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november 06, 2020

Response to US DOS statement

On November 4, 2020, KDP armed forces started an operation against the Gare region. Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas took all the necessary measures to avoid an armed conflict. But unfortunately, KDP forces’ insistence on pursuing the operation led to some casualties, of which KDP leadership is totally responsible. At a time when the Kurdish public opinion, particularly social and religious figures, community leaders, different Kurdish political circles and intellectuals are calling on all sides to help calm down the situation and resort to dialogues to settle in-between differences, the statement issued by Deputy Spokesperson of US State Department, irresponsibly aims at adding fuel to the fire, thus encouraging and heartening those regional forces which plan to instigate Kurdish infighting. The statement, a sheer provocation, includes totally baseless accusations and aims at distorting the truth about the events. Instead of criticizing the Turkish military’s invasion in South Kurdistan and Iraq, the US States Department Deputy Spokesperson gives full support to and encourages such occupations. Turning a blind eye on Turkish occupations and Erdogan’s war crimes in South Kurdistan and Iraq, the US State Department authority, gives full backing to the manipulative and warmongering policies of the KDP, thus further deepening the present conflicts among Kurdish parties. While we condemn this statement of US State Department Deputy Spokesperson, we call on all the Kurdish people, especially our people in South Kurdistan from all walks of life to be aware against such provocative statements and step up their attempts to secure calm in Kurdistan.

KCK Foreign Relations Committee