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december 24, 2022

Paris Attack Constitutes Continuation of January 9, 2013 Massacre

Recently, an attack was carried out on the Ahmet Kaya Kurdish Cultural Center in Paris, in which many Kurdish people were injured and lost their lives. We strongly condemn this attack, which was clearly carried out by the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP government. We respectfully commemorate those who lost their lives in the attack. Those who lost their lives in this attack have become immortal martyrs of Kurdistan. The people of Kurdistan and the international friends of the Kurdish people now need to show a strong reaction against this massacre and protect the immortal martyrs and their memory.

This massacre constitutes a continuation of the January 9, 2013 massacre that was carried out in Paris. Ten years ago, on January 9, 2013, the Turkish state carried its policy of massacres and genocide against the Kurds to Europe with its attack in Paris. As a result, three patriotic revolutionary Kurdish women were murdered. Therefore, just like the massacre on January 9, 2013, this recent massacre was carried out by the genocidal colonialist Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP government. The AKP-MHP has an anti-Kurdish fascist character and carries its Kurdish enmity everywhere. It targets people from Kurdistan in Europe as a result of this mentality and policy. This massacre was carried out by the Turkish state, the AKP-MHP government and the MIT [Turkish secret service]. However, without the consent and support of European states and intelligence organizations, the Turkish state and MIT cannot carry out these kinds of attacks. This obvious fact is known by everyone. The fact that these massacres were carried out in a place like Paris, where all places and streets are monitored and controlled by intelligence and security forces, shows this clearly.

Although the January 9, 2013 massacre was clearly carried out by the Turkish state and MIT, the background of this massacre has still not been brought to light by the French state and the truth has thus not been revealed. The perpetrator of the January 9 massacre was killed in prison and this file was thus covered up. If the January 9 massacre had not been covered up and if this massacre had been clarified, the recent massacre in Paris would not have taken place and such massacres would have been prevented. But since this was not done and since relations with the Turkish state and MIT have been maintained, a new massacre has taken place now. The place where this recent massacre took place is close to the place where the January 9 massacre took place. Furthermore, it took place shortly before the anniversary of the January 9 massacre. This is very remarkable.

Europe is one of the pillars of the anti-Kurdish fascist AKP-MHP government’s war against the Kurds. Yesterday’s repression and detentions against Kurdish institutions and patriots in Germany, and today’s massacre in Paris show that a new anti-Kurdish concept imposed and accepted by the fascist AKP-MHP government on Europe is currently being put into action.

The French state has said that it has nothing to do with these attacks. If it is really not involved, it needs to clarify these massacres and reveal the truth. The crucial point of these attacks is the January 9, 2013 Paris massacre. Therefore, the French state must shed light on the January 9 massacre and provide convincing information that reveal the truth. It must also focus on the recent massacre and clarify it. Attitudes that simplify and obscure this massacre should be refrained from. If the French state and government takes such an approach, if it focuses on the facts and clearly reveals them, it will be able to get rid of this guilt. Otherwise, the French state will not be able to get out from under this stigma. In this case, neither we nor the people of Kurdistan will be able to assume that the French state pursues a positive and well-intentioned approach.

We know very well that the genocidal colonialist Turkish state has been carrying out the genocide against Kurds with the support of European states. If the European states do not continue such relations with the Turkish state for the sake of their own political and economic interests, Turkey will not be able to continue its policy of Kurdish genocide. The relations of the European states, which are based only on political and economic interests, make them complicit in the Kurdish genocide. However, the people of Kurdistan cannot and will not accept this situation anymore. No European state, especially the French state, should support the Kurdish genocide policy of the fascist AKP-MHP government. On the contrary, they should stand against this policy. Such an approach is also a requirement of European democratic values. Everyone who believes that there are democratic values in Europe, should not support the Kurdish genocide policies of the democracy-hating fascist AKP-MHP government.

The people of Kurdistan and their friends need to go to Paris and show their democratic reaction in a powerful way. Everyone needs to go to Paris and take action until the background of these massacres against the Kurds is brought to light. While our people and international friends express their reactions democratically, they need to absolutely avoid violent behavior. They need to be careful about provocations and act in an organized manner. The European public should also make more efforts to reveal the truth comprehensively, to shed light on these massacres against the Kurds and to raise its voice in solidarity with the democratic and legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people.


KCK Executive Council