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april 19, 2022

Together the Guerrilla and the People Will Repel the Turkish State’s Attack

After every visit of KDP representatives to Turkey, the Turkish state attacks the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the Turkish state has launched new attacks on the Medya Defense Zones after Mesrur Barzani traveled to Turkey a few days ago for talks with Tayyip Erdoğan and the head of the MIT [Turkish intelligence]. Because the fascist AKP-MHP coalition pursues the goal of crushing the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom with the help of the KDP.

While the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan and also outside their homeland demanding that the KDP give up its collaboration with the Turkish state, the KDP is now playing an even stronger role in the new occupation attacks of the Turkish state. Instead of responding to the demands of the Kurdish people, the KDP is implementing the demands of the Turkish state. This behavior generates a lot of anger among the Kurds and their international friends.

Even though the KDP is still using its propaganda means to hide its relations with the Turkish state, its practical steps make it absolutely clear that the recent attacks are the result of joint plans. The fact that the Turkish state is attacking guerrilla-controlled areas from KDP areas clearly showcases this.

Without security guarantees from the KDP, the military forces of AKP-MHP fascism could never attack the guerrillas from Bamerni, Amediye, Derelok and Şeladize areas. By allowing attacks from there, the KDP supports the Turkish army in surrounding the guerrilla forces. In addition, the KDP’s special military units were also set in motion at the same time as the Turkish state’s attacks. These units are trying to surround the guerrilla areas, break the contact between individual guerrilla units and take positions in certain areas of the guerrillas in order to allow the Turkish state’s operation to succeed. This fact has been recognized by the entire Kurdish people, the sections of our population that maintain relations with the KDP, and all political circles. Because with this policy, the KDP makes itself jointly responsible for all negative developments that will cause great damage to the people of Kurdistan in the medium and long term.

The occupation attacks of the Turkish state are not only directed against our Freedom Movement and its selfless guerrillas. They are rather attacks whose aim is to break the willpower of South Kurdistan, to strengthen the genocidal policy in the region and to destroy all the achievements of South Kurdistan at the first best opportunity. Representatives of the Turkish state have repeatedly spoken very openly about these goals. To consider their statements as purely related to Turkey’s domestic political developments would be a historical mistake that would lead to severe consequences. After all, one of the central goals of the Turkish state’s latest attack is to bring strategically important locations in Kurdistan under its control.

The entire people of Kurdistan, all democratic institutions and political forces – especially the people of South Kurdistan and the political forces there – must resolutely resist against the new attacks. Because with its attacks, the Turkish state aims to control the whole of Kurdistan and turn it into a place where the Turkish nation can expand. In response to the attacks on the Zap region in 2008, the people of South Kurdistan revolted in Bamerni, Kadişe, Amediye, Derelok and Şeladize. This made it impossible for the Turkish state to move in these areas. Thus the people made an important contribution to the defeat of the Turkish army in Zap. Today, the people of South Kurdistan, especially the people living in the mentioned areas, have to start uprisings again and thus fulfill their historically significant patriotic duties.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the guerrillas will put up a full-scale fight against the latest attack, just as they have done for the last 40 years. The guerrilla forces will teach the Turkish army a lesson, just as they did in 2021. The daughters and sons of the Kurdish people will resist sacrificially against the occupation and genocidal aims of the Turkish state. In order to allow the Kurdish people to live freely and democratically in all parts of Kurdistan, the attacks of the Turkish state – the leading force of hostility against the Kurds – must be crushed. For this, it is necessary that our people unite with the resistance of the guerrillas in all parts of Kurdistan.

If the Turkish state announces that it will target the achievements of the Kurds everywhere, then we must also fight against the Turkish state everywhere and fight against all structures of genocidal colonialism. If the Turkish state does not limit its war to a certain area, we must also wage war everywhere.

The Turkish state receives support from Europe and the USA for its recent attacks. For some time now, the Turkish state has been trying to strengthen its relations with Europe and the U.S. by making the Kurds a subject of negotiation. The support of the U.S. and Europe for the recent attacks also explains their silence. While taking a stance against the occupation of Ukraine, they are giving the Turkish state the green light to carry out an occupation and genocide. This illustrates, to say the least, the mendacity of the U.S. and Europe. If they are really serious about their stance on the occupation of Ukraine, they must immediately take a stance against the occupation attacks launched by Turkey as well. They must demand that Turkey withdraw from the areas it occupies in the Medya Defense Zones and Rojava. If the U.S. and Europe do not do so, they will be complicit in the Turkish state’s anti-Kurd and genocidal policies, for which the Turkish state uses chemical and other outlawed weapons.

While historically the Turkish state has been one of the most occupying, genocidal and tyrannical states, it is currently trying to deceive the entire world by presenting itself as a bringer of peace in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The fascist AKP-MHP coalition is behaving like the sheep in wolf’s clothing. On the one hand, it is trying to profit from the conflict, while at the same time trying to hide its occupation operation in Kurdistan.

When it happens in other places, powers like the U.S. and Europe call occupation, the use of banned gases and the displacement of people crimes and genocide. But when Kurds are attacked, they turn a blind eye because of their political interests. What they call political interests means closing their eyes to genocide and tyranny against a people.

It is therefore imperative that all peoples of Europe, the U.S. population and all democratic forces there recognize this fact and take a stance against their governments’ dirty relations with the Turkish state.

The Iraqi state also shares responsibility for the recent attacks. Instead of taking a stance against the occupation of South Kurdistan and thus a part of Iraq, the Iraqi state attacks the Ezidi people. This clearly shows that Iraq has become a hostage of the Turkish state and the KDP. The fascist head of the Turkish state Tayyip Erdoğan openly talks about having brought numerous places in South Kurdistan under his control. This makes it clear that Iraq and the KDP have handed over a wide region, including the areas of Rêkani and Nêrvehî, to Turkey, that is, they have sold this region. The people of Iraq and of South Kurdistan must call to account those responsible for handing over this region to Turkey.

The fascist AKP-MHP government is planning a very comprehensive attack and occupation operation. With this attack, it aims to destroy all the achievements of the Kurdish people in the medium and long term, while its short-term goal is to secure its power in the upcoming elections. It thinks that in this way it can complete the genocide against the Kurds in the long term.

All these facts must make the Kurdish people and their international friends be on their feet everywhere day and night and intensify their struggle against the occupation. This struggle must not be limited to Kurdistan, but must be carried out together with the peoples of the Middle East, the peoples in the other parts of the world and with all democratic forces.

Through the united struggle of the guerrilla forces and the Kurdish people, the recent attacks will be repelled and the way for a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East will finally be paved.


KCK Executive Council