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november 15, 2021

Dangerous Consequences of the Ongoing Imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan

“Both Greece and Italy played an important role in the International Conspiracy. In the Italian capital Rome, Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] put forth a Declaration for the Democratic Solution of the Kurdish Question which was made up of eight articles. It was a very reasonable and solution-oriented declaration. Yet, the EU was not open for such a reasonable and democratic solution. This is why they refused to respond to Önder Apo and instead continued the International Conspiracy. As a result, in the course of the last 23 years conflicts have escalated, the Kurdish question has deepened and all this has caused a lot of harm to the Kurds, the peoples of Turkey and humanity as a whole. This has also led to the attacks of IS and al-Kaida which took place all over the world. This is partly due to the fact that the willingness of Önder Apo to solve the Kurdish question when he was in Rome was ignored at the time. The EU simply refused to respond. The USA has also insisted on continuing the International Conspiracy. We have discussed this before: Those who planned and carried out the conspiracy at the time, are members of the current US administration. The current US Secretary of State was a member of the Clinton administration back then. But they did not show any willingness to agree on a democratic solution.”

Increased threat of new attacks on Rojava

“Tayyip Erdogan recently went to the US and Russia. But he did not find the necessary support for the kind of attacks he wants to carry out. Everybody has analyzed these developments and so have we. In a way, he has been blocked. Yet, we have said earlier that this also constitutes a danger. Yes, to a certain extent these attacks are not being supported but they are not being completely deterred either. What can Erdogan do in this situation? He could show democratic tolerance which, of course, a fascist dictator won`t do. Instead, he will break down. But in order to prevent his collapse, he will do frantic things. He will ignore all rules, laws and principles and attack everywhere. And the Kurds are the only ones he can attack. With the help of the PKK argument he has declared all Kurds terrorists thus succeeding in guaranteeing international support for his alleged fight against terrorism. The global system, the EU and NATO all support this. He will use this support and attack the Kurds, since he cannot attack anywhere else. Consequently, the Kurds remain targets for his attacks. Thus, he can continue the massacre and genocide against the Kurds and carry out frantic attacks on them in the name of the fight against terror although he did not get the kind of support he was hoping for. That is why we had warned earlier that the threat of new attacks on the Kurds has increased. And this is exactly what has now happened. The attack in Qamishlo on November 9 has shown this clearly.”

Anti-Kurdish Hostility in Turkish Politics

“We consider this as a very dangerous situation. This competition over who is the Kurds’ greatest enemy is dangerous. Targeting the PKK or Kandil means targeting the Kurdish people. Everybody knows this. `We only consider the PKK as terrorist, the Kurds are different`, tell that to somebody else! Nobody will believe this. Everybody knows that all Kurds who are striving for freedom are PKK supporters. And everybody knows that the PKK is the only organization waging the Kurdish freedom struggle. There is simply no other one. The hostility towards the PKK and the Kurds is massive today. Kurds are constantly being attacked. Again and again some people are threatening to `crush, uproot, annihilate and destroy them`. If this continues, the Kurds will start looking for other options. They will look for other solutions when faced with such massive attacks. This attitude, mentality and talk is destroying the unity of Turkey. It destroys the opportunity for all peoples of Turkey to live together peacefully. And it makes it impossible for the Kurds to live in Turkey. Despite all the racist and chauvinist attacks, Önder Apo and the PKK have always tried to promote a free and democratic attitude and policy that allows all peoples to leave together peacefully. Önder Apo and the PKK have always insisted on this approach. Yet, even this has its limits. If those who call themselves politicians for Turkey, the `Republican Coalition`, the `National Coalition` and the other parties continue to constantly attack the Kurds, they will start looking for other options.”

Current Situation of Refugees on the Border of Belarus and Poland

“South Kurdistan was always considered the free part of Kurdistan to which all Kurds are drawn. But now the South Kurdish population is running abroad. Why? This shows that the alleged freedom and democracy do not exist here. The rulers of South Kurdistan massively exploit the region. Just like other governments exploit their countries. They concentrate all the wealth in their palaces and in their bank accounts. At the same time, the people are hungry. The government does nothing against the collaborators and the occupation. This deprives the people of their dignity. Moreover, they are being oppressed. So they end up leaving their country and fleeing. Better said, they are being kidnapped. Those who kidnap them must be held accountable. But despite these organized kidnappings, people should not flee their country. Kurdish women and men, young and old, should not leave Kurdistan. Today, patriotism means staying in Kurdistan. To resist there. To take a stance against all the oppression, tyranny and exploitation and to thus save Kurdistan, liberate it and create a paradise on earth here. Escape will not do anyone any good. Kurdistan needs all this today more than any other country. Because Kurdistan has been divided. A genocide is taking place here. This kidnapping policy is being implemented by the genocidal powers, that is, the Turkish state, the global system, Iran, and others. The collaborators of colonialism are also paving the way for this. That is why we have to stay in Kurdistan. We have to resist and fight against the colonialist and genocidal mentality and policies here, but also against their collaborators and spies. The people need to stay here. All patriots need to stay here.”


“We must identify the reasons and hold those responsible to account. That is the right way to deal with the current events. The reasons are absolutely obvious. First of all, the global system of Capitalist Modernity is responsible for the current conditions. It has massively exploited South and Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For centuries, all the wealth from these regions has been brought to Europe. With the natural resources of these regions, Europe has enriched itself materially and has thus been transformed into a paradise. Of course, the people in the other parts of the world see this and want to reach this paradise. They rush there, risk the way across the sea, try to overcome borders. And all that in the middle of winter. The longing for paradise is a basic human characteristic. If a paradise is created in one part of the world and hell in the other parts, who would want to live in hell? Everyone will naturally rush to paradise. No one can blame or condemn them for that. So what needs to be done? This inequality and imbalance must be brought to an end. We need to question the current system very comprehensively. The global system of Capitalist Modernity has created a mentality that causes people to leave everything behind and make their way to Europe at the risk of death. Its exploitative, destructive and limitless profit-oriented mentality has led to the current situation. So have the strategies and tactics associated with it. The policies that have been followed for centuries have led to today`s situation. Those who profit from this system are responsible for the current conditions. They must be held accountable for it.”


“Secondly, the various governments in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East are also responsible for the current situation. They are also guilty. Many of the governments in these parts of the world are dictatorships. They are not democratic and incapable of making use of and equally distributing the wealth of their countries. They don`t offer a free and democratic life to the people. Instead, they oppress, torture, terrorize and tyrannize them. In addition to all this, they steal all the wealth in their countries that has not been transferred to Europe yet. They collect all this wealth in their palaces and treasuries. At the same time, they leave the people hungry and oppress them. Consequently, the people don`t see any chance to continue their lives there and flee. So all these governments are also responsible for the current situation.”

Importance of the Upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25

“Women have been the ones who have led the resistance against all the attacks by AKP-MHP fascism and the Turkish state. The women freedom forces, women guerrilla, YJA-Star militants and the Kurdish mothers have been leading this resistance. This is the case both in all four parts of Kurdistan and beyond. It is very obvious that a huge force emerged. Therefore, I would like to greet all struggles against the violence against women, the women`s freedom revolution and all freedom struggles that are being led by women all over the world. I would also like to respectfully and gratefully commemorate all the şehits [fallen] of these struggles. I wish all the struggles great success for the future.”

43rd Anniversary of the Foundation of the PKK

“At this beginning of the 44th year, fascism is breaking down and our freedom struggle led by the guerrilla is increasing constantly. The start of the 44th year has made clear what this year has in store for us. Our party and our people will increase their activities everywhere with even richer and new forms of action as part of our `Time for Freedom`-campaign. As the guerrilla, the people, women and the youth we will do so unabatingly in all four parts of Kurdistan and beyond. And we will definitely win. The 44th year will be a year of increased struggle and even greater victories for the party and the people. This is our goal and this is the kind of conviction we are starting the new year with. On this basis, I would like to congratulate Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], all our comrades, our people and our international friends once again on the anniversary of the foundation of our party and to wish them success for the 44th year of our struggle.”