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august 12, 2022

It Has Become Possible to Deal a Fatal Blow to the Turkish State

In the occupation and genocide attacks carried out by the fascist Turkish state in North and East Syria and South Kurdistan/Iraq the most valuable sons of our people, guerrillas, civilians, fighters and political leaders are being massacred. As understood in the statement made by the Autonomous Administration’s Internal Affairs Committee, Rezan Cavid, former co-chairman of KODAR and now member of the KODAR Executive Council, who was in Rojava within the scope of the revolution and national unity work, is among those recently killed by a Turkish drone. We commemorate all martyrs in the person of Rezan Javid with respect, gratitude and reverence. We express our condolences to the people of East Kurdistan, Rezan Javid’s family, and all the families of martyrs and our people.

The Turkish state’s annihilation and genocide attacks against the Kurdish people continue in all areas with all recklessness. While Rojava, Şengal [Sinjar] and Maxmur are being bombed on a daily basis in front of the eyes of the UN, the US, Russia and the EU, the Turkish army is systematically committing war crimes in the ongoing war against the guerrilla in Zap, Metina and Avaşin. In these areas, tactical nuclear weapons, thermobaric bombs and chemical gases are being used against the guerrillas.

This is not just a mere allegation, but a fact confirmed by a serious confession. On March 23, 2022, Erdoğan Karakuş, a retired pilot from the Turkish army, who participated in a TV program, admitted that the Turkish army has tactical nuclear weapons and that these are currently being used against the guerrillas. The information given by Erdoğan Karakuş on the characteristics of these bombs coincides with the information provided by the guerrillas.

Although guerrilla sources and the KCK leadership have been raising this issue repeatedly, the silence of the relevant states, especially the UN and NATO, is related to the fact that they are the producers of these banned bombs and gases and the countries that sell these bombs to Turkey. Because the tactical nuclear bombs used by Turkey against the guerrillas are produced by NATO countries and sold to Turkey. The deep silence of the international powers in the face of serious allegations on this issue is directly related to their complicity. The fact that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), headquartered in the Netherlands, has not initiated any action despite dozens of applications, dozens of documents presented, is also related to the EU’s serious concern about the exposure of the war crimes of the Turkish state.

After the 32nd NATO summit in Madrid on June 22, 2022, the Putin-Erdoğan-Ibrahim Reisi meeting in Tehran on July 19, 2022, and the Putin-Erdoğan talks in Sochi on August 5, 2022, there has been a noticeable increase in the Turkish army’s air and ground attacks on Rojava, while Erdoğan and his ministers have made statements calling for the occupation of Rojava.

At the summit in Madrid, Tayyip Erdoğan signed the decisions to declare Russia a common enemy of NATO in the new era and to besiege it politically, economically and militarily. A month later, at the Tehran meeting, he also signed the joint agreement stating that the US should withdraw from North Syria. While the Sochi meeting emphasized the export of grain from Ukraine, it is clear beyond any doubt that the main issue discussed between Putin and Erdoğan was the Turkish occupation of Rojava.

In the north of Syria and in Rojava, the Turkish state is carrying out airstrikes and assassinations against the SDF, YPG, YPJ and Asayish Forces, and massacres against civilians, without recognizing any rules and regulations. It is trying to settle Islamist gangs in the area by displacing the people from their villages and committing genocide crimes in front of the eyes of the world. The fact that in the latest attack, the second bombing targeted civilians who had rusehd to get the killed and wounded people of the first bombardment out of the cars shows the nature of the attacks.

In the face of these attacks, the fact that the UN, the US, Russia, NATO and the EU countries “have nothing to do” against Turkey and Erdogan and pave the way for the attacks by treating Erdogan as a mad dictator increases the protest and anger of the Kurdish people.

On the one hand, seeing the SDF as their partners in the fight against IS [Islamic State]; appearing to appreciate the sacrifices and heroism of these forces, on the other hand, playing the role of “helpless and powerless partners” in the face of the Turkish attacks against these forces is contrary to a real coalition partnership and political morality. In the face of the massacre of commanders and fighters in Rojava, messages of sorrow and condolences that hide the identity of the attacking killer are of no value.

Erdoğan bases his ambitions and efforts to expand his hegemony in the region on the technical and arms support he receives from NATO. It is clear that this policy is support for the massacre of the Kurdish people, the elimination of their gains and for the Kurdish genocide. The deep silence of the UN, the US, NATO and dozens of states that are taking part with the Kurdish people in the coalition against IS, in the face of Turkey’s violations of Syrian air and land space, not content with the invasions it has carried out, creates great anger among the Kurdish people and pushes the limits of tolerance.

The UN, the US, NATO and dozens of states that are taking part with the Kurdish people in the coalition against IS remain deeply silent in the face of Turkey’s violations of Syria’s air and landspace. That creates great anger among the Kurdish people and pushes the limits of tolerance to the limit.

The Kurds living in the four parts of Kurdistan, especially the peoples living in Rojava and North and East Syria, are aware and conscious of what is happening. The truth is this: In the face of the attacks against the Kurdish people and the fighters of the anti-IS coalition, the coalition forces do not support the Kurdish people, but turn a blind eye to the attacks of the fascist Turkish state and the Erdogan government, which supported IS in the war and still continues this support. This silence paves the way for new attacks and a new occupation of Rojava by the Turkish state and the Erdogan dictatorship.

It is no secret that the “security zones” (occupied areas) that Turkey frequently talks about are the areas where the IS top leadership and action teams are being sheltered, protected and trained. The killing and capture of two senior IS executives who replaced Baghdadi in the areas under Turkey’s control and bordering Turkey shows concretely and clearly for whom and for what purpose these areas have been declared “security zones”.

We call on the US and Russia, especially the UN, not to be a partner in the Kurdish genocide policy of the Turkish state, to stop their support for the genocidal colonialist fascist Turkish state, and to fulfill their responsibilities.

The current developments and possibilities do not postpone the deep crisis and depression that Turkey and the AKP/MHP government find themselves in. Because the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom has put the Turkish state in a deep impasse, and fascist Erdogan, who is on the verge of a great political, social and economic collapse, has the only “possibility” left in his hands: deepening the policy of hostility and war against the Kurdish people.

In the light of all these facts, especially our people of North and East Syria and Rojava should make preparations based on their own strength to defend themselves against the new and possible attacks of the genocidal Turkish state. A total and great homeland defense including young and old must be organized against the fascist Turkish army and its gangs. Today in Rojava, it has become possible to deal a fatal blow to the Turkish army, which has suffered a great defeat in Zap, Metina and Avaşin and has become stuck wherever it attacked.


KCK Executive Council