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july 31, 2023

KCK Statement on the Death of Former Head of KDP Intelligence Service

On many occasions, the KDP has issued untrue statements in the name of the Kurdistan Region Security Council which are deceptive and full of lies. Each time, it targets the Kurdistan Freedom Movement with baseless accusations. In recent days, the KDP has again issued a statement in the name of the Kurdistan Region Security Council, accusing our movement of being responsible for the murder of Mihemed Mirza Sindi, one of the former heads of Parastin [KDP intelligence service]. This statement is an indication of underestimating the political awareness of the Kurdish people, while it also reveals how the KDP uses the government institutions in the Kurdistan Region for its own interests.

While the Kurdish people all over the world and in Kurdistan are currently discussing the Treaty of Lausanne and trying to learn lessons from history, the KDP not only avoids participating in these discussions, but also acts jointly with the occupying Turkish state in [the South Kurdish areas] Xakurkê and Metîna in order to keep the Treaty of Lausanne alive. The KDP wants to deceive the people of Kurdistan with statements that do not reflect the truth and create divisions among the Kurdish people.

The power that benefits the most from these actions of the KDP is undoubtedly the occupying Turkish state. Because the KDP uses the institutions of the Kurdistan Region, especially the Kurdistan Region Security Council, to cover up the crimes of the occupying Turkish state and the MIT [Turkish intelligence service]. The intention of the MIT and Parastin behind holding our movement responsible for the death of Mihemed Mirza Sindi is to hide the massacre committed by the MIT against the family of Mela Ehmed Celaledîn. It is well-known that the decision for this massacre was taken by the MIT’s headquarter in Dohuk.

As the HPG [People’s Defence Forces] stated, our movement has nothing to do with the killing of Mihemed Mirza Sindi. All of the accusations are baseless. We believe that the murder of Mihemed Mirzan Sindi was carried out as a result of the internal conflicts within the KDP and Parastin in order not to reveal the crimes committed against the Kurdish people. From Şengal [Sinjar] to Metîna and Zaxo, the KDP and Parastin are acting in partnership with the terrorist Turkish MIT. Many revolutionaries and patriots have been killed as a result.

We therefore call on the Kurdish public, all institutions and organizations in the Kurdistan Region, intellectuals, freedom supporters and on Iraq to be sensitive towards these provocations by the KDP. The Turkish state should not be allowed to wage special warfare against the Kurdish people by taking over the official institutions in the Kurdistan Region through the KDP.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee