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may 28, 2022

The Turkish State and the KDP are Responsible for the Massacre in Bamernê

On May 26, the Turkish state bombed Kurds in Bamernê (Amedi) who had gathered there for a picnic. Three people died, including two children. Especially for the children who became Şehits [fallen], we would like to express that we will build a free Kurdistan liberated from betrayal and occupation in their memory. We would like to express our condolences to the families of the Şehits and to the Kurdish people and strongly condemn this massacre. Apart from the people of Behdinan, there have not yet been any serious protests and condemnations of this massacre, which happened in front of cameras. On the contrary, the government, the parliament and the political actors of South Kurdistan have so far remained silent, giving the impression that they do not consider the murdered people as their fellow citizens. The Iraqi state, government, institutions and political actors in the country have also not made any serious statements so far. Only the KDP has spoken out, but only to cover up the crimes of the Turkish state, portraying it as innocent and attributing the crime to the HPG (People’s Defense Forces). Out of a collaboration and guilt reflex, the KDP is trying to cover up this brutal massacre carried out in front of cameras by the Turkish state. The HPG has publicly stated that the Turkish state committed this massacre and that the HPG is in no way connected to it. Consequently, the Turkish state and its partner KDP are responsible for this massacre.

Historically, the Turkish state has always pursued a hostile policy aiming at denial, annihilation, assimilation, expulsion, genocide and massacre towards the Kurdish people. In the massacres and genocide against the Kurds, the Turkish state has received support from Western political forces and states active in the region. In particular, international institutions have consistently supported these massacres through their approval, silence, and technical means. At the forefront of these institutions is NATO. Since the Turkish state has been a member of NATO, it has always used this alliance for massacres against the Kurds and violent suppression of the Kurdish people’s resistance and struggle for freedom. For this, NATO has not only been used, but has actively provided support itself. While this support has often taken the form of training, technology, intelligence cooperation, and weapons supplies, the occupation and massacre policies have also been repeatedly supported politically and diplomatically. Therefore, NATO shares responsibility for the shedding of Kurdish blood and the massacres and genocide against the Kurdish people. Today this continues in the form of active support for Erdogan-Bahceli fascism. Consequently, NATO is also responsible for the brutal attack on the children and adults in Bamernê and their murder.

Another group that benefits from the genocide and massacre policy of the Turkish state and uses it for its own benefit are those Kurds who commit treason and collaborate. The most active political actor of this treason and collaboration policy today is the KDP. Militarily, politically, diplomatically, through special war propaganda based on lies and through carrying out contract killings, the KDP is playing an active role. It considers the murder of Kurds and patriots who are actively involved in the struggle for freedom as a guarantee for maintaining its family rule. The KDP sees the victory of the free and patriotic Kurds as the end of its family rule. Therefore, today it has made it its mission to smash all Kurdish gains and to murder Kurds. Today, the KDP is taking a leading role in the occupation of Iraqi and South Kurdish lands by the Turkish state and is trying to legitimize this occupation. It has thus made the Turkish state’s massacres and genocidal attacks its fundamental policy.

Today, the KDP is in an extremely difficult situation and is severely isolated. In order to cover up its crime of collaboration, it is constantly looking for allies. The KDP has made treason a political style in South Kurdistan. Currently, it is making new efforts to involve more Kurdish circles in this crime of collaboration. While it let the Turkish state attack children and tried to blame the HPG, the KDP let forces subordinated to the Peshmerga Ministry attack guerrilla forces together with Turkish soldiers in the Kani Masi area. The Peshmerga Minister himself had not been informed of this. We call on all concerned circles, especially the Peshmerga Minister and officials, not to be made a part of this game and to be very cautious about the KDP’s plans and traps. Otherwise, they would become a part of this betrayal.

In Suleymaniye, Mexmûr, Şengal, Behdinan and Rojava, thousands of people have already been murdered by the Turkish state’s bombs, drones and assassinations. The Turkish state is committing terror and political assassinations against the Kurdish people and murdering their children. Therefore, we call once again on the international institutions, the Iraqi state and the patriotic political forces and the people of South Kurdistan to take a stand against these massacres and to become active. We call on the intellectuals of South Kurdistan, especially the people of Behdinan, to become active against the murderers and occupiers by resisting and protesting. At the same time, we call on our people living in Kurdistan and abroad and their international friends to protest even more effectively. Under the leadership of our Şehits, Kurdistan will be liberated and those responsible for genocide and collaboration will lose!

KCK Foreign Relations Committee