Our Statements

may 31, 2022

The Spirit of June 1 Will Lead to Victory

We congratulate our people, all revolutionary-democratic forces and resisting humanity on the anniversary of the June 1 [2004] Offensive, which marked a significant turning point in the history of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan. Thousands of our comrades have fallen as Şehits [martyrs], thus providing the practical groundwork for the June 1 Offensive and carrying the struggle forward to this day. In remembering them with respect and gratitude, we also remember all the Şehits who fell for the revolution and democracy. On this occasion, we renew our pledge to remain faithful to the memory of the Şehits and achieve victory.

The June 1 Offensive represented a historic fighting offensive for freedom. It was carried out under the leadership of the guerrillas of the Freedom Movement and was directed against the internal and external extermination attacks that occurred at that time as a continuation of the International Conspiracy. The circles that wanted to divert the Movement from its line of freedom and its goal, to bring it under their control and to ultimately crush it from within, relied on the powers of the International Conspiracy. The June 1 Offensive represented a historic step against this attempt. Through it, the attempt to crush the Movement was repelled and the plans of the powers of the conspiracy were thwarted.

Through its ideological, political, social and military character, the June 1 Offensive strengthened the attitude, spirit and struggle of the Kurdish people against betrayal and surrender. At the same time, it has raised the awareness of the Democratic Nation and the organizing within it to a high level. The offensive has also created a strong foundation for establishing the paradigm developed by Önder Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] based on democracy, ecology and women’s freedom. As a result, the June 1 Offensive has become the practical expression of the revolutionary people’s war. The impressive resistance that is taking place today in Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna, Heftanîn and Xakurkê marks the culmination of the June 1 Offensive.

The fascist Turkish state carries out occupation attacks with the aim of completing the Kurdish genocide and making its dreams of the Misak-i Milli [National Pact] come true. Against this, the guerrillas resist heroically. They deal heavy blows to the enemy and make him experience an enormous fiasco. We commemorate with respect, love and gratitude all Şehits of the war in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna, who have brought the spirit of the June 1 Offensive to a new height. Full of comradeship, we also salute all the commanders and fighters of the HPG and YJA-Star who are resisting selflessly, thereby turning Zap and Avaşîn into a graveyard for the enemy. We wish them all success. The genocidal and colonialist Turkish state and its collaborators will lose this war. The resistance of the guerrillas and the people will lead to victory.

The genocidal and colonialist Turkish state originally planned to break the resistance of the guerrillas within the shortest time and to occupy South Kurdistan completely. But the selfless resistance of the guerrillas has thwarted these plans of the fascist-occupying Turkish state. The Freedom Guerrillas of Kurdistan are putting up an enormous resistance not only against the most modern technology, but also against the use of chemical weapons, which is undoubtedly a war crime and a crime against humanity. Through this resistance, the guerrillas are making history today. Thus, they have proved once again that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and its struggle filled with an Apoist-selfless spirit is invincible. At the same time, it proves that it will defend Kurdistan and the Kurdish people against the attacks of the enemy and its occupation under all conceivable conditions.

Everywhere the enemy tries to take hold, the guerrillas carry out very effective and successful attacks, causing the Turkish occupying army to suffer dozens of casualties every day. In order to keep themselves on their feet, the Turkish state and AKP-MHP fascism have put all their hopes on their war against the Kurds. For this reason, they conceal the truth of this war from the public.

Because it cannot achieve any success against the guerrillas, the Turkish state uses chemical weapons against them. The use of chemical weapons constitutes a crime against humanity and a war crime. We therefore call on all forces and institutions that have signed the international agreements banning chemical weapons, especially the UN, to break their silence and take a clear stand against the genocidal Turkish state. Those who remain silent in the face of the use of chemical weapons share responsibility for this crime. We also call on our people, their international friends and progressive humanity to step up their fight against the crimes of the Turkish state.

The Turkish state and AKP-MHP fascism are characterized by an anti-Kurdish mentality. Their attacks are not only directed against the guerrillas and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. Because the freedom movement opposes genocide, the Turkish state attacks them. The Turkish state is an enemy of all Kurds. Its most important goal is the destruction of Kurdish existence. Therefore, it attacks the Kurds everywhere, murders them and enforces demographic change in the homeland of the Kurds like in Rojava. Forced demographic change represents the most brutal form of genocide in our age. The Turkish state forces all powers and institutions with which it has relations, especially the USA and Europe, to participate in and support the genocide against the Kurds. We call on these powers not to participate in the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state and rather to support the Kurdish people who are waging the most legitimate struggle in the world.

All peoples, especially the patriotic people of Kurdistan, all our international friends and all democratic circles everywhere must fight against the Kurdish hostility of the genocidal-colonialist Turkish state and AKP-MHP fascism. Just as the guerrillas resist and fight against the enemy, all the people in their respective places must also intensify their struggle against AKP-MHP fascism.

The intellectuals, writers and artists have a responsibility towards society. Against the comprehensive attacks on the existence of the Kurds, all intellectuals, writers and artists must fulfill their historical duties and lead society even more. The progressive intellectuals of society must take the initiative even more and go into action. They must stand by the side of the guerrillas and the people who resist occupation, betrayal and especially the use of chemical weapons, and must lead this struggle.

We attach great importance to the `WERIN CENGA AZADIYÊ Offensive` [`Participate in the Freedom Struggle Offensive`] called by the Coordination of the Youth Movement and we would like to express here that we support it. Therefore, we call on everyone – especially the patriotic Kurdish youth – to participate in this offensive launched by the Youth Movement. Filled with the spirit of youth, the guerrillas are resisting and fighting today. The patriotic people of Kurdistan and its youth must strengthen the struggle everywhere on the basis of the Apoist youth spirit.

The genocidal-colonialist Turkish state and its collaborators will lose. The victory belongs to all the women, peoples and progressive humanity who resist filled with the spirit of June 1.


KCK Executive Council