Our Statements

february 04, 2022

No Attack Will Be Able to Bring Our People to Their Knees

The Turkish state has clearly realized that it cannot maintain its genocidal colonialism in North Kurdistan as long as the Rojava self-administration exists. Therefore, it attacks the achievements of the free Kurds everywhere. Another reason for the recent attacks on Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur is the fascist AKP-MHP government’s attempts to stay on its feet. It assumes that it can secure its own power by increasing hostility against the Kurds and chauvinism. Thus, hostility against the Kurds and the fear of losing their own power become one. On this basis, these kinds of attacks take place on Erdogan’s orders. The fascist Erdogan proves every day anew that he is an enemy of all Kurds. In addition, there is a recent political event that can be understood as another reason for the latest attacks: The Central Committee of the PKK recently published a detailed statement on its latest meeting. This statement proves that despite all the claims of the fascist AKP-MHP government that they have dealt heavy blows to the PKK and crushed it, there is a strong will on the basis of which the struggle will be further intensified. This simply brings Erdoğan, Bahçeli and Soylu to despair.

Despite all these attacks, our people in North Kurdistan, Rojava, South Kurdistan, Şengal, Maxmur and abroad, especially in Europe, continue to wage a historic resistance against fascism’s attempts to break their will. Today, the Kurdish people are waging a determined struggle everywhere. The attacks on the guerrillas have also failed because of their selfless resistance. The PKK Central Committee recently clearly expressed the important results that this resistance has led to so far and the stance that the free Kurds will continue to take in the future. This has completely upset the AKP-MHP fascism. As a reaction, the fascist regime decided to attack the areas of Maxmur, Şengal and Rojava, which are defenseless in its eyes. The aim of these attacks is clearly to frighten, intimidate and force the people to surrender.

Meanwhile, the KDP is doing exactly what the Turkish state wants it to do and resorts to propaganda declarations that the attacks were not directed against civilian targets, but against military installations. The KDP and its propaganda organs thus create the basis for the Turkish state to attack all these places inhabited by civilians again and again.

In the fight against the Islamic State (IS), Rojava has given 12,000 Şehits [fallen]. In Şengal there were hundreds, while in Maxmur dozens of people became Şehits in the fight against IS. Of course, the HPG and YJA-STAR guerrillas also resisted against IS alongside the people of Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur. Through the resistance of our people together with their self-defense forces, IS was successfully prevented from occupying South Kurdistan, Şengal and Rojava. At the same time, this also prevented IS from occupying Iraq, Syria and the entire Middle East. Thus, all humanity was protected from this huge danger. The self-defense forces of Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur are composed exclusively of members of the people there. Thus, to separate the people and the self-defense forces is definitely wrong. Accordingly, an attack on the self-defense forces constitutes an attack on the people themselves. To attack the QSD means to attack the people. Therefore, not only the lives of the civilian population in Şengal, Maxmur and Rojava, but also the existence of their self-defense forces is legitimate. These forces defend the population there against attacks by IS and all other forces. Accordingly, a clear position must also be taken against attacks on all these forces.

The forces of the International Anti-IS Coalition led by the United States allow Turkey – the closest ally of the Islamic State (IS) – to attack the population and self-defense forces of Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur, while the people living there are actively fighting against IS. As a result, Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur have experienced numerous massacres in the recent past. The silence of the US, Russia and all other members of the International Anti-IS Coalition and their refusal to take a clear stance makes them complicit in these murders. They all claim to be fighting against IS. Yet their silence in the face of the Turkish state’s attacks on the people of Rojava, Maxmur and Şengal, who are all united in resisting against IS, will go down in history as one of the clearest examples of political immorality. All of these forces will have to face the question of whether they are on the side of those fighting against IS or whether they are supporting IS’s allies.

Therefore, not only the Kurdish people and their worldwide friends must take a clear stance against the USA, Russia, the countries of Europe and Iraq. Also the peoples of the world, all democrats and all intellectuals and artists – the conscience of humanity – must protest against the attitude of these countries, through which the way is paved for the Turkish state and its attacks. Everywhere a clear position must be taken to prevent further Turkish attacks. If this does not happen, the forces behind the fascist, genocidal and colonialist Turkish state will succeed in hiding their own role. This would encourage the Turkish state to carry out more of such attacks.

Our people and their friends all over the world must take to the streets against the attacks of the Turkish state. Because these attacks are directed against the patriotic and free thinking Kurdish people. As part of their struggle against the Turkish state, they must also take a clear stance against the KDP’s efforts to legitimize these attacks.

The Turkish state can attack as much as it wants. It will never succeed in intimidating and dissuading the peoples of Rojava, who have given 12,000 Şehits and tens of thousands injured, from their struggle. The children of Dewrêşê Evdîs, who did not leave Şengal despite the IS attacks, resisted there and thus saved Şengal, will also not be forced to surrender by these attacks and will continue their struggle for a free Êzidxan. Equally, the people of Maxmur, where every family has given Şehits, will not be intimidated by any attacks and will continue to pursue their dream of a free Kurdistan. These attacks will only make our people stronger, increase their anger and thus cause them to intensify their struggle.

As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we hereby reiterate that we will always stand with the people of Rojava, Şengal and Maxmur and wish them success for their struggle for freedom.


KCK Executive Council