Our Statements

july 17, 2021

“The Rojava Revolution has Changed the Middle East Fundamentally”

On the 9th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, we remember all the fighters and commanders who fell as martyrs during the revolution and its defense. In addition, we wish all the wounded success for their future struggle.

The basis for the Rojava Revolution was created by Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], who lived in the Middle East, Syria and Rojava for 20 years and maintained intensive relations with the population there. Thousands of young women and men were educated by him and became commanders and fighters of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan. Based on Rêber Apo’s ideology, his organizational understanding and his attitude towards life, they fought and fell as martyrs. This revolution was created by Rêber Apo, the martyrs and the people of Rojava, who are closely connected with Rêber Apo. The revolution is at the same time a revolution in the course of which his paradigm based on women’s freedom and ecological-democratic society is practically taking shape for the first time. It has become an oasis of democracy – in the midst of a Middle East dominated by a power-focused, statist, despotic and male-hegemonic mentality. This revolution has captured the attention not only of the peoples of the Middle East, but of all the peoples around the world. It has created great excitement for the whole of humanity. And it has strengthened the hope for a new life in freedom and democracy for the Middle East and humanity.

This revolution is a revolution of all the peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians. Young men and women from all parts of the world have also joined this revolution, have fallen as martyrs or have been wounded . Due to these internationalists, the line of a democratic and free society of the Rojava Revolution has been created. The internationalist martyrs are the source of strength of this revolution.

The Democratic Nation, a democratic society, women’s freedom, friendship among the peoples and the system of Democratic Confederalism, which renounces power and the state, have become the fundamental values of this revolution. Women have played a major role in shaping this social-democratic system. For this reason, the Rojava Revolution is first and foremost a women’s revolution. Even today, mothers and women are the mainstay of this revolution. They have been at the forefront of defending the revolution and Abdullah Ocalan’s line against all kinds of attacks. Today, it is the Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian women who are leading the Rojava Revolution. The women of the peoples of Rojava and North and East Syria have won the honor of implementing the first women’s revolution. Therefore, full of passion for freedom and democracy, we salute all the mothers and women who have worked for the revolution.

Over the past nine years, the Rojava Revolution has become a revolution of all of humanity. Due to its leadership role in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) – this enemy of all people – the revolution has rendered a great service to all humanity. The Rojava Revolution and the peoples of North and East Syria have ensured the defeat of IS. Therefore, humanity owes a lot to the Rojava Revolution. All of humanity must stand up for this revolution. This has also undoubtedly happened. But the revolution deserves even greater support. The attacks of the Turkish state on Rojava and the accompanying massacres are directed against all of humanity. Because this revolution is a revolution of all humanity. More than 10,000 women and men have fallen as martyrs in the fight against IS. They have shed their blood for all of humanity. However, while the peoples stood up for the revolution and took a stance against the attacks of the Turkish state, the states such as the U.S., England, France and Germany, all of which had experienced direct harm from the IS, shrouded themselves in silence or took a supportive stance, thus promoting the occupation. Thus, these states have displayed a historically deeply immoral attitude.

Still numerous forces, especially IS and its biggest supporter Turkey, threaten the Rojava Revolution and the democratic system in North and East Syria. Therefore, the defense of the revolution is an urgent task. All humanity must defend this revolution, especially the peoples of North and East Syria. Everyone must be aware that the revolution is currently in the phase of construction. So all spheres of life must be organized and structured for the defense of the revolution. A people organized for the defense of the revolution cannot be defeated by any power in this world. In order to prevent another occupation like in Efrîn, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, it is imperative that the entire population be enabled for combat readiness.

Through revolution and the struggle for freedom, the difference between right and wrong, friend and foe, and between patriots and traitors becomes clear. In the course of the revolution, the people of Rojava have experienced great sacrifice, but also betrayal. Therefore, they have always taken a clear stance against any form of betrayal. Even today, the people of Rojava are setting an example for all of Kurdistan regarding this issue. With their stance against the occupation by the Turkish state, they have become an example for all of Kurdistan. We welcome this stance and express our great respect for it.

It is very significant that such a democratic revolution is taking place in the Middle East and that it has become a model there. The reason why the revolution is celebrating its 10th year of existence these days, despite all the attacks, is because of its character based on women’s freedom and democracy. The stronger the democratic society develops, the more the people gain strength. Accordingly, the revolution can overcome any obstacles. The greatest strength of the Rojava Revolution is its democratic character. This characteristic transforms the people into a source of strength. A strong people is able to defend itself against all kinds of attacks, no matter how high the price. The Rojava Revolution is characterized by its character based on women’s freedom and a democratic society. Through it, democratic socialism is gaining practical shape. As such a revolution, it is a source of inspiration for all oppressed peoples of the world.

The Rojava Revolution has fundamentally changed not only Rojava and Syria, but the entire Middle East. It is leading to profound changes in all societies. The consequences of this will become even more apparent in the next ten years. The whole of Kurdistan has undergone major changes in all areas as a result. These developments will also change the entire Middle East. Very soon, the Middle East will take on a fully democratic character.

We salute the peoples of North and East Syria, who have become a model for the entire Middle East. And we promise to put into practice the line of all the martyrs of this revolution and of Rêber Apo everywhere. Now, it is time to create one, two, many Rojavas.

KCK Executive Council