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june 18, 2023

Let’s Wage an All-Out Resistance for Rojava

The genocidal colonialist Turkish state has been carrying out attacks with heavy weapons against North and East Syria since June 7, 2023. As a result of these attacks, many North and East Syrian civilians and fighters have been killed and martyred. There are reports that the forces of the Syrian state and some military units belonging to Russia were also targeted by the attacks of the Turkish state and consequently suffered casualties. These attacks have once again demonstrated that the AKP-MHP government will continue its evil and hostile intentions and ambitions against Rojava and Syria. We would like to therefore strongly condemn the attacks of the Turkish state and call on everyone to take a clear stance against them.

The Turkish state has an anti-Kurdish and anti-democratic mentality and politics. Its main goal is to carry out a genocide against the Kurds and to annihilate everything Kurdish. The Turkish state’s policy towards Rojava and Syria is also set within this scope. The invasions and attacks carried out so far have been carried out as a requirement of this policy. Undoubtedly, the people of Kurdistan know this characteristic of the Turkish state very well. International powers and states are also aware of this reality, but they remain silent due to their relations based on interests with the Turkish state.

The Turkish state clearly aims to destroy the democratic system that has emerged in Rojava and North and East Syria. The only reason for this is that the Kurdish people, along with other peoples, have become the will of the democratic system established there. However, for the Turkish state, which has an anti-Kurdish and anti-democratic mentality, the fact that the Kurdish people have been developing their own will is a reason for war, a justification for occupation and genocide. The occupation of Efrîn, Girê Sipî and Serêkaniyê shows clearly that the Turkish state not only occupies these places, but also wants to implement a project that de-Kurdifies Rojava by changing the demographic structure and expelling Kurds from the places where they live. Now the Turkish state aims to implement this policy in wider areas by occupying Rojava and other parts of North and East Syria. Its ultimate goal is to occupy the whole of North and East Syria, to destroy the democratic system there and to empty Rojava of Kurds by displacing them. The talk about settling gangs [Islamist proxy forces] and refugees from Syria there is a mere justification. Nowhere in the world is the method of finding a place for refugees by changing the demography of a place accepted. Therefore, these discourses of the Turkish state are intended to cover up its genocide policy and cannot be relied on.

What the Turkish state is doing is clearly genocide. Genocide is the greatest crime against humanity. The real intention and purpose of the Turkish state is not to find a place for refugees, but to annex Rojava and Syria and carry out a Kurdish genocide. There is nothing hidden or obscure about this. Until now, the Turkish state has imposed its own system wherever it has gone and has ruled these places as if they were its own. This reveals that the Turkish state is not only occupying, but annexing Syrian territory. From this point of view, the Syrian state and all the forces that say that they are on its side must take a stance against the occupation and annexation by the Turkish state.

The fact that the Turkish state keeps some traitorous and collaborating Kurds on its side does not change this fact. This policy is a legacy of the Ottoman Empire. In order to carry out the Kurdish genocide, the Ottoman state always resorted to keeping some Kurds by its side who had betrayed their people and benefited from them. The Turkish state has also resorted to this method to carry out the Kurdish genocide. In history, the resistances that were defined as Kurdish revolts but in essence developed against denial and extermination were suppressed with this method. Now the Turkish state is trying to cover up the fact of genocide by keeping some traitorous Kurdish collaborators by its side who have sold their honor, so as not to give such an impression to the outside world. But the Turkish state can no longer hide this reality with this method. It cannot use certain traitorous collaborator Kurds as a mask. Because the people of Kurdistan have enough consciousness and will to understand this reality and see what it means.

Unfortunately, while the Turkish state is implementing its Kurdish genocide plan in front of the eyes of the whole world, there is no reaction from the states against it. The anti-Kurdish fascist chief Tayyip Erdoğan announced the Kurdish genocide plan in front of the eyes of all states at a UN meeting and no one objected to it. This shows how far the states and the UN are from fairness and justice and how much they contradict these values. This attitude of the states and international institutions is unacceptable. States must abandon this hypocritical attitude that clearly abrogates fairness. The Kurds have fought against ISIS and thus stopped its atrocities. They protected not only themselves but the whole world against ISIS fascism and saved it from this danger. However, this attitude towards the Kurds, which has been developed and kept silent, is in no way compatible with fairness. The peoples and the democratic public must expose this attitude of the states and put pressure on them to stop supporting the Turkish state’s policies of Kurdish genocide. States and those who see themselves as institutions of the international community cannot take such an attitude. This must not be accepted in any way. Peoples must no longer accept these attitudes of states. Today, the struggle for democracy must act with such an understanding and reach such a level. The peoples and the democratic forces have such a responsibility and the power to do so.

Since the Turkish state acts with anti-Kurdish motives, it wants to destroy the system established in North and East Syria. The fascist AKP-MHP government represents reactionary politics in the Middle East and tries to spread reactionary ideas. In reality, a democratic system has been established in Rojava and North and East Syria that will serve as a model for Syria and the entire region. This is a value created in the name of all humanity, in the name of freedom and democracy. All the peoples of the Middle East and the world, women, youth, revolutionary democratic groups, socialists, intellectuals and artists, in short, all those who are sensitive to the values of humanity must protect this. The attack on this place must be regarded as an attack on the universal values of humanity and an attitude must be developed and a reaction must be shown. The attitude to be put forward must be result-oriented and have the power and influence to make everyone take a step back. The AKP-MHP government is creating the ground for a new occupation and massacre with these attacks. Therefore, this should not be met with silence and a strong reaction should be shown against every attack. The Kurdish people should also stand up for Rojava wherever they are in the country and abroad, and express their reaction more strongly against the attacks of the AKP-MHP government.

The fascist AKP-MHP government openly states that in the second century of the republic it will bring the Kurdish genocide to a conclusion and resurrect the weakened reactionary forces in the region. The new government has been formed to realize this goal. The AKP-MHP took part in the elections by forming an alliance with collaborator, traitorous contra forces in Kurdistan. Now, in order to deepen these policies of Kurdish genocide, a few Kurdish collaborators and traitors have been recruited into the government and they aim to mask this policy with them. Therefore, the new government is a complete special war government formed to carry out the Kurdish genocide. This government and its fascist chief Tayyip Erdoğan certainly do not represent the Kurds and have no right to govern them. The Kurds have taken a clear stance against this fascist regime and system and have thus rejected it. The only thing this regime has imposed on the Kurds is genocide, and the attacks on Rojava are part of this. The Kurdish people and their international friends should see this reality better and continue their stance against the fascist and anti-Kurdish genocidal regime by turning it into a stronger reaction against the attacks on Rojava and by supporting the Rojava Revolution even more.

Our people in Rojava, knowing that the people of Kurdistan, the peoples of the Middle East and progressive democratic humanity are on their side, need to continue the resistance attitude they have adopted so far against the attacks more strongly. No one from our people should leave their land and all of them should be part of a total resistance against the attacks.

KCK Executive Council