Our Statements

july 21, 2022

We Will Hold Those Responsible for the Zaxo Massacre to Account!

As of July 20, 2022, the invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan by the murderous and occupying fascist Turkish state in partnership with the KDP continue uninterruptedly. Yesterday afternoon, the occupying Turkish army shelled Arab tourists in Perexê Village of Derkarê Town (Zaxo area) with artillery.

In the bombardment carried out by the occupying Turkish army, 8 tourists were killed and 23 more injured. In the last 7 months, the fascist Turkish state has massacred 28 civilians extrajudicially and unjustly. The fascist and occupying Turkish state is implementing a unique genocide policy against the Kurdish people in Rojava, North Kurdistan and especially in South Kurdistan. With the support and approval of the UN, the USA, NATO, the EU, regional reaction and Kurdish collaborationism, the fascist Turkish state knows no limits in its genocide policies, destroying and burning down the nature of Kurdistan along with civilians and guerrillas.

The Turkish Republic, which is suffering a historic defeat against the guerrilla in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna, primarily uses banned and criminalized tactical nuclear bombs, thermobaric weapons and chemical weapons. Despite this, the AKP-MHP war clique, which has failed to achieve the desired result, has killed dozens of our people and injured dozens more in Şengal [Sinjar], Maxmur, Kunê Masî, Kelar, Rojava, Mosul-Ninova, Sulaymaniyah and most recently in Zaxo.

The Iraqi government and the administration of South Kurdistan should not legitimize these attacks by remaining silent.

International powers, especially the UN, the US and the EU, must take a stand against Turkey’s reckless attacks in Iraq and Syria. They must not be complicit in the war crimes of the Turkish Republic.

The most fundamental goal is to stop this fascist regime that drenches the entire region in blood with its neo-Ottoman dreams. All regional actors should know that without overcoming and neutralizing Turkish fascism, there will be no peace in the world, especially in the Middle East.

We once again call on our people and friends to show their reaction, activism and organization at the highest level against this brutal aggression. While we commemorate our martyred people with respect, we wish the wounded a speedy recovery. As a movement and as a people, we reiterate our promise to hold this fascist Turkish regime to account for the massacre.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee