Our Statements

april 23, 2022

Call of the KCK Foreign Relations Committee to the Iraqi Government

Within the framework of its genocidal war against our people, the fascist Turkish state has started new attacks on April 17, 2022. The fascist leader Erdoğan is currently in a tight spot due to his historical crimes, the new low of the Turkish economy due to the war against the Kurds and the rampant corruption in the country, and the protests of the society against the fascist government have reached a new high. Therefore, Erdoğan is now trying to change the agenda with the help of the recent attacks. However, he will not succeed in saving himself and his fascist regime, as both have massively lost power. Due to this, Erdoğan is trying to use collaborating groups such as the KDP and families to expand Turkey’s territory, destroy our people’s achievements and completely crush the resistance in Kurdistan.

While the attacks of the fascist regime continue, the heroic and creative resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is ensuring that the regime’s plans come to nothing. To call the current attacks of the fascist Turkish regime a hostility only against the PKK either makes clear that no historical lessons have been learned or that the plans of the Turkish state are directly supported. For the Turkish state has always been an enemy of the Kurds.

It considers all Kurds who resist in the name of the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan as dangerous and does everything for their annihilation. At the same time, this fascist state is trying everything in its power to make its neo-Ottoman dreams a reality. It designates Mosul and Kirkuk as Turkish territory and actively recruits agents there. Moreover, it intervenes in Iraqi domestic politics and considers it its right to undermine the country’s political stability. Therefore, the political role of the Turkish state is crucial in preventing Iraq from achieving stability. The fascist Turkish state continues to implement its plan to divide Iraq and occupy an area that extends to Mosul and Kirkuk. It receives the greatest support for this from the KDP. The KDP is the biggest supporter of the occupiers, while the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla is resisting the Turkish army.

Recently, the attacks of the fascist Turkish state on Şengal [Sinjar] and our Ezidi people living there have also increased. Only a few years ago, our Ezidi people were subjected to the genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State [IS]. Thousands of women and children were taken hostage during this `73rd Ferman` and their fate is still unknown. Our Ezidi people defeated IS through their resistance and immediately began to rebuild their homeland to protect themselves against the threat of further genocides. With this goal in mind, they have established the system of the Autonomous Administration that is in line with the federalist principle of the Iraqi constitution. These efforts of our Ezidi people are followed with great discomfort by the KDP, which surrendered Şengal to IS in 2014, and the Turkish state, which is responsible for IS. At the same time, the Ezidi people have always attached importance to close coordination and direct dialogue with Iraq.

In recent days, press reports have appeared about tensions between the Iraqi army and the Ezidi people. As a movement, we intervened against the ’73rd Ferman’ when IS began its attacks, and we thus defended our Ezidi people. Subsequently, with the help of the Ezidi self-defense forces YBŞ-YJŞ and the Asayiş and the support of the Iraqi state, most of the IS attacks on Şengal were repelled. Shortly thereafter, our Ezidi people began to establish their own self-administration in Şengal. This was done in order to be able to prevent any attacks on the peoples of Iraq that might take place through attacks on Şengal. Thus, the Ezidi self-defense forces in Şengal don´t constitute a problem for Iraq, but a solution.

Currently, the Turkish state’s attacks on South Kurdistan and Iraq are increasing sharply. To provoke tensions between the Iraqi state and the Ezidis in such a phase clearly shows that a specific plan is being pursued. The Ezidi people have been subjected to a genocide. Iraq should therefore behave more sensitively and responsibly toward the Ezidis and their political will. Not long ago, it was IS, the KDP, and the Turkish state that turned their weapons on the Ezidis. While the Iraqi state is in active dialogue with the Ezidi people, it should refrain from the use of weapons and force and be committed to dialogue. Neither agreements made without the consent of the Ezidis, nor the Turkish wall, nor disregard for the values of the Ezidi people will contribute to solving the existing problems. Using military means against the Ezidi people and their children will not promote dialogue but military confrontations. Neither the Ezidi people nor the Iraqi state should decide to take such a step. At the same time, the Autonomous Administration of Şengal must share its solution project with the government and leadership of Iraq and focus on a solution-oriented dialogue. Therefore, we would like to express that as a Freedom Movement, we will support all forms of constructive and democratic processes that contribute to the solution of the existing problems.

As a movement, we are waging a comprehensive war against the colonialist Turkish state. This war is both a war for the freedom of the Kurds and a resistance for the freedom and stability of all peoples in the region. The neo-Ottoman project of the Turkish state will be crushed by the resistance of the guerrilla of Kurdistan. We will continue to resist as a movement in the future to prevent these plans and to achieve freedom, peace and stability of all peoples of the region. Therefore, we invite both the Iraqi state and the society of the country to recognize the danger of the occupation plans of the Turkish state and its collaborators and to strengthen their protest against these plans.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee