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november 21, 2023

Let us have a look at the situation of the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan at the beginning. What can you say about it and also accordingly, how is the global campaign for his freedom evolving?

First of all, I would like to draw attention to the historic resistance of Imrali and send my respectful salutes to Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. Regarding the continued isolation, there is no change. The policy of torture, isolation and genocide continues on Imrali. All kinds of pressure on Rêber Apo continues. The demands and attempts of the lawyers and families to meet him are left unanswered or passed over with fake disciplinary penalties. The statements and initiatives of the legal circles regarding all these are not seen or heard by the relevant authorities. The ones that created the Imrali system and that are managing it, play the three famous monkeys. This is a clear situation. There is a complicity. But the resistance continues exceedingly. The life on Imrali is a resistance in itself; a resistance that shows humanity the path to freedom and liberation.

At the same time, of course, there is the global campaign for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo, that was announced on October 10. This campaign has spread to every field. It has indeed become a global campaign for freedom and a movement for democracy. Everyone that is part of it expresses and emphasizes this. The campaign has gained an important level and there are new developments. In fact, there is a situation where we can say that humanity is standing up. The Kurdish people, women and youth are already standing on the basis of the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. But humanity is also standing all over the world. Since October 10, the campaign has been spreading. Hundreds of organizations have joined and so grew the strength of the campaign. Every day there are a few new statements by new people and movements explaining why they join the campaign. There are circles, intellectuals, politicians, legal circles, academics, artists, people from all walks of life that are already part of the campaign. All segments that we can call the brain, soul and heart of humanity participate in this campaign for freedom. Within this women are leading the way.

This was also seen at the World Youth Conference that took place not long ago. The youth declared at the conference in Paris that they have taken on this struggle, that they will carry it on their shoulders and lead it to victory. They demanded “Freedom for Rêber Apo right now”. This was a very important, big statement. If the youth and women will continue to embrace the campaign like this, of course that struggle will grow, develop and lead to victory. No one can stop it.

Like I said, there are many statements, many new participators, and the protests are intense. Society is on its feet. Kurdish youth and women in Europe are in constant action. So are parts of Kurdistan, so is our society in Rojava [North and East Syria]. There were also demonstrations in Northern Kurdistan, like for example the struggle round about the march of Gemlik. In a serious way, society has taken a stance. It clearly showed how it embraces Rêber Apo, how it opposes the system of torture, isolation and genocide that is being practiced on Imrali, and the society thereby expressed their demands.

Now there is also a voice being raised from the prisons. The stance and life in a prison is a resistance. In order to participate in the campaign, revolutionary prisoners have declared that they have started a rotating hunger strike, that they have taken action and that they will take an active part in this struggle. They were already part of the campaign with their stance, their lives, their attitude in daily struggle, but now they are becoming an active part of it. There is a very important widespread situation. This continues with various events. On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, women filled the streets. They demanded freedom. In other words, it is the side that fights the hardest for women’s freedom and puts forward its philosophy and ideological principles most clearly with gynecology. Therefore, all the struggles for women’s freedom are struggles against the system of Imrali, torture, isolation and genocide. It is the struggle for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. Women’s liberation and the reality of the Rêber Apo are intertwined at this level.

There were celebrations on the occasion of the party anniversary. In many different countries, people filled the streets and squares. Of course, the most prominent demand that was expressed there, was once again the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. Kurdish society, led by its women and youth, is shouting this out in everywhere, taking a clear stance and declaring its will. Embracing the PKK means embracing Rêber Apo and demanding his physical freedom.

An important new level of the current campaign has been reached. The beginning was magnificent. Its spread was also impressive. Now it is necessary to expand it with new plans, to diversify it, to enrich the forms of action. There are discussions in this direction, there are evaluations, statements, each new participation creates a even bigger richness and diversifies. Those who organized and carried out the campaign announced that they will carry it out further, they said “we will move on to its second phase”. They are explaining its framework.

This campaign is a campaign for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo and the solution of the Kurdish question, but it is a campaign for freedom for everyone, a global campaign for freedom. In such an action, everyone is educating and liberating themselves with his/her thought, spirit and dynamism. Therefore, a great struggle for liberation, a campaign for a freedom move is developing. This is a campaign that encompasses all kinds of actions, a campaign that can only be sustained through very rich forms of action. We believe that this is how it will develop. We believe that all the society will use their means in the most effective way, enriching them, diversifying and expanding their forms of action.

This is the first time there has been such a big campaign. It is a peoples’ campaign, a campaign of the oppressed, of women, youth, workers and laborers, intellectuals, socialists, revolutionaries. It is a free people’s campaign, and the formulation of the will of the peoples is emerging.

The will of the free people is actually intervening in the process globally. Within the framework of demanding the physical freedom of Rêber Apo, it is expressing its will by committing itself to such a goal. There is no obstacle that can possibly block this. It will grow and develop more. We have expressed this before and there have also several statements in this regard.

In the new 46th year of struggle, we will spread this campaign wherever we can do, and fully participate it as a movement. We will do this as a people. We will do it as a women’s and youth movement. Humanity is embracing it, we believe that all the oppressed, women, youth, all free and democratic humanity of the world will do it. Such a unity is emerging, an alliance is emerging, a system of relations, unity of thought, a solidarity. A solidarity of humanity. The most democratic and free solidarity. This means a new world, an alternative world. So not everything is capitalist modernity. It is not just those who created and carried out the international conspiracy. It is not just those who for 25 years have been carrying out the Imrali torture and isolation system in the form of persecution and prison. The world does not just consist of them. Yes, they are part of today’s world, but they are not without alternative. Those who claimed that the world would be like this until the end turned out to be wrong. It will not be like that. A new world is being born step by step. It is free, democratic, glorious and we are very enthusiastic and excited about it.

If we pay attention, this campaign is the most exciting campaign of action in history, it is drawing people into great enthusiasm and excitement. On this basis, I would like to thank everyone who participates in the campaign and supports the campaign, and I greet them on behalf of our party leadership. I believe that they will grow the struggle more in the coming period, that they will enrich their strength, and I wish them all the success.

Let’s throw an eye on the passed year on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the PKK. How do you reflect the developments of the last year and what do you want to achieve in this 46th year of the party?

We define the 45th anniversary of the founding of the PKK’s as a day of celebration, a day that can be defined as the National Resistance Day. In this regard, I would like to congratulate all comrades, especially Rêber Apo, ou

r guerrilla forces, the women and youth, our people and our international friends on this National Resistance Day. I respectfully and gratefully commemorate all the martyrs of our party. They are heroes, the founders of free humanity, free Kurdish people. Starting from comrade Haki Karer to the comrades who heroically fought and fall martyrs in the historic Zap resistance today. In the 46th year of this party, I wish everyone struggling for freedom great success. I strongly believe in our success.

The 45th year of the PKK was indeed a very active and intense year of struggle in ideological, political and military terms. This could be seen by everybody. Each year of the PKK has been a year of struggle more widespread, stronger and full of victories than the previous year. Each year had more difficulties than the previous one. Its magnitude is also greater as is its richness. This can clearly be defined as a fact and is also how Rêber Apo defines the years of the PKK. He also said that the life within the PKK is much better and more beautiful, much more humane, much more democratic. Also this can be seen as a fact. This means that the existence of the PKK makes life better, it makes it good. Why is it like this? Because it creates freedom. To be free means to become beautiful, to heal. Rêber Apo has expressed it that way. He said, “The one who struggles becomes free, the one who becomes free becomes beautiful. And those who become beautiful are loved.” This is the basic rule and principle of being loved and respected. Let’s call this the Apoist principle. The Apoist principle of love, the Apoist principle of freedom.

We have entered the 45th year planned, organized, prepared, with the claim of a great struggle. In the winter of last year, the guerrilla waged a great resistance in the South Kurdish regions of Zap, Avaşin and Metîna. They fought heroically and dealt heavy blows on the Turkish army. Of course we also encountered a terrible experience in the last winter. There was the earthquake on February 6 which created a painful situation. In reaction to this as a movement we had declared that we halt the actions in order to support the society to unite and create solidarity within. As it is known, we later extended this until the elections. This was showing our approach towards the war that is being waged. It showed our will in regard of this struggle, of the fact that we are developing the war to solve important problems. We are not a power that has tied its existence, power and interests to war like some others. We are not war barons. Instead, in reaction to our declaration of halt of actions, the war barons thought there would be opportunity and even increased there attacks. They ignored the heavy suffering of the people due to the earthquake and tried to turn our decision into an opportunity for themselves. That’s how weak, pathetic, opportunistic they are. But despite all this, we fulfilled the promises we made. We followed and implemented the decisions we took. This is our attitude as a movement.

Without a doubt the elections in Turkey were also very important. It was also a great struggle. Sure, there were some serious mistakes and shortcomings that had been made. It was also clear that it was an election with an obvious outcome. It was already predetermined that this would be the outcome. Tayyip Erdoğan, based on his power and the reality of war, had already arranged everything beforehand. There was not a fair and equal election anyway. In that sense, that is to say, there was no result in terms of a change in Tayyip Erdoğan’s rule, but still it can be lined out, that he suffered serious blows.

The Kurdish people and democratic forces entered the period of the elections in a unity. They showed, demonstrated and proved that they retained their strength. The Kurdish people once again showed their historical stance, their demand for freedom and once again demonstrated their will. It wants freedom. It can be said that the democratic bloc, the alliance of Labor and Freedom has won the elections at this level. In fact, it was once again clearly seen that there was no regression or weakening, that despite so much oppression and persecution, the people preserved their will and insisted on their demand for freedom. Now the post-election struggle continues. The AKP-MHP, Tayyip Erdoğan and the republican alliance have united in their fascism and continue their attacks. On this basis, they protect their power by continued attacks. There is a multifaceted resistance against this. Militarily, the guerrilla is heroically resisting and leading the way. This is proven in Zap. They couldn’t even take a hill. Despite all the support the Turkish army received from NATO, despite negotiating Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO and attacking with the military support it received from there, they could not even occupy a hill. Now it is said to be stuck. Locked in. They called it a locked offensive, they themselves fell into the lock.

Very clearly, the guerrilla warfare spread everywhere. It takes place in all areas of North Kurdistan. This is very important. The struggle of the women’ and the youth develops. Accordingly the “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” revolution took place. Centered in Rohilat [Eastern Kurdistan] and Iran, it spread all over the world. This was of course a slogan, a psychological perspective, a philosophy developed by [the science of women created by the Kurdish movement] Jineolojî. It spread around the world and became a global freedom movement.

Also there is the campaign that was globally announced on October 10. Against the fascist aggression of the AKP-MHP, a global campaign aiming for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo and the solution of the Kurdish question started magnificently and enabled the Kurdish people and their international friends to enter the 46th year with greater hope, assertion and will. This is a great start, a strategic struggle. It will yield results at this level, we are convinced by this.

There were some developments and other actions. In Ankara, despite the Ministry of Interior being so protected, the headquarters of this fascist torture and persecution was successfully hit by the comrades Rojhat and Erdal in a way that did not harm any civilian. The Turkish state, which through this was hit in the brain, was shaken to its foundations. It showed the power of the guerrilla. It showed the will of the Kurdish youth. It once again revealed the anger of the Kurdish people. In other words, no matter how much fascist, genocidal, colonialist oppression and attack there are, they will not stand by and watch.

The attacks on Rojava [North and East Syria] show how desperate AKP and MHP are. They are trying to sustain themselves by attacking Rojava, arresting thousands, trying to profit from the blood of the people of Gaza. They have fallen into a completely backward and immoral policy. The Turkish government was one of the primary culprits of this conflict, of so much bloodshed in Gaza, and at the same time it tried to profit from it in order to sustain its own life in power. They tried to strengthen themselves based on it. This is simply pathetic.

The beginning of the 46th year of the PKK reveals the achievements of the 45 years of the friendship of the Kurdish community to the peoples all around the world. It reveals how they understand and embrace the reality of Rêber Apo and the PKK, and how the policy of freedom and democracy developed by Rêber Apo and the PKK has developed a great struggle. The great achievements of this 45th year undoubtedly are the result of the struggle of the previous years. But the most recent October 10 campaign clearly demonstrated that the PKK, which was formed 45 years ago by a small group as a position of resistance, is today a global movement. No matter how many times they call it a terrorist organization, no matter how many times powers like Germany ban it, it transcends all of that, it has taken the struggle beyond Kurdistan. It has made the freedom movement global rather than regional. This is a clear situation. Of course it didn’t happen all at once. The developments before that revealed this. The war against ISIS, the revolution of Rojava, the women’s freedom struggle, the struggle of the youth, the guerrilla struggle, step by step, brought all this about. But in the 45th year, it has been proven that the PKK, that Rêber Apo represent a global paradigm and that it shows the way to freedom of all oppressed people, that it is understood and embraced by all oppressed people at a certain level, and it has created a global stance and struggle on this basis.

Today the world is screaming “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî”. This can be claimed as the most essential development. Is there a greater development than this? Is there anything greater than this for Kurdish people, for humanity, for the Kurdish people, for Kurdish women? When the PKK decided on resistance 45 years ago, Kurds could not call themselves Kurds because of oppression. They could not say it out of shame. They were running away from their own identity. They were hiding their identities, lying in self-censorship in cultural genocide. The PKK brought about a very radical change, a revolution of personality, a revolution of humanity. In these 45 years, the PKK has transformed such a Kurd into a Kurd who is now leading the global freedom movement. It turned Kurdistan, which had become the ground of the worlds reactionist forces, into a bastion of freedom, a vanguard of freedom. Can there be a greater development than this? Can there be a greater achievement than this?

In this 45th year, it has become clear that those who say that the paradigm Rêber Apo is a danger and that they will destroy it, are talking in vain. These are all empty words. It is not even possible to weaken the PKK, let alone destroy it. It is growing, developing and spreading. This will be the case much more and it will triumph in the coming period. No reactionary will be able to stand in front of this paradigm, this spirit, feeling, thought and will. They will all crumble. The victory will definitely be ours.

There were also some differences in this year’s National Resistance Day celebrations. One could see this very clearly. The enthusiasm, excitement is very high, the will is very clear. On the other hand, there is so much oppression and persecution. People are being slaughtered, insulted in the streets, put into prison, exiled abroad. There is no oppression and insult the Kurdish society has not been subjected to. This society was to be oppressed, to be silenced. They wanted the Kurdish society to become pessimistic and loose hope. Normally, those who apply pressure as a result of this are doing it for this reason. But what is the concrete situation? In practice it is the opposite. Let alone becoming pessimistic, weakening, shrinking, retreating, on the contrary there is a leap forward. There is becoming more combative. Enthusiasm is much more widespread, much stronger. Hope is much stronger. People are turning pain into will. Yes, they are persecuted and oppressed, but they resist. They pay a price, but they are rewarded for it. They gain a new spirit, a new feeling, a new way of life. They are making progress. They see this clearly. In this respect, the enthusiasm and hope is higher than ever. There have been big celebrations everywhere. Celebrations took place all over Europe, all of Rojava is on its feet. Kurds are always on the move, big and small, depending on the situation where they live. They are celebrating this day. They are trying to understand the PKK. They are trying to understand the reality of Rêber Apo. They are trying to equip themselves with the thought and spirit of the PKK. Maybe millions of people have been on their feet for a few days.

The guerrilla resistance, the people’s resistance, the paradigm of Rêber Apo brought us to this situation. The global freedom campaign of October 10 brought it about. The spirit, will and hope of the campaign made people so enthusiastic and excited, they took to the streets and filled the squares. Everyone is marching with the flags and songs of the PKK. They are repeating what Rêber Apo said, that the PKK is an endless novel, a poem, a folk song and it is beautiful. Very beautiful. On the day of of the anniversary a group of young women openly declared that they are joining the party. What did Zekiye Alkan say when she burned herself? She said this is how Newroz is celebrated. Now those who have joined the PKK are saying the same thing. This is how to celebrate November 27th. This is how to celebrate the day of the party. This is very valuable, very respectful. I greet them all with respect and love. On behalf of our party leadership, I also congratulate everyone who celebrated the day of our party. We have seen the celebrations and received a lot if strength from these pictures.

No one can stop this society. No oppression, persecution, massacre can separate the Kurdish society from the goal of freedom. No one can break and weaken the will for freedom. This was revealed once again during the celebrations on November 27th. The guerrilla also participated in this. They participated with enthusiasm, excitement, with their actions as well as their own celebrations.

The 46th year of struggle will be bigger, stronger, richer in terms of methods. It will be more widespread in terms of means. It will spread all over the world. We have already stated that we are entering the 46th year with a global freedom campaign. This year will be a year of struggle based on the global freedom campaign. It will be a year of mobilized struggle on the basis of the physical freedom of Rêber Apo and the solution of the Kurdish question. This was the will and determination of October 10. For 46 years this will and determination rules. Our people, our international friends, led by women and youth as a whole, will be engaged in such a struggle. As a movement, especially as guerrilla, we will wage such a struggle at the most advanced level in the line of victory. There will be absolutely no other way of approaching this, no other way of understanding this. I can state this clearly. Our goal is definitely to develop the campaign, spread it and lead it to victory. Everyone will further enlarge, develop and enrich their current activist stance. The struggle for freedom and democracy will grow and lock up. Of course fascism will be hit. Everyone will strike a blow to AKP-MHP fascism with their actions and protests wherever they are.

Last year’s elections did not yield anything, but there is no such thing that only elections will yield results. The struggle continues everywhere, it continues in many ways and this struggle has the power to destroy fascism of AKP-MHP. This is definitely our goal. On this basis, we will develop the struggle in every field. Everyone should know this. Our heroic guerrillas will lead such a struggle and will do it successfully by striking heavier blows to AKP-MHP fascism and colonialist genocidal forces with bigger actions and revolutionary operations.

The guerrilla celebrated the 45th anniversary of the PKK in the most meaningful and powerful way. It did this not with ceremonies or words of celebration, but with actions. Starting from November 20, there are revolutionary operations centered on Zap and Metîna. We can clearly say that the Turkish army has suffered one of the heaviest blows in history. The balance sheets are already being put forward. They cannot deny it either. Our central headquarters reveals all the results. Revolutionary operations and revolutionary actions developed one after another in all areas of Metîna , from the Cudî mountain to the mountain of Amediye. Heavy blows were struck. There were actions in which it was stated that 10, 20, 40 enemy soldiers were neutralized. These are clear facts. In this respect, guerrilla actions have revealed what will happen this year. People’s actions will follow. The guerrilla will continue this line of action.

These actions were to celebrate the anniversary of the party’s foundation and to welcome the 46th year, but it is not just limited to this. It revealed the line of action for the 46th year. In fact, we can say that the action of October 1 in Ankara triggered these actions and started a new military process. Many guerrillas evaluated the situation in this way. Now these actions prove this even more.

On this basis, first of all I would like to salute the HPG and YJA Star guerrillas, all headquarters and command forces, especially the Central Headquarters, for their successful struggle. I congratulate them on their actions carried out in Zap and Metîna since November 20, which dealt the heaviest blows to the enemy in its history. I congratulate them on these actions and the success of everyone who contributed on behalf of our party leadership. I respectfully and gratefully commemorate all the martyrs. Also comrade Andok and Ciwan were martyred. Undoubtedly, war does not come without a price. The balance sheets can be expressed in a few sentences or a few numbers, but preparing and waging war is not so easy. It requires overcoming difficulties and obstacles. It requires great courage and sacrifice. It comes with a price and this price is paid by the free Kurdish guerrilla following the ideology of Rêber Apo.

The guerrilla has paid a high price since 40 years so far. August 15th marked the 40th anniversary of this breakthrough [beginning of the armed struggle]. This year it continues to give greater hope, will and determination. No one should think that everything is very easy. To understand the reality of the guerrilla is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to see the effects of this guerrilla struggle. In the 45th year, the Turkish army has not been able to capture or take even one hill, despite putting all its strength in its attacks. It was one of the years when the army received the most support from NATO. Although it received all kinds of support by negotiating the events in Sweden and Finland, the result is obvious. Despite all kinds of support from the betrayers of the KDP, the result is obvious. It is seen that the guerrilla will crush the Turkish army. Last winter they had to clear many areas. And now some of their generals say that they have changed there strategy, that they will act differently, but the guerrilla gave a clear answer to this. They said either you pull out now, or we will clear these areas by ourselves.

Those who are fooled by Tayyip Erdoğan’s rule, those who believe in the mantra of “Motherland, Nation, Sakarya”, those who are in this business for money, those who have come to these areas to shed Kurdish blood, should realize what a bad business they are doing and what a dangerous process they are facing. If they have any sense, they should give up and withdraw. At this point, those who are deceived by the collaborative, treasonous and manipulative attitude of the KDP administration should also stay away. Those who want to protect themselves should stay away. The current actions have shown what they will face if they stay away.

We hear that village guards are being brought from North Kurdistan. They are changed from time to time, for certain periods. They bring them from all areas of North Kurdistan, from Botan to Serhat and other places, the Turkish army cannot stand, live and exist anywhere without the KDP and the village guards. Now it can be hardly told how many of them are guards, are collaborators or soldiers. For example, they admit that a lieutenant was shot, or that a corporal or a sergeant was shot, a sergeant major was shot, but they don’t admit it when a village guard was shot. But right now those places are full of village guards. They don’t even feel the need to explain that they were shot. This is the value given to them by the AKP administration they serve. These village guard circles should see the reality better. There is no end to this. They should stay away from shedding Kurdish blood, fighting against Kurdish freedom and the power of freedom. They should not be a tool for enemy attacks. They should not come to such games. They should not go to war against the guerrilla, they should not engage in attacks. It is for their own benefit. They can understand this as a warning, a call. Indeed, if they won’t even realize this situarion, no one will take care of them. They won’t even say they admit that they were shot. We want them to save themselves from such a situation. Our call is based on this.

In conclusion, I can state the following. We had a good start to the 46th year. Zap and Metîna’s guerrilla forces celebrated our party anniversary appropriately. They celebrated it on behalf of the entire guerrilla, on behalf of our entire party. It gave a great excitement, morale, strength and energy to our people, humanity and international friends. I salute them all once again from the bottom of my heart, congratulate them on their success, and wish them all great success in the revolutionary war they will wage in their 46th year.

As a last question; the situation within Turkey is very intense right now. A lot of repression is taking place and a war is being waged against society. How do you evaluate the situation within Turkey? What can you tell us about the propagated picture of the Turkish state media?

There is no need to list the repression in Turkey and North Kurdistan. When you look at the newspapers or the television, it almost darkens your soul. It is like a nightmare. Things are being done that should never happen, that should never be done. It is like wearing a straitjacket. I wonder what kind of state of mind the people watching those televisions are in, what kind of insanity are they in? Because they always report such news and this is happening. This is happening, and it is a clear situation. As the struggle of the guerrilla, the struggle of the people grows and develops, the Tayyip Erdoğan administration, the AKP-MHP fascism is collapsing, rotting, shaking, it could fall at any moment. Nothing can save him. He clings to more evil, he markets himself more, he markets Turkey’s opportunities. He participates in more conspiracies and provocations. He turns people into bloodsuckers. He was a bloodsucker in the case of Gaza. He is still negotiating in NATO. They are continuing the Swedish bargain in order to get more power, to get more support, to mobilize more people to go to war against the Kurds, against the PKK, to make them partners in this genocidal war. They are holding people, killing them, applying all kinds of pressure. It has become so much so that it is not even clear who is doing what and what they are going to do. There is no law, no law at all. We have seen how the so-called state, the so-called institutions of the state are getting into each other. We can see the fight between the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Cassation is like a “head-breaker”. There is such a reality. Rêber Apo said “there is no politics in Turkey.” It is the mechanism of the coup d’état that is now functioning in the fascist dictatorship. Every day politics continues with coups, provocations, fascist oppression, terror and persecution. They arrest people and put them in prisons. The pressure and torture there are at an extreme level. They give sentences in vain. They don’t let them go even when the sentences are over. There is a complete arbitrary rule, there is a dictatorship. Everything is being done to keep Tayyip Erdoğan in power. Now, within this framework, as such a struggle grows, it is shaken from its foundations. Pressure and violence are also increasing. Lawlessness is developing at a very advanced level. We have seen an increasing number of arrests recently. And it seems that this will continue to increase. Because there is another election ahead of us. In order to make gains there, they will apply all kinds of pressure, terror and persecution. That is the only way this government survives, wins, claims to win elections and comes to power. All these elections are a mask for power. It wins elections with this oppression. This reality needs to be well opposed.

I can say this to our people, patriots, women, youth, political workers, the people of Turkey, the peoples, revolutionary democratic forces, our international friends and allies in Turkey, the patriotic democratic people of Turkey, women, youth, workers, pensioners; All this is a matter of struggle. Yes, there is a lot of oppression and persecution, but why is this happening? There is a network of interests that exploits and destroys everything, and is anti-Kurdish. For this, it has turned Turkey into a hell. Also it is being shaken to its foundations. It will collapse, it wants its power through war. It is fighting against the Kurds. It supports the war in Ukraine, it has started the war in Gaza. It feeds on war from all sides. It attacks Rojava, Northern Syria, attacks South Kurdistan. It imposes all kinds of fascist repressive terror at home. This is how it survives.

Fascism will be crushed if we wage a bigger struggle, if we are more organized, if we engage in a collective struggle together. We need to see this, we need to believe this. We need to turn ourselves into such a fighting force. We need to unite more, to understand better, that is, to be more combative, to be in solidarity. We need to be more in solidarity with those arrested. We need to help the families of those arrested more. Kurdish people, women, youth, patriots in Kurdistan should definitely develop such social solidarity. No one should feel lonely or see themselves as weak. There must be complete unity against fascism. Social solidarity must reach this level. It must be like this all over Turkey. All the oppressed people of the Turkish society should definitely develop such solidarity, unity and common struggle on the basis of the goal of overthrowing fascism. If we are like this, we will be able to stand up against all kinds of attacks, we will stand firm, we will be a fighting force. If we unite more in the struggle, if we fight effectively with new methods, we will definitely overthrow fascism and free Turkey and democratic Kurdistan. By destroying the system of torture, isolation and genocide on Imrali, we will ensure the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. These goals are not unrealizable. Achieving these goals has become much closer. Fascism will collapse on shaky ground. It is necessary to develop a resistance that will collapse it in the strongest way. Our call is on this basis. I wholeheartedly greet everyone who struggles on this basis and wish them great success.