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december 25, 2022

The Paris Massacre Was Committed by the Fascist AKP-MHP Government!

On December 23, 2022, in the massacre that took place in Paris, our friend Evîn (Emine Kara), a member of the KCK Executive Council and thus of the leadership of our movement, and the two patriots Mîr Perwer and Abdurrahman Kızıl, were martyred. We commemorate all the martyrs of revolution and democracy with respect and gratitude on behalf of these martyred friends. And we reiterate once again our promise of success and victory to the martyrs.

Our comrade Evîn joined the Freedom Movement in 1988 and had been fighting for the freedom of the people of Kurdistan since then. She took part in many areas of the struggle against the genocidal colonialist enemy and devoted her entire existence and life to this struggle. She was also a pioneer of the women’s struggle. She made great contributions and efforts in the development of the free women’s policy and in the consciousness and will of women. Furthermore, she made great efforts and carried out important tasks in the women’s army.

Our friend Evîn made great contributions to the development of the Rojava revolution as well. By taking part in the war against the Islamic State [IS] and playing a decisive role in the defeat of IS, she did a great service not only to the Kurdish people but to all of humanity. She successfully fought against the brutality and reaction of IS on the basis of the free women’s policy. As a woman, she experienced the honor of fighting against and defeating the reactionary and misogynist IS thus making us all feel this honor. Undoubtedly, our friend Evîn took her consciousness, strength and determination from Rêber Apo’s [Abdullah Öcalan] policy based on women’s freedom, her commitment to the people of Kurdistan and her love and belief in the policy of free women.

Our comrade Evîn was wounded in the war against IS and later went to Europe for treatment. While she was receiving treatment there, she continued her struggle. From the moment she joined the ranks of freedom until the moment she was martyred, she always continued the struggle. The people and women of Kurdistan knew comrade Evîn very closely. On this basis, they have shown strong support for her struggle after she was martyred. It was very meaningful that the Kurdish people rushed to Paris to show their support for the three martyred friends.

It is clear that the main target of this attack was our friend Evîn. The genocidal colonialist Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP government are trying to save IS and its policy by suppressing the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle and targeting its leaders. It is very clear that the AKP-MHP has the same mentality as IS. Beyond just being its supporter, it has been directing and guiding IS from the very beginning which is known by everyone. Our comrade Evîn was targeted and martyred by the AKP-MHP and MIT [Turkish secret service] because she had fought against IS and played a decisive role in its defeat. The people and friends of Kurdistan knew this fact and have therefore acted with a strong sense of support. However, until now, the approach of the French state and the relevant authorities has not been to allay our and our people’s concerns and reveal the truth. Unfortunately, the approach of the French state has been to simplify the massacre, defer its essence, cover it up and portray it as an individual attack. The French state should not engage in a deliberate attempt to cover up the truth by portraying this massacre as an individual, racist attack. Such an approach was already demonstrated with regards to the Paris massacre of January 9, 2013. Therefore, the French state has not revealed the truth, even though it is very clear that this massacre was carried out by the Turkish state and MIT. If this approach continues now, it will clearly mean supporting the Kurdish genocide policy and protecting AKP-MHP fascism and IS. There is no other meaning of such an attitude when someone who has fought against IS is targeted by the Turkish state, the one who supports and uses IS.

The French state and government need to deal with these two Paris massacres correctly and reveal the truth. Just like the January 9, 2013 massacre, this recent massacre was carried out in a planned manner. The fascist AKP-MHP government, MIT and other intelligence forces supporting the Turkish state are definitely behind it. It is unacceptable not to acknowledge this and not to make efforts to expose it. We therefore once again call on the French state and government to take the right approach and reveal the truth. This massacre was carried out by the fascist AKP-MHP government, which supports and directs IS. This reality must be revealed and explained in all its dimensions.

The people of Kurdistan and their international friends have taken the right attitude by expressing their protests strongly against this massacre. However, violence should not be involved in these protests and behaviors that can be a ground for provocations should be avoided. Therefore, our people and international friends should take care to express their protests on a democratic basis.


KCK Executive Council