporting this genocide in your name. Therefore, you need to take a clear stance against the policy of your governments. So that you don`t become guilty of complicity in the crimes of these states. We expect you to protect the Kurds and the PKK.”