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september 23, 2021

Turkey`s Attacks on South Kurdistan

“Every single day, crimes against humanity are being committed. Not only against the guerrilla, but also against the villagers. They attack everyone, including civilians. They use chemical weapons. There is concrete evidence of this. But those in power are completely silent. Those who supposedly stand for democratic values are incapable of stopping the AKP-MHP government, the Erdogan government. They don’t even ask him what he is doing. They don’t even call this a crime. Instead, they provide support, thus guaranteeing their profits. What a terrible world of profit! This is how much Turkey and North Kurdistan have been sold by the Turkish government! This is how much this region is being sold! They do not even take action against the most serious crimes against humanity. Just so they don’t jeopardize their interests. There is nothing worse than this kind of behavior. This is not profit or gain, but simply a sickening situation.”

Ongoing Imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan on the Turkish Prison Island Imrali

“Rêber Apo is not being held captive in the torture and isolation system on the Imrali prison island for any reason. On the contrary, he is being held there because he represents the Kurdish people’s will for freedom; because he has transformed this will into organization and practice; because he has educated and organized the Kurdish people; because he has given this people a consciousness of freedom; because he has won them for living freely; because he has educated, organized and mobilized the Kurdish women and youth accordingly; and because he, as a person, represents the will for freedom of the Kurdish women, youth and people. So this is not an individual matter. Rêber Apo is being held there as a representative of the Kurdish people’s will for freedom and existence. Today, this will goes far beyond the Kurdish people. It has spread to the peoples of the Middle East and to all of humanity. All the oppressed and all those who demand freedom and democracy are today connected to Rêber Apo. They clearly express that they need Rêber Apo. They recognize their own liberation in the consciousness of freedom and democracy developed by him.”

Desperate Attempts of AKP-MHP-Fascism to Prevent its Collapse

“AKP-MHP fascism relies mainly on two methods to prevent its own collapse: First, it keeps intensifying its terror. That means constant massacres, oppression and tyranny without any regard for morals or laws. It does the worst things. On the other hand, AKP-MHP fascism sells itself. In all parts of the world, it begs, sells itself and makes all kinds of offers to get support. This is what they call diplomacy. For this purpose, they run to America, Russia, Europe, Iran, Iraq and most recently Syria. This fascism does not care whether its counterpart is strong or weak, friend or foe, close to it or not. AKP-MHP fascism is really making huge efforts to get immaterial and material support for its genocide against the Kurds.”

Turkey`s Dangerous Political Efforts in the Middle East

“If this is the case, these are very dangerous meetings. These meetings are wrong and will only harm those involved. They will harm Iraq. Right afterwards, the Turkish state has started bilateral talks. It is trying to have direct talks with Iran. There are also reports about meetings with Iraq. Hakan Fidan has met with the head of Syrian intelligence in Baghdad. They are unable to bring themselves to go to Syria. Syria then made a brief statement. But there was an immediate intervention. We understand why all this is happening. All of this is about trying to create the basis for occupation attacks on Rojava and South Kurdistan and to intensify the genocidal attacks. It is not about anything else. Erdogan’s government, the fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship have only one goal. They want to attack the PKK even more systematically and comprehensively and intensify their genocidal attacks on the Kurds.”