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october 14, 2021

Massive Use of Chemical Weapons by the Turkish Army in South Kurdistan

“It appears that the Turkish state has the right to use chemical weapons. This is a war crime. Are these weapons allowed when it comes to the PKK and the Kurds? The UN, the EU and all states that have banned chemical weapons must clarify this. This is a disgrace. This clearly shows the character of the Turkish state. The Turkish state will use these weapons in the future not only against Kurds but also against others. They themselves admitted that they used chemical weapons in the Dersim massacre [1937/38]. “Like mice, we poisoned the people in the caves,” they said. The international public and the responsible institutions must finally take action. Otherwise they will lose all their credibility. It seems that international law, punishments and sanctions do not apply to the Turkish state. This is how we understand it. Turkey has occupied Efrîn and killed hundreds of civilians. Yet no one has held it accountable for this. With its armed drones, the Turkish state has murdered hundreds of civilians. Yet no one has held it accountable for that either. There are international laws and regulations for the use of drones. This is because the risk is high that their use will kill civilians. The Turkish state kills without distinguishing between military and civilians. Something must finally be done about this.”

Turkey`s Desire to Occupy All of South Kurdistan

“The Turkish state will try to occupy all of South Kurdistan. It will use the Turkmen in Kirkuk and other places as a pretext and intervene in all of South Kurdistan. Isn’t that completely obvious? Dozens of times they have said so themselves, for example, that they will not repeat the mistake they made in North Iraq in North Syria. Their attitude during the South Kurdish referendum in 2017 is well known. Also their attitude during the crisis in Kirkuk.”

US-President Biden`s Latest Statement on Syria

“Biden recently stated that Turkey’s attacks in Syria were causing instability there. So he has openly admitted that past U.S. policy there has been wrong. And that the Kurds are right. From this statement by U.S. President Biden arises the need to support the Kurds’ struggle against the occupation and to ensure Turkey’s withdrawal from these areas [Efrîn, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî]. Turkey is an occupying power there. And the Kurdish population there is suffering. So the U.S. and Europe must take a stance against this. The Turkish state is not only causing instability in Rojava. It is doing the same in Libya. Without any shame, they talk about how they went to Libya and changed the balance there. They openly admit that they intervened there. That they intervened in another country. This has led to war and the death of many people. In Syria, Turkey is also using its Islamist gangs as a threat against everybody. And everybody knows what it has done in the Caucasus. The Turkish state incited Azerbaijan to go to war against Armenia. Therefore, the AKP-MHP government must be stopped.”

Role of the PKK in Rojava

“Everyone should be aware that thousands of PKK members fought in Rojava and fell as şehits. Because they fought there and fell as şehits, Rojava did not fall into the hands of IS. So no one has the right to demand that PKK militants leave Rojava. Some of the thousands of guerrilla members we sent to Rojava are still there today. We called them back. Some of them came and some of them stayed. They say: “This is my country. I fought here. My comrades fell here as şehits. No one can demand that I leave Rojava.` As if they had come there from space or another country! They are Kurds and they went from one city of Kurdistan to another. So it is important to be aware of this fact when thinking about the reasons for the victory in Kobane. It’s important to pay respect to that. The PKK has played a crucial role in defeating IS, which threatens the whole world.”

Central Role of Abdullah Öcalan for the Solution of the Kurdish Question

“The freedom of the Kurds cannot be achieved through a narrow-minded, nationalistic approach. It cannot be achieved through approaches that are unfamiliar with the region, the world, and global politics. Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] has given the Kurds the key to their own freedom. If his road map for the freedom of the Kurdish people and the path of solution he has developed are taken seriously, the Kurdish question will be solved in the best and most democratic way not only in Turkey, but also in Syria, Iraq and Iran. And not only the Kurdish question will be solved. On the basis of its solution, all countries and peoples in the Middle East will achieve a democratic life.”

Possible Interlocutors for the Solution of the Kurdish Question in Turkey

“Of course, the parliament is the interlocutor. This must be resolved in parliament. The HDP, Turkish politics and the democratic forces are also interlocutors. And of course Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] is the primary interlocutor for the solution of the Kurdish question. Of course, this will be solved in parliament. But the most important person and the most important actor who can speak on behalf of the Kurds is Önder Apo. Why has he been held in a solitary cell for 23 years? What has he done? The following: He has organized the Kurdish people, mobilized them for the struggle and encouraged them to make demands. He has put the Kurdish question on the agenda. That is why he has been imprisoned for 23 years. Önder Apo is the person to contact for a solution of the Kurdish question. He has put it on the agenda, strengthened the willpower of the Kurdish people and created the basis for a solution. Can the Kurdish question be solved without him as a contact person? Those who want to solve the Kurdish question without him insist that it remain unsolved. Therefore, of course, it is true that this issue must be solved in parliament. That is the place where the Kurdish question must be discussed. That is where this will take on an official character. Because the parliament represents the will of the people of Turkey. That’s right. Önder Apo has demanded this most strongly himself. He realized that the AKP did not want to solve the Kurdish question, but only used it as a means to expand its power and win the next election. That is why he said: `I cannot accept this. Parliament needs to discuss the Kurdish issue and pass laws. It needs to set up a commission. I will also speak there. All this must be put on the parliament’s agenda.` After Önder Apo demanded this, the AKP started an all-out war again on July 14, 2015.”

Declaration Recently Published by the HDP

“We consider the reactions so far to be very positive. With its declaration, the HDP has intervened in Turkey’s politics and set the agenda. The 11 points of the declaration are an expression of the most important issues in Turkey. Everybody has participated in the discussion of the HDP declaration and called the HDP’s stance correct. So the HDP has succeeded in a really important new departure. It has once again increased its importance as a result. And it has made clear that it is a force in Turkish politics not only for the Kurdish question, but for all problems. We consider all this important and positive. Of course, there can be criticism and shortcomings can be discussed. But the reactions show that the declaration was a right step under the current conditions. Turkish society and politics have reacted positively to the HDP declaration. It has put the Kurdish question on the agenda in a constructive way. Accordingly, this initiative by the HDP is important. Now, of course, it must be continued.”