Our Statements

october 9, 2020

We Support the Oct. 10 “Global Action Day for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan”

The intention of the international conspiracy in 1998 was to obstruct our Freedom Movement which was showing remarkable progress based on the new paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan. Today, in all four parts of Kurdistan and all places where Kurds live our Freedom Movement is again making great progress. Based on the new paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan our movement has evolved into the freedom struggle of all peoples of the Middle East. Yet, a new conspiracy is under way. Just like in the past, the USA is the driving force behind this new conspiracy. In the context of the ongoing World War III in the Middle East, the Turkish State and Kurdish collaborators try to benefit from this US policy and thus eliminate our Freedom Movement. But today the conspirators are far weaker and have way less allies than in 1998. Furthermore, there are clear contradictions between the policies of the different conspirators. Thus they find themselves in a weak position. At the same time, because of the strong support of the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan and of the international democratic forces, our Freedom Movement has stepped up its struggle against the conspirators.

The current developments in Kurdistan, Turkey, the Middle East and other parts of the world grant our Freedom Movement big advantages and opportunities for the defeat of the conspirators. Therefore, the 23rd year of our resistance against the international conspiracy will be marked by a great struggle to foil the new conspiracy and attacks. In this context we started our new campaign “End isolation, fascism, and occupation; Time to Ensure freedom” on the 40th anniversary of the Sep. 12, 1980 fascist military coup in Turkey. The campaign is aimed against the AKP-MHP fascist rule and all enemies of democracy. As a historic step of our struggle, it will surely lead to a free Kurdistan, a democratic Turkey, and a democratic Middle East.

On the 23rd anniversary of the international conspiracy, the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative declared October 10 as the “Global Action Day for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan”. All humanity and all democratic forces no longer accept the imprisonment of Abdullah Öcalan who has made great contributions to the cause of the Kurdish people and that of all humanity. Abdullah Öcalan, therefore, enjoys great support from all over the world. The `Global Action Day for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan` on October 10 will lead to important developments in regards to the struggle of humanity and all democratic forces. Hereby, we salute this initiative and call on all humanity, democratic forces, Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East to take to the streets on October 10 and to tear down the walls of the Imrali prison.

During this era of important changes across the world, the Middle East, and Kurdistan only those with great ideas and willpower are destined to win. All the ideas and policies hindering social, economic and cultural progress are doomed to defeat. The conspirators will lose, our peoples’ struggle for freedom and democracy will prevail.


KCK Executive Council