Our Statements

november 22, 2023

To the Commanders and Fighters of HPG and YJA Star

We sincerely congratulate the freedom guerrilla of Kurdistan, especially the commanders and fighters who participated in the recent actions, for their latest successful attacks. We send our greetings, love and respect to you. We would also like to congratulate the central command of our “People’s Defense Headquarters” (NPG) who had announced to the public on November 19 and 20 that the guerrilla had carried out extensive actions against the occupying Turkish army in the area of “Martyr Delil” in the western area of Zap and in the area of Metîna. They stated that many enemy positions were destroyed in these actions and dozens of occupiers were punished. As stated in the statement of our Central Command of NPG, with these actions a very heavy and crushing blow was dealt to the genocidal colonialist enemy and the occupying army. We sincerely congratulate the freedom guerrilla of Kurdistan.

Comrades Andok, Ciwan and Egîd, who fought in the front line in these actions and dealt heavy blows to the invading Turkish army, were martyred in this offensive. By remembering them, we respectfully and gratefully commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution who sacrificed their lives for democracy. They are the self-sacrificing heroes of Kurdistan’s freedom struggle, we bow down before their memories with respect and we reiterate our commitment and promise of success to the martyrs.

There is no doubt that our martyrs are the creators of Kurdish identity and the engine of the Kurdish freedom cause. Our people and international friends should be proud of comrades Andok, Ciwan and Egîd and cherish their memory. They are immortal militants who sacrificed themselves for freedom without hesitation and who are the comrades of Erdal and Rojhat.

With this heavy and crushing blow to the enemy, the guerrillas have once again proved that they are the indomitable fighters and defenders of Kurdistan and will not let the occupation pass. The guerrilla’s war against the occupation army is the defense of Kurdistan. The guerrilla defends Kurdistan against occupation, genocide and treason with a self-sacrificing spirit. The patriotic people of Kurdistan need to strengthen and develop the struggle by supporting and participating more in the guerrilla’s resistance against occupation, genocide and betrayal.

It is also important and meaningful that these actions are organized on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the foundation of our party, PKK. On this occasion, we congratulate all HPG and YJA star commanders and fighters, especially our friends in the area of “Martyr Delil” in the western area of Zap and in the area of Metîna on the 45th year of the party and wish them great success in their struggle and resistance in the 46th year of the party.


KCK Executive Council