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october 14, 2021

War Crimes of the Turkish State in South Kurdistan

“The guerrilla is defending South Kurdistan. For six months now, massive attacks have been taking place on the South Kurdish areas of Avaşin, Zap, Metina and generally on the entire Medya Defense Zones. Against this, the guerrilla is putting up an enormous resistance. The Turkish state is using prohibited weapons such as chemical weapons in its attacks. Where it suffers heavy losses at the hands of the guerrilla or where it cannot make any progress, it uses chemical weapons. According to international laws of war, these are prohibited weapons. For six months, the Turkish state has been bombarding South Kurdistan without interruption, using every conceivable technology. Nevertheless, it does not achieve its goals. It does not succeed in breaking the resistance of the guerrilla and in making progress. The war has since been concentrated on the border area [Turkish-Iraqi border]. A strong struggle of society is needed against the use of chemical weapons. The Turkish state needs to be publicly exposed and held accountable.”

US-Turkey Relationships

In order to wage its war successfully, the AKP-MHP definitely needs support from both inside and outside the country. It has recently chosen conciliatory tones towards the US..in order to gain support from there. Erdoğan went to New York and wanted to meet Biden there. When Biden refused, Erdoğan reacted with irritation. Because the AKP-MHP’s policies are not fully in line with the U.S. interests in the Middle East, problems arise. U.S. officials have recently spoken of Turkey endangering U.S. interests in the Middle East. Biden accused Turkey of obstructing the fight against IS and of creating instability in the region. Thus, the U.S. has in a way revealed the AKP-MHP’s relations with IS. By making these clear statements, the U.S. wanted to change Turkey’s position according to its own interests and bring it in line. Of course, the fascist government of Turkey did not accept this. Because its goal is to occupy the whole of Rojava with the support of the USA and to commit a genocide against the Kurdish population there.”

Threat of New Attacks on Rojava

Clearly, Erdoğan has made a political bargain with Putin. It seems that the two have agreed on a bargain regarding Idlib. Russia has demanded that Turkey hand over the M4-M5 road completely to Russia and the Syrian regime. In return, it is quite possible that Russia has agreed to hand over some parts of Rojava to Turkey. Currently, there is talk of a possible attack on Til Rifat and Şehba. Some are also talking about possible attacks on Minbic, Kobanê and Til Temir. The airspace over all these areas is controlled by Russia and the United States. The current negotiations seem to be focussing on the mentioned areas. It is obvious that Russia and Turkey have agreed on certain things regarding this issue. Erdoğan’s recent threats to attack Rojava are based on this deal. In order to gain concessions from Turkey, Russia is using the Kurds like a bargaining chip. For its own interests, Russia is pursuing such an immoral and dirty policy. This policy has absolutely nothing to do with morality.”

International Support for Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

“The demand for Önderlik’s [Abdullah Öcalan] freedom is on the agenda worldwide today. Everywhere in the world people are demanding his freedom. This struggle has thus become a universal struggle. Not only the Kurdish people, but the other peoples of the Middle East and the other peoples of this world are fighting for Önderlik’s freedom. They are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Kurds. Around the world, many progressive, democratic and freedom-minded intellectuals, artists, politicians and academics are making Önderlik’s freedom an issue. They demand his freedom and initiate discussions about it. From the point of view of our struggle, this is a very important development. With the demand for Önderlik’s freedom, our struggle has spread all over the world and has reached a universal level. The number of our friends has increased manifold. Today, Önderlik’s freedom is not only the desire of the Kurds, but has become a universal demand. Could we have achieved anything more valuable than this?”