Our Statements

november 27, 2020

For the PKK, Challenges Motivate Struggle

On the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of PKK, we would like to congratulate our leader Abdullah Öcalan, our people, and all those pursuing the resistance in the mountains, valleys, prisons, and on the streets. We also commemorate the tens of thousands who have – by sacrificing their lives – made this 42nd anniversary possible. We renew our oath to realize their dreams – the dreams of Haki Karer, of the July 14th Resistance, of our comrades Agit, Sara, Erdal, Simko, Rüstem Cudi, Delal Amed, Atakan Mahir, Zeki Şengali, Helmet, Kasim Engin, Leyla Agiri, Agit Civyan, and Yılmaz Dersim. Their struggle signifies the resolve of the Kurds to defend t their existence and achieve freedom. Their dream of a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East will surely come true.

The PKK`s 42-years-long resistance is a history of an epic resurrection. It represents a national resurrection and the development of Kurdish willpower and strength. 42 years of struggle have turned the Kurds into a people fighting for a free and democratic life. There is no village, no street, neighborhood or city in Kurdistan that has not chosen to rise up in the course of this struggle. Hundreds, if not thousands of uprisings have brought about various forms of self-organization. Thus, a national, political, democratic, social and cultural revolution has taken place. Leader Abdullah Öcalan has strikingly worded this revolutionary character of the Kurdish people by calling them `people of uprisings`. The PKK has turned one of the most backward people in the world into the most progressive revolutionary force.

Today, the Kurds are considered as the most revolutionary, democratic people in the world. This is the direct result of their ideology based on women`s freedom, democracy, and environmentalism; a result of their active struggle. Our leader Abdullah Öcalan has reiterated that the freedom of women is more meaningful and precious than class-based and national freedom. Thus, he has underlined the women’s role in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

The freedom of women is the basic requirement for enhancing freedom and democracy. Based on this insight our leader developed the ideology of women`s freedom, thus discovering and empowering the revolutionary and democratic energy of the Kurdish women. This has made the Kurdish people the most revolutionary and democratic people in the world. Today, leader Abdullah Öcalan is not only the leader of the Kurds, but of all the peoples of the Middle East. He has gained an everlasting place in history as the creator and pioneer of women`s freedom and for contributing to the women`s freedom struggle. He has significantly increased the revolutionary, democratic character of the PKK putting the principle of women`s freedom into practice. Today, the PKK`s most significant feature is its struggle for the freedom of women.

The Middle East is the cradle of the Neolithic revolution. In the context of the freedom struggle led by the PKK, these lands have become the cradle for Democratic Civilization. Humanity has once again come to appreciate the role of the Kurdish people and other peoples in the Middle East. Through their PKK-led freedom struggle the Kurds will not only achieve a free and democratic life for themselves, but also pave the way for the democratization of the Middle East. Thus, Kurdistan and the Middle East will become the cradle for Democratic Civilization.

Among all reactionary and despotic forces of the Middle East it is especially the genocidal, colonial Turkish state that considers the PKK`s freedom struggle a lethal threat to its mentality and policy. That is why the anti-Kurdish Turkish state and all regional reactionary forces continue to wage a relentless fight against the PKK-led freedom forces. The outcome of this fight will define the future of the Middle East.

The 42-year-long struggle of the PKK and the values it has created have not only turned the Kurds, but all peoples of the Middle East into a force of freedom and democracy. As a leader of the whole Middle East, Abdullah Öcalan is showing the way for the freedom struggle of all peoples of the region. Today, based on the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan a new period marked by the struggle for freedom and democracy has started in the Middle East. Our leader`s philosophy, paradigm and envisioned society lends expression to the ethics, conscience, justice, equality and the cultural and democratic values of the Middle East. All this combined will give guidance to the peoples. Having been caught in darkness for centuries, the Middle East is finally opening its eyes to daylight again. This is one of the most important results of the struggle the PKK has been waging for 42 years.

The PKK is the concrete mode of expression for our leader`s paradigm, his way of struggle and his envisioned democratic-confederal system that is based on an organized society. Today, this system represents a major source of inspiration and excitement for the peoples of the world. Capitalism and its modernity have led humanity into a hopeless situation and caused it a lot of pain. Democratic Modernity with its three pillars of a communal, democratic society, eco-industry and Democratic Confederalism will spell the end of these sufferings. Finally, the people and the anti-systemic forces possess powerful ideas against capitalism and its modernity. The chaos and disorientation caused by the collapse of real socialism has thus come to an end.

The struggle of the PKK has exposed all aspects of the ongoing genocidal and colonial system imposed on the Kurds. It has defeated all its attacks. The genocidal, colonial Turkish state is the leading force behind all the anti-Kurdish hostilities. No matter how much it may attack, it will have great difficulties trying to reestablish its genocidal, colonial system and thus reaching its goals. Just like in the last 42 years, the determined struggle based on the ideas of our leader Abdullah Öcalan will defeat genocidal colonialism and its mentality. The struggle of the Kurdish people – based on the paradigm of women`s freedom, environmentalism and a democratic society – will achieve victory. The Kurdish people will successfully ensure the existence of their language, culture, identity, and self-administration.

Struggle is the PKK’s keyword to face problems and challenges. In the course of the last 42 years, the PKK`s struggle has overcome most challenges and created new values. Continuing on this path in its 43rd year of existence, the PKK will overcome all difficulties of and will defeat the genocidal, colonial AKP-MHP fascism. The AKP-MHP fascism is on the verge of collapse. AKP has squandered away all the time and energy of of the peoples of Turkey for the last 18 years. It has brought about great sufferings for the peoples of the Middle East, particularly the Kurds. In the 43rd year of our struggle, the anti-fascist struggle based on the philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan and the high price that has been paid so far will bring about a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey and Middle East.

On this basis we call on the youth and women, our people, our friends and all democratic forces to step up their struggle against the AKP-MHP fascism, to crush today`s Zahhak and lead the Middle East towards a new Newroz in the 43rd year of our struggle.

KCK Executive Council