Our Statements

january 15, 2023

Veysi Taş is a Martyr of Kurdistan

Veysi Taş, who recently set his body on fire to protest the isolation of Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], fell martyr. We learned about Veysi Taş’s action and the message he published in advance from the press. He carried out a political action against the isolation of Leader Apo and was thus martyred. We would therefore like to commemorate all the martyrs of revolution and democracy in the person of Veysi Taş with respect and gratitude. And we reiterate our promise of victory and success to the martyrs.

Veysi Taş was a very valuable patriot of Kurdistan who gave his life to the Kurdistan freedom struggle. This can clearly be understood from the message he left behind for us. During the September 12 fascist military coup, he was imprisoned in the Diyarbakır prison and was severely tortured. Later he was arrested and imprisoned again. He recognized the genocidal, torturing and anti-Kurdish face of the colonialist Turkish state very well. Throughout his life, he fought against this genocidal colonialist enemy. He was a highly conscious person with deep patriotic feelings. With his martyrdom, he has now joined the caravan of martyrs and has become a martyr of Kurdistan.

With this action, Veysi Taş has clearly demonstrated his devotion to Leader Apo and the great value of Leader Apo for the people of Kurdistan. His action has shown that he is devoted to Leader Apo and the Kurdistan freedom struggle with love and deep affection. His devotion to Leader Apo and the cause of Kurdistan is great and very meaningful. His action is also an example of great courage and commitment. He therefore deserves huge respect. The message he left for us is also very meaningful and important. Mentioning Ape Musa and commemorating ´The Four´ and his friend Ferhat Kurtay is very meaningful. His call to the Kurdish people and his message to Kurdish artists must be taken seriously and need to be fulfilled. The patriotic people of Kurdistan need to consider all the wishes and calls of Veysi Taş before his martyrdom as meaningful and fulfill them. We, as the Kurdish Freedom Movement, understand the calls and wishes of Veysi Taş as an instruction given to us and we declare that we will approach them accordingly.

Veysi Taş carried out a great action and has called on our people, international friends and the democratic forces to increase their struggle and lead it to success until Leader Apo’s health, safety and freedom are ensured. At the same time, he has asked us as a movement to expand the struggle against the genocidal colonialist enemy in a focused manner and by using rich methods and actions. Therefore, the action of our esteemed patriotic comrade Veysi Taş must be understood correctly. It must not to be repeated. Rather, the most meaningful response must be given by increasing the struggle.

The main message and call of comrade Veysi Taş is to increase the protests against the isolation of Leader Apo and to break the system of torture and isolation in Imrali. Protecting the memory of Veysi Taş means to act according to this call. We call on our people, our international friends and all women to express their protest more strongly and to raise the struggle for the breaking of the Imrali torture and isolation system and for the liberation of Leader Apo. This is the basic call of all our martyrs, especially of our friend Veysi Taş.


KCK Executive Council