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october 25, 2021

Demand of British Trade Unions for Abdullah Öcalan`s Freedom

“The English trade unions have recently once again taken a historic stance. During their congress, they explicitly demanded Önder Apo’s [Abdullah Öcalan] physical freedom. Together, the trade unions have demanded his freedom. On behalf of the leadership of our party, I greet the English trade unions and wish them success for their struggle. We consider this support and solidarity from England very significant. The English working class has always played an important role in the struggle of the oppressed, the workers and the entire working population. The trade unions in England occupy a very important place in the social life and struggle there.

Collaboration of the KDP with the Turkish State

“We have repeatedly reported in the past that the KDP is encircling guerrilla areas, supporting the Turkish state and attacking the PKK. But the KDP always denied this and thus deceived certain circles. After the latest incident in the Xelifan region, light has now been shed on the matter. All the deception attempts have been exposed. The KDP has shown its true face and was caught red-handed. Various circles are currently discussing this incident and many patriots are asking: What did these people do to the KDP? Why did the KDP attack them? How can this be justified? How will those responsible be held accountable? What did these people, who were on their way to fight against the Turkish state, do to the KDP? Why did the KDP kill them? What are the KDP’s relations with the Turkish state? Why does it go to such lengths to protect the Turkish state and make itself its slave?”

Results of the Elections in Iraq

“The situation in Iraq does not only affect the country itself. It affects the entire power and state system. We must not forget that state and power historically originated in Iraq. This system that claims to provide public security, to keep society alive and to satisfy its needs. In the wake of the October 10, 2021 elections, this system has now completely collapsed. The system of state and power is collapsing right where it was born. Both the forces of the state and power system and the external, anti-systemic forces must learn the right lessons from this. Those who pretend that all this is not happening will lose. This is true for the owners of the state and power system as well as for the anti-systemic forces. Thus, they will not be able to analyze the results properly and, accordingly, they will not be able to win. So, first of all, this fact must be acknowledged. In its current state, the state and power system has nothing to offer to societies and peoples. It is collapsing. It offers neither security nor hope. All its masks have fallen and all its lies and demagogy have been exposed. This is exactly what has now happened in Iraq in the wake of the elections. This is also the case internationally.”


“Moreover, there is a new state in Iraq today, which they have been trying to build since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The elections have clearly shown that this state does not offer security or hope to society and that it has not won society`s trust. Society does not accept it and does not consider it a useful institution. That is why people did not go to the polls. They want real elections and to elect a real government. Society wanted elections. But to elect forces that will only lie to them – society has rejected that. So it is clear that the state they are trying to build in Iraq has not proven to be successful. Whether as a patchwork or an arena for intervention by outside forces, the system in Iraq is not working. It was impossible to build anything in the context of the U.S.-Iran conflict and interventions by Arab and other forces. Massive outside interventions are taking place. This does not allow for the establishment of a system that represents the desires, will and interests of society. Attempts are being made to build a system, but the interventions from outside are massive. Society has had enough of these interventions.”


“It is central that these elections took place while the Turkish state is attacking and occupying Iraq. In September 2016, the Turkish state began its occupation attacks in the regions Avaşîn and Zap. Step by step, it has expanded its attacks and occupation from Heftanîn to Xakurke over the past five years. There is also permanent resistance against this. According to UN regulations and the rules of the international state system, these attacks are taking place on Iraqi territory. This state has always claimed that it protects its borders and society. So what about it? It is not doing any of that. In the context of these occupation attacks, elections have now taken place in Iraq. The society has given a clear lesson to the politicians, parties and leaders of Iraq, but also of South Kurdistan. What did it tell them? `There is an occupation attack taking place, but you are doing and saying absolutely nothing against it. On the contrary, in Şengal, Metina and Xakurke, together with the occupiers, you are attacking precisely those who are resisting against the occupation.` This policy has been clearly rejected by the society in the recent elections. It has openly rejected and protested against this. Because they do not accept this attitude toward the occupation, people did not go to the polls and refused to vote for this policy. The Iraqi elections of October 10, 2021, were a litmus test for the attitude toward the occupation by the Turkish state.


“And what will happen now? They may well try to form a government, but they will not be able to do so. There may also be interventions from outside again. All of that is possible. But what will be decisive is this: Whether Baghdad or Erbil, what will the forces that claim to be the government and representatives of the people’s will actually do against the Turkish state’s occupation of Iraq, against the AKP-MHP attack? Will they take a position against it or not? This will be decisive for the formation of the government and the work of a future government. We are firmly convinced that our people in South Kurdistan and also the peoples of Iraq will not back the supporters of the occupation. They will take a stance against them. Just as they boycotted these forces at the ballot box, they will now do so in practice. They will consider it the honor and dignity of Iraq to take a stance against the occupation, understand this as the only real political stance, and support it accordingly.

Ongoing Use of Chemical Weapons by the Turkish State in South Kurdistan

“In these attacks, the Turkish state is committing war crimes. Not only through the use of chemical weapons, but also in many other ways. There is a massive use of chemical weapons. The Turkish state has already done this in the past, for example in 1997 and `98. Chemical weapons have already been used in the Cudi, Botan and Zagros regions in the past. These are facts. In Halabja in South Kurdistan, the Saddam regime used chemical weapons. Just as Saddam did then, today the AKP-MHP government or the government of Tayyip Erdogan and Devlet Bahceli is using chemical weapons in the South Kurdish regions of Heftanîn, Metina, Avaşîn and Zap. There is clear evidence for this. The reason for this is that the AKP-MHP government is collapsing. It has not succeeded in breaking the guerrilla resistance. Its plan has not worked. It is currently suffering a huge defeat. AKM-MHP fascism is collapsing. To prevent its collapse and to break the guerrillas, it is using all possible means. Including chemical weapons. The HPG Central Command has published evidence for this. This evidence is absolutely credible. Everyone must recognize this. War crimes are being committed in South Kurdistan. Crimes against humanity are being committed here. This is a genocide against the Kurdish people and their guerrillas, which also involves the use of prohibited weapons. Both genocide and the use of chemical weapons are crimes against humanity.

Threat of New Turkish Attacks on Rojava

“Can Erdogan attack again like a madman? Yes, he can. He is behaving completely frantically. He attacked Kobane frantically. He also attacks Idlib and Til Rifat. Totally fanatically. He can do it again. Everybody has to be alert. The current phase is critical. Erdogan can attack again like a madman. Why? Because he is in a state of collapse. His plan has not worked and he has suffered a defeat. He is currently collapsing, but he is trying to stay on his feet. Because he fears that he will be held accountable like Saddam. Filled with this fear, he attacks everywhere like a madman in order to keep himself alive. Some say he will start another war in order to prevent elections and secure his power. That may very well happen.”