Our Statements

november 20, 2022

Our People Must Rise Up Everywhere

The genocidal, colonialist Turkish state carried out intensive airstrikes against South Kurdistan, Rojava, East Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Zones on November 19, 2022. As a result of these attacks against the Kurdish people and all of Kurdistan, dozens of places were targeted and many people were martyred or wounded. We condemn these genocidal, fascist attacks which are directed against the peace of the region and the brotherhood of the peoples. We also wish the wounded a speedy recovery. AKP-MHP fascism will never achieve its genocidal goals with these attacks. It will never be able to break the stance of the peoples of Kurdistan and the region for a free and democratic life. Instead, AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated as a result of the resistance and struggle of our peoples.

The fascist AKP-MHP alliance is an anti-Kurdish alliance whose only aim is to carry out a genocide against the Kurdish people. With the attacks launched on November 19, the AKP-MHP’s anti-Kurdish hostility and genocidal reality have been clearly revealed. All of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people were targeted in these attacks. These attacks have made clear that the existence of the Kurdish people and the will of the peoples to live together are under attack. Those who have not stood by the Kurdish people despite all the attacks so far and who have legitimized the genocidal attacks of the AKP-MHP, will not be accepted by our people any longer if they keep this attitude.

The fascist genocidal AKP-MHP government attacks not only one part of Kurdistan or one group of Kurds, but all four parts of Kurdistan and all sections of the Kurdish society. In order to carry out the Kurdish genocide, it attacks incessantly and uses all kinds of inhuman methods, from the use of chemical weapons to air strikes. The patriotic people of Kurdistan must therefore resist uninterruptedly against the unremitting and intense attacks of AKP-MHP fascism. They must take to the streets everywhere and express their protest. No Kurd should remain unresponsive to these attacks and stay at home. All Kurds must strongly protest against all hegemonic powers that remain silent and support these attacks.

As we have stated publicly before, the conditions for comprehensive attacks against the Kurds and for the occupation of Rojava are currently being prepared. Therefore, it is clear that the fascist government, the MIT [Turkish intelligence service] and S├╝leyman Soylu carried out the recent Istanbul attack. The explosion in Istanbul was carried out for this purpose. Shortly afterwards, the fascist leaders of the AKP-MHP targeted Rojava and stated that they will attack it. This attack has clearly revealed the intention and purpose of the fascist government. The fascist AKP-MHP government pursues malicious plans and resorts to all kinds of dirty methods to stay in power. Everyone needs to see and understand this reality and the plans of the AKP-MHP. By attacking the Kurds and by striking and invading Rojava, the AKP-MHP also aims to stay in power and trigger an even darker and more reactionary process in Turkey. Therefore, the Kurdish people as well as the peoples of Turkey, the democratic forces and all progressive groups must oppose these genocidal, dirty and malicious plans and attacks of the AKP-MHP.

Everyone needs to know that the attacks against the Kurds are definitely not in the interest of Turkey and its peoples and that they do not serve freedom and democracy. On the contrary, every attack against the Kurds constitutes an attack on all the peoples of Turkey, on democracy and freedom. Therefore, everyone must protest strongly against these attacks on the Kurds and stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people.

The genocidal colonialist Turkish state carries out these attacks with the approval and support of the hegemonic powers. The hegemonic powers, especially the USA and Russia, show clearly that they are complicit in the Kurdish genocide by approving and supporting the genocidal attacks against the Kurds. Everybody needs to be aware of this. Our people know this and take an attitude accordingly. Everyone who is in favor of freedom and democracy needs to take a stance against the forces that support the genocidal, colonialist Turkish state’s anti-Kurdish policies and who are partners in the Kurdish genocide.

The attacks of the fascist AKP-MHP alliance are also directed against the peace of the region and the will of the peoples to live together. The fascist AKP-MHP alliance aims to reach the borders of the Misak─▒ Milli [National Pact] and thus establish its hegemony in the region by carrying out the Kurdish genocide. It intervenes in the countries of the region and binds their will by involving them in the Kurdish genocide. The countries of the region need to know that as long as they remain silent or become complicit in the attacks against the Kurds, they will lose their own will and turn into puppets that serve the Turkish state. Therefore, not only the Kurds but also the regional countries themselves must oppose the attacks of the Turkish state and not become complicit in them.

We once again condemn the genocidal attacks and call on everyone to express their protest and increase the struggle. Our people need to rise up and protest by taking to the streets wherever they are in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad. The attacks of the fascist AKP-MHP alliance, which aims to annihilate the people of Kurdistan, can only be stopped with strong protests and a total struggle.


KCK Executive Council