Our Statements

march 16, 2022

All those responsible for massacres like Halabja will be held accountable!

As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, we condemn the massacre perpetrated with chemical weapons by the Iraqi Baath regime in Halabja on March 16, 1988. We also commemorate all the people who lost their lives during this massacre. The Kurdish people will never forget the Halabja massacre. They will definitely bring those responsible for it to justice.

The Halabja massacre is one of the most ruthless and severe massacres ever perpetrated against humanity. It took place as part of the genocidal attacks on the Kurdish people. The attack on the existence of the Kurdish people began with the division of Kurdistan by the colonial powers. With the aim of putting an end to the existence of the Kurds, the colonial powers committed numerous massacres. The Halabja massacre also served this goal. By using chemical weapons, the Iraqi Baath regime murdered thousands of Kurds in Halabja. Not a single Kurd will ever
forget this cowardly and brutal massacre.

The Halabja massacre took place before the eyes of the entire world. But no one raised their voice against it. If the international community had taken a stand against this massacre and had openly rejected it, it would not have been possible for the Iraqi Baath regime to commit such a crime. Knowing that the world would remain silent, Saddam Hussein dared to commit this massacre. He had previously obtained his chemical weapons from the forces of capitalist modernity. By providing extensive supplies of weapons, the forces of capitalist modernity used Saddam Hussein
according to their own interests and made him wage war for them. Chemical weapons were also provided to the Iraqi Baath regime by the forces of capitalist modernity with this aim. Thus, the Saddam government was able to carry out a huge massacre against the Kurds in Halabja with these weapons. The forces of capitalist modernity are accordingly complicit in the Halabja massacre. For they supplied chemical weapons to the Iraqi Baath regime and remained silent when they were used by the regime in Halabja. Consequently, the forces of capitalist modernity are the main perpetrators of the Halabja massacre. They were also the ones who divided Kurdistan into four parts in order to promote their own interests. These forces are not only the main responsible for the Halabja massacre, but for all massacres and crimes committed against the Kurdish people.

As a consequence of this attitude of the forces of capitalist modernity, the occupying and colonial states were able to carry out countless military operations, massacres and other measures against the Kurdish people. An endless number of military operation and massacre have been committed against the Kurds by the colonial forces. At the same time, not a single state in this world has taken a clear position against all this. This is exactly the attitude that the forces of capitalist modernity continue to display today. They provide the Turkish state with extensive military support in the form of the most modern technology and weapons while knowing perfectly well that the Turkish state is using these weapons against the Kurdish people. As a result, they continue to share responsibility for the massacres and the genocide against the Kurdish people. Among the weapons provided to the Turkish state are chemical weapons. The fascist AKP-MHP government is using these chemical weapons against our people and our freedom forces. In countless places, such as the South Kurdish areas of Werxelê, Zendura, Mam Reşo and Tepê Sor, the Turkish state has used chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces there. However, just like at the time of the Halepçe massacre, the forces of capitalist modernity remain silent about the use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish people today. Yet the possession and use of these weapons are clearly prohibited. But when it comes to the Kurdish people, none of these rules are applied.

The most appropriate stance against the Halabja massacre today is to take a stand against the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish state. The Kurdish people will definitely hold all those accountable who are responsible for Halabja and the many other massacres. This historic reckoning continues. The Freedom Movement of Kurdistan, through the success of its struggle for freedom, will bring all the responsible murderers to justice.

As the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan, we would also like to take this opportunity to condemn the attack on socialist and revolutionary youth on March 16, 1978, in which seven revolutionaries were murdered in Istanbul-Beyazıt. The Turkish state will definitely be held accountable for its attacks and massacres against the peoples, socialists and all democratic-revolutionary circles. This will be achieved by strengthening the unity of the peoples and their common struggle and overthrowing AKP-MHP fascism on this basis. As the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan, we are firmly convinced that all anti-fascist forces will carry out a historic reckoning on those responsible for all these massacres by strengthening their unity.


KCK Executive Council