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june 10, 2023

Hüseyin Arasan Was Assassinated by MIT and Parastin

On June 9, 2023, Hüseyin Arasan, the son of our people and our struggle, was murdered in Sulaymaniyah, South Kurdistan [North Iraq], as a result of joint efforts of the anti-Kurdish terrorist organization MIT-Parastin.

The members of the Mesopotamia Workers Association, founded in Sulaymaniyah by patriots and revolutionaries from North Kurdistan [East Turkey] who fled the persecution of the Turkish state and live in various cities in South Kurdistan, have been facing systematic threats for a long time. Unfortunately, the government and local security forces, who are responsible for protecting these patriots who have paid the price for the Kurdish people’s cause for freedom and have been sentenced by the occupying Turkish state, have so far not fulfilled their responsibilities.

Especially KDP-affiliated institutions such as the Parastin [KDP intelligence service] are the main organizers and executors of such massacres. The city of Hewlêr [Erbil] continues to be the safest refuge for the murderers of the Kurdish people. All murderers who commit murders in other cities end up in Hewlêr. So far, no murderer who fled to Hewlêr has been caught. This alone reveals the role of the KDP in these massacres. The KDP and its agents and collaborators are the fiercest enemies of a free Kurdish identity and patriotism. Institutionally organized by the KDP and recruited by the MIT [Turkish intelligence service], these traitors target and martyr our dignified people and the workers of our people. The MIT alone has no possibility to organize agents in South Kurdistan. It is also clear that it cannot take a single step without the help of the KDP’s Parastin. The KDP not only organizes individuals as agents for the MIT, but sometimes recruits whole families into the service of the MIT. Our movement possesses knowledge and has made certain preparations for such individuals and families. It will take the necessary measures. A second center used in the terrorist massacres against our people is the Turkmen Front organization in Kirkuk. This structure, which has become a center where the dirty work of the occupying Turkish state is organized, continues to be used under Iraqi supervision. Through these gang groups, the MIT has established a headquarter in Kirkuk. We warn the relevant Iraqi institutions against this terrorist agent network. We call on them to prevent Iraqi citizens from committing the crime of spying for foreign states. We would like to state that we will respond to the spying and terrorist activities on behalf of the Turkish state against our people and our forces.

Finally, we would like to make an appeal to the forces of South Kurdistan, which are not under the control of the occupying Turkish state, but which have so far been unable to show an adequate reaction. 100 years ago, the historical genocide was intensified with the decisions taken against our people. We are now in the 100th year of the Lausanne genocide agreement. There are intense debates about Kurdish unity and the freedom of Kurdistan. Many revolutionaries, intellectuals and patriots from the North Kurdistan, Rojava, East Kurdistan and South Kurdistan were martyred in South Kurdistan as a result of the cooperation of the Turkish state and the KDP. We have repeatedly called for a role to be taken to prevent these massacres. Friendly condolences do not solve the division of Kurdistan, nor do they stop the terrorist activities of the Turkish state and its collaborator Parastin. South Kurdistan is a region with a political status. But such attacks are only possible in occupied territories. In South Kurdistan, based on the partnership of politics, society and security institutions, terrorist attacks by treasonous and collaborative forces must not be allowed. As a movement, we have always taken the will of South Kurdistan as a basis. After such attacks, we expected light to be shed on these massacres. Unfortunately, we had to witness that there have not been enough effort and no results have thus been achieved. We have to emphasize the KDP’s strategy of protecting terrorists and murderers. We once again call on all Kurdish parties, democratic institutions and security institutions to not give in to the blackmail of the occupying Turkish state: Take a stand against the massacre of Kurdish patriots and take measures. Take action before the massacres, not after they happen. If these massacres continue, it will be our most fundamental duty to protect our people and take preventive measures.

On this basis, we respectfully bow before the memory of our dear comrade martyr Hüseyin Arasan. We would like to state that we will hold the occupiers and terrorist centers that carried out this massacre to account. We call on all the people of Kurdistan to strongly support the martyr Hüseyin Arasan and take a stand against the occupying Turkish state and its collaborator KDP.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee