Our Statements

july 01, 2023

KDP is Responsible for Health and Safety of Mazlum Dağ and Abdurahman Er

The government, which considers itself the Kurdish authority, gave two Kurdish youth the death penalty to fulfill the demands of the occupying Turkish state. The only crime of these young people is that they punished a gangster of the Turkish terror network in South Kurdistan. Sentencing two Kurdish youth to death is far from being Kurdish, patriotic and humanitarian.

South Kurdistan is full of security cameras which record all movements. MIT agents massacre revolutionaries in the streets and workplaces during the day, but the security forces do not catch them and they easily escape. This shows that the KDP considers it permissible to shed Kurdish blood at the hands of the MIT. On the other hand, the KDP does not accept that a few patriotic Kurdish youth punished a spy, and can even impose the death penalty within a few weeks. If death sentences are to be given, let them be given to former Baathists, ISIS members and undersecretaries who have had a hand in the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Kurds. But far from being punished, they are being protected by the KDP. The most valuable places and lands in South Kurdistan [North Iraq] are allocated to them, they build their own projects there and thus make fun of the historical memory of the people every day.

The two Kurdish youth have not only been given the death penalty, but have also been placed under harsh surveillance and subjected to physical and psychological torture and pressure. All these methods of torture and oppression are practices of the Turkish state against Kurdish prisoners. This is a way of breaking the will and honor, of killing and tormenting. The highest level of this policy was practiced against Kurds and freedom fighters in the Diyarbakır prison in the 1980s. Mazlum Doğan, Kemal Pir and Sakine Cansız showed great resistance against this policy in the Diyarbakır prison. From Xelan prison to the Akre and Hewlêr prisons, the KDP is today applying this mentality and policy against patriots and revolutionaries. From the torture and murder of Said Elçi to Suleyman Muini and hundreds of others like him, there are examples of the KDP doing whatever the occupiers want.

Today, with the same mentality that Turkey possesses, Mazlum Dağ and Abdurahman Er are being tortured and oppressed. Dağ and Er are on hunger strike for the third time to prevent this. The previous two times the KDP promised to fulfill their demands and they decided to end their hunger strikes. Unfortunately, the KDP did not keep its promises and did not fulfill the demands. On the contrary, it even increased the pressure. This is why Dağ and Er have been on hunger strike for 44 days now. Every day that passes, their health deteriorates. Despite all appeals, especially from their families, the KDP insists on its policy of oppression and torture, which seriously threatens their lives.

We would like to hereby announce that the KDP is responsible for the life and health of Mazlum Dağ and Abdurahman Er. This policy of oppression and the occupying Turkish state’s demands with regards to these two young men must stop immediately, before any unforeseen situation arises. We therefore call on all human rights organizations, intellectuals, political figures, patriots, and all political and Kurdish forces in Iraq and Kurdistan to take action against these policies and practices of the KDP.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee