Our Statements

june 17, 2022

Take a stand against the genocidal attacks!

On June 15, 2022, the Turkish state bombed the Sinunê People’s Council numerous times, which belongs to the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Şengal [Sinjar]. In this genocidal attack, 12-year-old Saleh Xidir Naso fell as a Şehit. In addition, seven Ezidi citizens were injured, including media workers and children. We respectfully remember Saleh Xidir Naso, who fell as a Şehit in this inhumane genocidal attack, and express our condolences to his family and to the Ezidi society. In addition, we wish a speedy recovery to the injured Ezidi citizens.

The occupation and genocidal attacks carried out by the genocidal Turkish state in Kurdistan and the entire Middle East have brought the Erdogan regime to the brink of collapse today. In order to expand its hegemony and colonialist policies and establish a neo-Ottoman state, the Turkish state continues its attacks on our people everywhere. It is well known that in this context, the Turkish state is pursuing the plan to occupy South Kurdistan – including Mosul and Kirkuk. Especially with the help of the collaborating KDP, the Turkish state is trying to extend its influence deep into Iraq, thus making its occupation plans come true step by step. Against the occupation of Kurdistan, the PKK guerrillas are putting up a heroic resistance. This resistance has meanwhile broken the willpower of the Turkish state. In response, the latter is using chemical weapons against the guerrillas. Despite all the inhumane methods used by it, the Turkish state has not achieved its desired goals even with the help of the KDP. Its occupation plans have gotten stuck in its throat due to the heavy blows from the guerrillas.

Today, the genocidal Turkish state is in a desperate situation vis-à-vis the Freedom Guerrillas. Recently, it has once again intensified its genocidal attacks on all freedom areas. While it is using chemical weapons against the guerrillas, it is bombing our South Kurdish people at the same time. It is bombing residential areas in the Mexmûr refugee camp, which is under the protection of the UN and Iraq, and murdering its residents. At the same time, it is killing our Ezidi people, who survived a genocide only a few years ago, and their children. The Turkish state has publicly declared its intention to occupy Rojava and is murdering defenseless civilians in their homes there. Fascist leader Erdogan continues his genocidal attacks as the forces responsible in the region remain silent. The latest massacre that is a result of this silence has now taken place in the center of Sinunê in Şengal.

The Şengal region is under the responsibility of Iraq. Mustafa Kazimi’s government stresses at every opportunity the need for a secure and stable Şengal. However, it is remarkable that this government is silent in the face of the attacks of the Turkish state, which murder Ezidi citizens of Iraq. This silence means nothing other than approval of the attacks. The fact that the Kazimi government does not take any position against these serious attacks on the sovereignty of Iraq and the security of Iraqi citizens is in line with its position on the occupation attacks of the Turkish state on South Kurdistan. This silence only leads to strengthening the occupying Turkish state. As a movement, we know Turkish colonialism very well both historically and politically. The occupying Turkish state is pursuing a policy of neo-Ottoman dreams to fragment and annex Iraqi territory. The silence of the Kazimi government on the occupation of Iraqi soil and the murder of Iraqi citizens only strengthens the Turkish state. We therefore call on the Iraqi political and social forces to take a stand against these attacks, to set in motion national and international mechanisms to stop the Turkish state’s attacks, and thus to thwart the occupation plans.

Due to the genocide suffered by the Ezidis, the UN and its related institutions such as UNAMI bear responsibility for them. The UN mission in Iraq and its related institutions remain silent about the attacks and massacres of the occupying Turkish state against our Ezidi people, even though they themselves have acknowledged them. Due to their silence, they have also become responsible for these attacks. The systematic silence of the UN towards these attacks encourages all the forces that carry out these massacres. The planes and drones of the genocidal Turkish state are using Iraqi airspace, which is under the control of the US. It has already been publicly discussed in the past that the U.S. opens Iraqi airspace for the attacks of the Turkish state and is thus also responsible for them. Certain forces also opened Iraqi airspace for the attack on Sinunê and the accompanying massacre by the Turkish state, thus sharing responsibility. In order to mitigate their own responsibility, these forces have expressed their condolences for the Ezidi citizen Saleh Xidir Naso, but without mentioning the Turkish state, which is responsible for this massacre. The massacres perpetrated by the occupying Turkish state against our people cannot be prevented by ignoring them, but only by putting an end to the privileges and special treatment of the Turkish state. Therefore, we call on all international powers, especially the USA, to stop supporting the attacks of the Turkish state and to take precautions against these attacks that lead to the division of Iraq.

It is well known that the KDP plays a special role in all the attacks on the Ezidis and Şengal. The KDP is trying to assuage its anger over the failure of the 73rd Ferman [genocide against the Ezidis] by having the Turkish state assassinate the Ezidi people and their leaders. The Ezidi culture and belief and the Ezidis who could not be destroyed have become a nightmare for the KDP today. Apart from the Turkish state, the KDP and the IS, there are no other forces that fear and are hostile to the self-administration and self-defense of the Ezidis. Exactly the same role that the KDP plays in the attacks on the Freedom Guerrilla of South Kurdistan, it also plays in the attacks of the Turkish state on the Ezidis. Therefore, we call upon our people in Kurdistan, especially our South Kurdish people, to take a stand against these crimes against humanity committed by the KDP. We would also like to point out that a quick response to the genocidal attacks on Şengal, Mexmûr, South Kurdistan, Rojava and elsewhere is important in order to make these attacks come to nothing.

Today, the fascist Erdogan regime is on the verge of collapse. In order to prolong its life, this regime will continue its brutal attacks and massacres against our people and the other peoples of the region. Therefore, we especially call on the public in Kurdistan and the Iraqi forces to take a firm stand against the genocidal attacks and thus fulfill their responsibility.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee