Our Statements

november 01, 2023

Protecting the Revolution in the Spirit of Resistance and Solidarity

After the liberation of Kobanê [from IS], November 1 was declared ‘World Kobanê Day’ and later November 2 was declared ‘World Rojava Day’. Since then, both have been celebrated by the peoples of the world. Undoubtedly, the revolution in Rojava is the result of the common struggle and work of the peoples of the Middle East and the world. The resistance and victory in Kobanê was also the result of this common resistance and struggle of the peoples. Therefore, the revolution is strongly supported by the peoples of the Middle East and the world.

We would like to once again congratulate everyone on this very important revolution and resistance of our time and express our strong solidarity with the revolution in Rojava. We send our greetings to the patriotic and revolutionary people of Rojava and Kurdistan. On the occasion of this important day, we express our gratitude to all those who stand in solidarity with the Rojava revolution, who resist, continue the struggle and make great sacrifices. We would also like to respectfully and gratefully commemorate all the martyrs of the democratic revolution. We remember them and especially all those who were martyred in the resistance of Kobanê, and we reaffirm our commitment to the martyrs and our promise of success. The victory of the revolution in Rojava and the resistance in Kobanê is due to the resistance and sacrifices of thousands of international comrades like Arîn, Avesta, Gelhat, Ulaş and Lêgerîn. They and their comrades will always be remembered and kept alive as symbols of this revolution and resistance.

When Kobanê was attacked by IS, the peoples and revolutionaries of the Middle East and many parts of the world, especially the people of the four parts of Kurdistan, mobilized for the liberation of Kobanê and joined the Kobanê resistance. Thus, the resistance grew and IS was defeated and Kobanê was liberated. The liberation of Kobanê from IS also brought about the protection and survival of the revolution in Rojava. Because with the fall of Kobanê, the revolution was supposed to be strangled and brought down. But this was prevented by the common resistance of the peoples. Although IS was supported by all kinds of reactionary forces, especially the fascist AKP-MHP government, the defense of Kobanê was successful and the revolution in Rojava survived. It was saved from the occupation and showed clearly what the common resistance of the peoples is capable of. The resistance and the victory of Kobanê have shown everyone that there is no power above the solidarity and the common struggle of the peoples, and that no technical and material power is superior to the will of the peoples and the passion for free life that reveals this will. There is no doubt that this will and this passion will liberate the whole world from the domination of capitalist modernity. It is this will through which democratic modernity will be regained.

The real power behind IS was the AKP-MHP government. It was the AKP-MHP government that made IS attack the Kurds, Rojava, Êzidis [Yazidis] and Kobanê. IS follows the same mentality as the AKP-MHP government and acts according to its policies. Today, it is the AKP-MHP government that is managing IS and trying to revive it. It is well known that after the liberation of Kobanê, when it became clear that the revolution in Rojava could not be eliminated by IS, the AKP-MHP government directly intervened and started the occupation and annexation attacks against Rojava. Efrîn, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî were occupied and annexed and the attacks on Rojava in general increased and continue until today.

With the new attacks that started on October 5, it has become clear that the real aim of the AKP-MHP government is genocide. In these attacks, dozens of production and residential facilities, schools and hospitals, places of worship, dams have been bombed and hundreds of people have been martyred and seriously injured. This is a clear genocide. Tayyip Erdoğan and Hakan Fidan have declared this openly and have done it in front of the eyes of the world. But the states and international institutions did not react to these open genocidal attacks. This has made it clear that the states and international institutions have economic and political relations with the genocidal AKP-MHP government and they do not raise their voice against the genocidal attacks on Rojava because of their relations of interest. A similar approach can be seen in the attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian question. The states and international organizations are not taking a sincere and fair approach, they are approaching the war in Gaza according to their interests. First of all, the AKP-MHP government and Tayyip Erdoğan are taking such an approach. They claim that they are against the attacks on Gaza, but they do not hesitate to do to Rojava and the Kurds what is being done to Gaza. This is a great shamelessness and hypocrisy. They are trying to do this in front of everyone’s eyes. But while this is happening, these developments have unmasked the AKP-MHP and Tayyip Erdoğan and made the truth better understood by everyone.

As we can see, the threat to Rojava has not disappeared. The revolution is threatened and attacked by the forces of capitalist modernity. By eliminating the revolution, they want to suppress and destroy the people’s desire and struggle for a free life. The Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government are trying to eliminate the revolution and carry out the Kurdish genocide because of their anti-Kurdish mentality. But the forces of capitalist modernity are also behind these attacks and policies. Because the revolution is a free living space created by the common struggle of the peoples. The states do not want such a space to exist. Therefore, they do not oppose the attacks of the Turkish state against Rojava, on the contrary, they support them. The Turkish state is attacking Rojava and committing genocide with the support it receives from the USA, NATO, Europe and other states and with the weapons it buys from them. Therefore, these powers are partners in the genocide that is taking place in Rojava, they cannot escape this responsibility.

The developments have proved that the revolution in Rojava can only be protected by the common struggle and resistance of the peoples. As it can be seen, the sovereign powers are in conflict and war with each other. World War 3 is taking place between the powers of capitalist modernity. It is a war caused by the conflict of sovereignty and power. As part of this, the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government want to turn this process into an opportunity to destroy Rojava and carry out the Kurdish genocide. This is their only policy and the goal they want to achieve with their attacks. The only way to stop this is for the peoples and all democratic forces to take a stronger stance and resist with an understanding of solidarity and common struggle. The conditions require us to recover and develop the spirit of unity, solidarity and resistance that was developed during the Kobanê resistance. November 1 World Kobanê Day and November 2 World Rojava Day must be celebrated with this historical awareness and responsibility. The peoples of the Middle East and the world, especially the people of Rojava and Kurdistan, women, youth, socialists, democratic forces and all those who oppose exploitation must strongly support the Rojava Revolution in the spirit of resistance and solidarity.


KCK Executive Council