Our Statements

april 22, 2022

It is Time to Stand with the Guerrilla and Strengthen the Resistance!

With the attacks on Zap that started on April 14, 2022, the war of the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state has entered a new phase. The aim of this war of extermination is to gain control over the achievements of the Kurdish people, to break the willpower of the Kurds to stand up and resist for their freedom, and to put an end to the existence of the Kurdish people. With its recent attacks, the Turkish state also aims to break the will of resistance of the Kurdish Freedom Forces, to crush the Freedom Movement and thus to bring the genocide against the Kurds to a conclusion. Therefore, we call upon the patriotic people of Kurdistan, all patriotic women and youth, the peoples of the Middle East, the international friends of the Kurdish people and the democratic public to take a firm stand against the occupation attacks of the colonialist and genocidal Turkish state, to stand by the side of the selfless Freedom Guerrilla and to strengthen the struggle everywhere.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is sacrificially resisting against the attacks of the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state and has already dealt heavy blows to it. From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate the guerrilla fighters and commanders of the HPG and YJA-STAR for their heroic resistance. We remember with respect, love and gratitude all our comrades who heroically resisted and fell as Şehits. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has always succeeded in selflessly repulsing the attacks of the colonialist-occupying enemy and making the enemy’s plans come to nothing, with which it tries to break the Kurds’ will for freedom and put an end to their existence. While the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has prevented the plans of the genocidal, colonialist and fascist enemy, it has at the same time become the fundamental force through which the Kurdish people’s will for freedom has steadily increased and been preserved until today.

The Turkish state’s intention is to crush the driving force behind Kurdistan’s will to resist, i.e. the guerrilla, to bring the genocide against the Kurds to a conclusion and thus to wipe out the Kurds completely. All these attacks aimed at genocide can only be repelled by the comprehensive resistance of the guerrilla and the people. When the enemy attacks everywhere, the people and the resistance forces must also lead an active resistance and struggle everywhere. Our people must express their anger and protest everywhere with the same spirit of resistance with which the Freedom Guerrilla repels the attacks of the enemy. The Kurdish people are today in a historical phase in which their survival is at stake. As a movement and as a people, we have the strength and the willpower to make all the attacks of the enemy on our existence come to nothing. The organized strength of the people is many times greater than all the tanks, bombs, war planes and modern technology of the enemy. Our people have already proven this countless times by beating back the policies of oppression and intimidation of genocidal colonialism. Today, as a people and as a movement, it is our duty to take a firm stand against the enemy’s attacks and thwart his plans with this same spirit of resistance and struggle.

Our people in South Kurdistan must take the strongest stand against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state. The current attacks aim at the destruction of all achievements of South Kurdistan and the Kurds. The guerrilla is being attacked the most because it leads a struggle for freedom for the Kurdish people and defends their achievements. Our South Kurdish people must stand by the side of the guerrilla now, just as they have done in the past years, and start an uprising against the occupation by the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state. The will for freedom and the achievements of our South Kurdish people can be protected if takes active measures against the occupation and collaboration. Those who use the existence of the guerrilla as a pretext for occupation and collaborate with the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state are selling the values of all Kurds. These traitors are selling the struggle of the Kurdish people and definitely consider the existence of the guerrilla as an obstacle for themselves.

The patriotic-revolutionary youth of Kurdistan, filled with the strong and selfless spirit of resistance of the guerrilla, must carry out effective actions everywhere, thereby giving a clear answer to the attacks of the enemy and dealing strong blows to it. The youth of Kurdistan must, on the one hand, join the guerrilla and, on the other hand, immediately take action everywhere. The patriotic revolutionary youth of Kurdistan is the defense army of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. It must not remain silent when the genocidal-colonialist enemy tries to break the will of our people and tries to put an end to their existence. The Kurdish youth must inflict heavy blows on the fascist enemy with the help of creative and diverse methods. The daughters and sons of the Kurdish people must not wait for orders, but must take the initiative everywhere and lead the struggle. The attacks and occupation of AKP-MHP fascism will be repulsed especially by uniting the struggle of the youth with the resistance of the guerrilla.

The youth is the defender of the people and freedom. The patriotic-revolutionary youth can fulfill this historical duty and responsibility and thus play its role. The youth of Kurdistan must strengthen the war for freedom everywhere, inflict heavy blows on the enemy and thereby spread the resistance everywhere. Every Kurdish youth, no matter where they are, must see themselves as guerrilla fighters and behave accordingly. On this basis, the youth of Kurdistan must become active everywhere – filled with the Apoist-selfless spirit of resistance of the guerrilla – and thus give the genocidal-fascist enemy the answer it deserves.

The Kurdish women are the fundamental leaders of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan today. They strengthen the freedom spirit and resistance of the struggle, thus making it invincible. By fighting on the front line against the attacks of AKP-MHP fascism and effectively participating in the struggle of our people and democratic forces, they have played a very important role in bringing AKP-MHP fascism to the brink of collapse. The Kurdish women will also play this leading role against the attacks and occupation operations of the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state and thus play a central role in repelling these attacks.

The KDP supports the attacks of the Turkish state and is thus directly involved in its occupation plans. It is a betrayal of the Kurdish people and their struggle to participate in the Turkish state’s attacks, with which this state wants to commit genocide against the Kurds and put an end to their existence. The KDP’s claim that it does not support the Turkish state’s occupation attacks is nothing but an attempt to deceive. It does so because it is afraid of the reaction of the Kurdish people. At the same time, the KDP is preventing the Kurdish people in the areas under its control, Hewlêr and Behdinan, from expressing their protest against the occupation. The fascist and anti-Kurdish leader Tayyip Erdoğan has made clear whose side the KDP is on by thanking the KDP for its support of the occupation. The KDP provides extensive intelligence and logistical support to the Turkish state and encircles the guerrilla areas. It is therefore involved in the current war. The Turkish state conducts its occupation attacks primarily with the help of intelligence and the use of advanced technology. In addition to intelligence support, the KDP provides the Turkish army with extensive support in the form of logistics and accommodation. For example, after failing to airdrop its own troops in the Kurojaro area, the Turkish army, with the help and protection of the KDP, attempted to advance there by land from Şeladizê. This clearly shows how much the KDP collaborates with the Turkish state. It is therefore very important that everyone – especially the people of Kurdistan – recognize the KDP’s collaboration and take a stand against it.

The whole society – especially the Kurdish intellectuals, artists and writers – must openly take a stand against the occupation and lead the society in strengthening its protest. The Kurdish artists, writers and intellectuals have the responsibility to make the society understand the meaning and dangers of the occupation attack of the Turkish state. Being an intellectual and an artist means being the knowledge, conscience and heart of the society. The Turkish state is currently attacking everywhere – especially the guerrilla areas – thus aiming at committing genocide against the Kurds and putting an end to their existence. They have the duty to expose all attitudes that do not recognize this and that legitimize and cover up the collaboration with the enemy, and to thereby educate society. The intellectuals and artists have a historical responsibility to make this truth understandable to the people and to make them take a clear stance against collaboration.

The peoples and workers of Turkey must take a stand against the attacks of AKP-MHP fascism on the Kurdish people and fight side by side with the Kurds. This is the duty of every socialist, democrat and freedom supporter. The peoples and workers of Turkey and all those who fight for freedom, democracy, justice and equality must act according to this fact and take a clear stand against the occupation. Accordingly, they must turn May Day 2022 into a day when the peoples and workers of Turkey protest against the occupation and express their common struggle with the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state does not only attack Kurdistan and the Kurdish people, but is pursuing a policy of occupation and expansion in the whole Middle East. It declares the Kurds and the PKK as targets of attack because they believe in the friendship of the peoples and fight for an equal, free and democratic life in the Middle East. Therefore, we also call on all the peoples of the Middle East – especially the Arab people – to take action against these occupation attacks and express their protest.

We attach great value to the Arab League’s protest against the Turkish state’s occupation attacks and expressly welcome it. While the Iraqi government’s stance against the occupation is insufficient and opportunistic, the Arab political forces and states have taken a stance against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state. This is very important for stopping the hegemonic policies of the Turkish state.

It is well known that the Turkish state is carrying out the current attacks with the support of international powers. Without the support and the deliberate ignorance on the part of the international powers, the Turkish state would never be able to carry out these attacks – in which it even uses chemical weapons. The very international forces that are taking a stand against the war in Ukraine remain silent concerning the occupation attacks of the Turkish state, thus adopting an extremely mendacious attitude. The peoples of the world, the democratic public and our people are very conscious of this fact. We call upon all the forces that have so far kept silent about and supported the occupation attacks of the Turkish state to abandon their attitude, which is completely incompatible with freedom and democracy, and to take an open stand against the occupation operation.

Through the resistance of the heroic guerrilla and the joint struggle of the peoples, women, youth, workers and democratic forces – especially of the Kurdish people – the occupation attacks of the Turkish state will be repelled. All those who fight for freedom and democracy will be victorious.


KCK Executive Council