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december 27, 2022

Turkey Will be Held to Account for its Policy of Genocide and Colonialism

On the 11th anniversary of December 28, 2011, we would like to once again condemn the Roboskî massacre, in which 34 Kurds were killed by the genocidal colonialist Turkish state, and to respectfully commemorate those who lost their lives in the massacre.

The Roboski massacre is one of the dozens of massacres against Kurds carried out on the basis of Kurdish enmity and genocide. These massacres clearly reveal the anti-Kurdish character of the Turkish state. In Roboski [village in North Kurdistan/East Turkey], 34 Kurdish civilians were targeted and massacred in a brutal and cruel manner. This massacre, which constitutes a crime of genocide and requires trial and accountability, has so far not been subjected to any investigation whatsoever. On the contrary, the state and the government have tried to legitimize the massacre. Tayyip Erdoğan justified the massacre of 34 Kurdish civilians and openly justified it. So how is it that in the 21st century, in front of the eyes of the whole world, Kurds are being massacred without any concern, and – as if that was not enough – this massacre is being justified and not subjected to any accountability? All this can only be explained by the character of the Turkish state. This state has an anti-Kurdish mentality and character. As a result, it considers killing, massacring and carrying out a genocide against the Kurds as the right and necessary thing to do. In reality, there is only one law in the Turkish state, and that is the Kurdish genocide law. In the mentality and practice of the Turkish state, it does not constitute a crime to kill Kurds, but not killing them is considered a crime instead. A Kurd can only be allowed to live when he renounces his Kurdish identity and thus ceases to be himself. Otherwise, Kurds are not given the chance to live. When Kurds want to be themselves, to live their language, identity, culture and will freely, they are targeted and annihilated. This is what happened in Roboski. The Turkish state targeted and massacred 34 people without any concern when it was convinced that they had a sense of freedom and patriotism.

Perpetrating and continuing the Kurdish genocide constitutes the prerequisite to gain power and to remain in power in Turkey. The Roboski massacre clearly reveals this reality. The AKP and its head, the fascist dictator Erdogan, have also resorted to this path and have shown an attitude of coming to power and maintaining it by intensifying the Kurdish genocide day by day.

Today, Kurdish enmity and genocide is being carried out by the fascist AKP-MHP government. Since the establishment of the AKP-MHP alliance, the Kurdish genocide policy has been carried out in the form of the most comprehensive occupation attacks on the basis of the Misak-i Milli plan [National Pact]. Attacks and massacres are being carried out in the four parts of Kurdistan and wherever Kurds are found. This policy is being implemented from North to South Kurdistan, from Şengal [Sinjar] to Maxmûr, Rojava and Europe. The most recent example of this is the second Paris massacre. This massacre constitutes a continuation of the January 9, 2013 massacre in Paris and the Roboski massacre. The Roboski massacre is also a continuation of previous massacres. All attacks, occupations and massacres are based on the goal to complete the Kurdish genocide.

Stopping the Kurdish genocide and holding those responsible for the massacres to account can only be achieved through the destruction of the fascist AKP-MHP government that continues the Kurdish genocide today. This can only be realized by increasing the struggle even more. Exposing the massacres and achieving the liberation of the Kurdish people and the democratization of Turkey is only possible with the destruction of the fascist AKP-MHP government. Therefore, we would like to state once again that the fascist Turkish state, especially the fascist Erdoğan-Bahçeli duo, will definitely pay for all the genocide crimes they have committed. The patriotic people of Kurdistan and their friends will succeed in their struggle for freedom, justice and democracy and will hold genocidal colonialism to account. On this basis, we call on our people and the democratic forces of the world to increase the struggle for democracy, freedom and justice.


KCK Executive Council