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april 25, 2021

On the Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide a New Genocidal Attack against the Kurds Unfolds

In the evening hours of April 23, the Turkish state launched a full-scale attack on the Medya Defense Zones which are controlled by the guerrilla. After the Turkish state`s defeat in Gare on February 10, it was expected that such an attack would be launched. The 2014 `Subversion Plan` aims at finalizing the Kurdish genocide through crushing the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people. In this context the purpose of the latest full-scale attack is to finalize the Kurdish genocide. For this reason, the attacks are directed at large swathes of the Medya Defense Zones.

The timing of the attacks is meaningful. They were launched deliberately on the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The message is clear: `We have carried out a genocide against the Armenians. And your fate will be the same.` They managed to subject the Armenians to genocide, thanks to Germany`s support and the silence of European countries and the USA. Today, the Turkish state seeks to carry out the Kurdish genocide with the support and silence of the USA and Europe – especially Germany. Before the start of these genocidal attacks, representatives of the Turkish state held meetings with the UA and European authorities. This is a clear sign of the approval and support of these countries for the latest attacks. The South Kurdish prime minister was also informed beforehand and gave his approval. Thus, the 1999 international conspiracy against our leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Freedom Movement as a whole is still at work. Selfish interests and the policy of using the Turkish state has made the U.S. and the European countries approve and actively support this genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people. Abetting the Kurdish genocide these states seek to settle their differences with the Turkish state at the expense of the blood of the Kurds. In order to finalize the Kurdish genocide, the Turkish state is ready to appease the international forces and sell all of Turkey’s resources.

While the Turkish state has received the approval and support of international forces, the silence of the KDP and other Kurdish political forces serves to legitimize and approve the recent attacks. There need to be instant protests by all Kurdish political forces and the Kurdish people wherever Kurds are being attacked. All Kurdish political forces are supposed to assume national responsibility. That is why their silence is unacceptable. The PKK, the guerrilla forces and the whole Kurdish people have immediately reacted to attacks on South Kurdistan or other parts of Kurdistan. Yet, the KDP’s silence in the face of this recent full-scale attack raises a lot of suspicion. For over a year, the KDP has been encircling many areas controlled by the guerrilla and supported the Turkish army openly in Xakurke and other regions. Thus, it has made its attitude very clear with regard to the occupation operation of the Turkish state. But the whole Kurdish people expects the KDP to take a clear stance against the occupation attacks. Because the Turkish state uses the KDP to legitimize its occupation and to win the support of the international forces. Even though the KDP might not directly participate in the attacks of the Turkish army, its attitude and silence turn it into a force that approves and supports the occupation operation. If the KDP and all other Kurdish political forces take a stance against these attacks, the Turkish state won`t be able to win international support. This will also make it impossible for the Turkish state to carry out such intense attacks.

The latest attack of the Turkish state also negates the political will of Iraq and puts the territorial integrity and unity of the country at risk. Therefore, a clear stance by Iraq will expose the illegitimacy of this occupation operation and weaken it. If Iraq decides not to take a stance against the attacks of the Turkish state, they will be normalized, opening the way for future attacks on the unity of Iraq. Should Iraq consider these attacks as attacks on its unity, it needs to demand the end of the occupation attacks and fulfill its responsibility by making an immediate statement. If it fails to do so, the current Iraqi government will become part of these attacks and will share the blame for them. It will be remembered as the government that opened the way for even more attacks by the Turkish state on Iraq.

It is important for the whole Kurdish people, its friends and all democratic forces to acknowledge that the goal of these attacks is a genocide. Not only the guerrilla, but the whole Kurdish people are being targeted. The goal is to crush the guerrilla in order to be able to finalize the Kurdish genocide. By eliminating the freedom forces not only in South Kurdistan but also in all other parts of Kurdistan, the Turkish state aims at subjecting the Kurds to genocide. Therefore, the recent attacks are also directed at the gains and freedom of South Kurdistan and Rojava Kurdistan.

Nobody should just wait for the resistance of the guerrilla to bring an end to the occupation. This attack is directed at all Kurds and aims at bringing an end to their existence. Therefore, the whole Kurdish people needs to rise up everywhere and stand in unity with the guerrilla. The struggle of the guerrilla alone will never be enough for the success of the freedom and democracy struggle of a people. The people needs to become fully integrated with the guerrilla struggle and participate in the all-out struggle against genocide and colonialism. Today, the rising up and the attitude of the Kurdish people on this year`s Newroz needs lead to an uprising everywhere thus uniting the people’s struggle with that of the guerrilla. Inspired by the resistance spirit of Heftanin and Gare the guerrilla is resisting and willing to make sacrifices. In order to foil this full-scale attack, the people needs to associate itself with the guerrilla struggle and thus give a historic response. With the spirit of our campaign `Time to ensure freedom` it is time to rise up and resist everywhere.

The full-scale attack of the Turkish state against the Medya Defense Zones is at the same time an attack to occupy all of South Kurdistan. The goal is to crush the guerrilla thus destroying the most important center of resistance in South Kurdistan. This would also break the willpower of the political forces of South Kurdistan and make it possible for the Turkish state to make South Kurdistan part of its genocidal system. That is why all South Kurdish intellectuals and artists who are aware of the situation and have a sense of pride need to immediately take a stance against these attacks and start a resistance campaign together with the people of South Kurdistan against the occupation. All cities, small towns and villages need to be turned into points of resistance against the occupation. It is once again time for the South Kurdish people to show its huge sense of patriotism. The resistance attitude of the people of Amediye, Deralok and Şeladize against the occupiers needs to spread all over South Kurdistan. The youth of South Kurdistan needs to rush to join the guerrilla and fight against the occupiers.

It is also important for all peoples of the Middle East and all democratic forces to know that this attack is directed at their freedom and democratic will. The Turkish state is the enemy of all forces of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Because it can uphold its genocidal, colonialist system only through crushing the forces of democracy and freedom. Therefore, the Middle Eastern forces of democracy and freedom – especially those in Turkey – need to stand side by side with the Kurdish people and the guerrilla. This resistance is your resistance for freedom and democracy, too.

The global democratic forces need to rise up against this genocidal attack of the Turkish state – carried out with the support of the USA and Europe – and stand side by side with the resistance of the Kurdish people and the guerrilla. Today, the Turkish state has become the center of hostility towards freedom and democracy. At the same time, Kurdistan has become the center of the struggle for freedom and democracy. The success of the Kurdish people`s and the guerrilla`s resistance will be the success of all forces of freedom and democracy and all peoples in the world.

We call on all countries – especially the USA and Europe – who have approved and support Turkey`s attacks: Refrain from supporting the attacks of the fascist AKP-MHP government which aim at carrying out the Kurdish genocide and crushing all democratic forces. Don`t be a party to the Kurdish genocide! Your silence and the support of Germany in the face of the 1915 Armenian genocide is being repeated and continued in the face of the Kurdish genocide. Therefore, all governments in the USA and Europe who represent their peoples need to show that they won`t take part in the attack of the Turkish state and the Kurdish genocide. They need to take a stance against these attacks.


KCK Executive Council