Our Statements

october 18, 2023

The Attacks on the Palestinian People Must Stop

Last night, the Israeli state launched an airstrike on a hospital in Gaza and unfortunately hundreds of people lost their lives in this attack. This attack is an attack of massacre and genocide. We would like to strongly condemn this massacre. This painful attack experienced by the Palestinian people has deeply saddened us. We are in deep sorrow and would like to express our condolences to the people of Gaza and the entire Palestinian people. Once again we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause. The struggle of the peoples against oppression will surely succeed and all mass murderers will be held to account.

These attacks by the state of Israel are happening in front of the eyes of the whole world. The states and hegemonic powers act according to their economic and political interests, not for the solution of the Palestinian problem. Just like the Kurdish people, the approach to the Palestinian people is within this framework. None of the states and hegemonic powers are in favor of the political solution of the Palestinian question, the equal and democratic coexistence of the Arab and Jewish peoples in the Middle East, nor are they working for it. They are in the approach of using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the current situation entirely for their own policies. These forces are as responsible and guilty for the genocidal policies against Palestine as the Israeli state. It is a complete deception for each of them to present themselves as siding with one side or the other. The Turkish state is one of those who do this the most. The concerns, worries and activities of the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government are not to solve the Palestinian question, but to prevent a balance in the Middle East that would jeopardize the Kurdish genocide policies. It acts entirely according to this purpose.

The peoples of the Middle East and the world, knowing this approach of the states, have to continue and expand their struggle in solidarity with the Palestinian people. It is very important that the Arab and Jewish peoples, knowing this approach of the states, act in solidarity and common liberation struggle. The Kurdish people also need to emphasize their solidarity with the Palestinian people and continue their struggle in this solidarity approach. The only real solution to the problems in the Middle East is the Democratic Nation approach and mentality put forward by Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. It is the joint struggle of all the peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish, Arab and Jewish peoples, that will realize this solution.

As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we once again strongly condemn this massacre, offer our condolences to the Palestinian people and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. While the peoples stand against these attacks with their struggles, the states should stop their hypocritical attitudes and stop these attacks and make efforts for the solution of the Palestinian question.


KCK Executive Council