Our Statements

october 11, 2023

Congratulations on the Start of the “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question” Campaign

Yesterday an international campaign was launched with the slogan “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question”. The launch of such a campaign by left-wing, socialist, libertarian, revolutionary and conscientious people as well as democratic organizations who see themselves as friends of the Kurdish people and of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] is very meaningful and valuable. We would like thank all our international friends who made this statement. It is also very meaningful that the launch of this campaign coincides with the anniversary of the international conspiracy. The biggest and most meaningful response to the international conspiracy would certainly be the development of such a work and attitude.

The patriotic people of Kurdistan have never accepted the conspiracy against Rêber Apo and we as a movement and people, have been struggling against the international conspiracy for more then 25 years. In this struggle, there have always been international friends who have stood with us and whose hearts beat with the Kurdish people. Today, we see that our international friends are not only participating but are taking a leading role within this struggle. This represents a very great development. There is no doubt that this is an achievement of the patriotic people of Kurdistan and all those who have struggled against the conspiracy until today. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement, we would like to salute this great and meaningful campaign and state that we will support it with all our means.

The campaign announced on October 10, 2023 marks a turning point. With the launch of it, it has been proved that the struggle against the international conspiracy has reached the necessary level, and that with effective actions to be taken from now on, the ultimate goal outlined in the slogan of the campaign will be achieved. Therefore, at this point, the universal level of the struggle against the international conspiracy has been reached and the process of total mobilization and achieving results has begun. With this awareness and responsibility, we believe that the campaign will reach its goal.

The fact that the struggle against the international conspiracy is being waged in the international arena represents a great development not only for the Kurdish people but also for the universal struggle for freedom and democracy. Rêber Apo started the struggle by believing in its universality and by insisting on the values of humanity. He developed the revolution in Kurdistan as a part of the global struggle for democracy and freedom by the oppressed. Rêber Apo’s attitude and stance in the face of the international conspiracy has been clear. He gave the most meaningful response to the international conspiracy by emphasizing the common values and struggle of the peoples and all the oppressed and by giving it an ideological and theoretical framework. This has been Rêber Apo’s stance against the 25-years of isolation and torture on Imrali. This is an attitude of defense of humanity, freedom, democracy, socialism, peoples, women and the oppressed. Therefore, defending Rêber Apo also means defending ourselves, defending society, defending our freedom and human dignity. This campaign has proved this fact. While Rêber Apo is under absolute isolation in Imrali, what humanity has to do is to struggle against this. This is where the freedom of the Kurdish people, the peoples of the Middle East and the global community lies.

We would like to emphasize once again that the solution of the so-called ‘Kurdish question’ as well as the problems in the Middle East is closely linked to the end of the isolation and torture system on Imrali and the physical freedom of Rêber Apo. Developments prove this fact more and more every day. The new attacks launched by the Turkish state against Rojava and North-East Syria, the fights in Israel and Palestine are examples of this. The problems in the Middle East cannot be solved with the mentality and tools of the nation-state. Humanity’s problems of equality, freedom and democracy cannot be solved with the mentality and tools of capitalist modernity. With his democratic nation and the approach of democratic modernity, Rêber Apo has put forward the ideal formula for solving the problems of our time. Standing against absolute isolation also means demanding the solution of the problems.

With this in mind, we make the following calls:

Our first call is to the patriotic people of Kurdistan. The patriotic people of Kurdistan have been engaged in an uninterrupted struggle against the international conspiracy in four parts of Kurdistan, in the prisons, in the refugee camp of Mexmûr [Makhmur], in Şengal [Sinjar] and everywhere abroad. As a result of this struggle, today the oppressed peoples of the world, the women, youth and our international friends have come to embrace the struggle of the Kurdish people and Rêber Apo. This has increased our responsibility as a people. With this awareness, with our commitment to Rêber Apo and our belief in the freedom of Kurdistan, we have to participate in the campaign launched in the strongest way possible. People in Eastern Kurdistan [Western Iran] and South Kurdistan [Northern Iraq] have to stand up. Intellectuals and democratic popular organizations need to fulfill their role and lead the people. The people of Northern Kurdistan [South-East Turkey] have to break the oppression and blockade of the fascist AKP-MHP government and mobilize strongly. The patriotic Kurdistan youth has to be at the forefront of the protests. They have to organize themselves strongly, participate and lead the people. Breaking the absolute isolation of Rêber Apo and defending the freedom struggle is primarily the duty and responsibility of the patriotic Kurdistan youth.

Our second call is to the Turkish democrats, intellectuals, patriots, progressive figures and generally to all democratic forces. Absolute isolation means the isolation of the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey. The fascist AKP-MHP government asserts its existence through eliminating the revolution in Rojava and realizing the Kurdish genocide. With this, it is dragging Turkey into darkness. The real struggle for democracy in Turkey is to stand with the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and against the absolute isolation. Without doing this, without taking a strong and determined stance and struggle against the absolute isolation of Rêber Apo, one cannot have the right democratic and patriotic attitude. Turkey’s enlightenment and democratization cannot be achieved by being like this. The fascist AKP-MHP government cannot be weakened and Turkey cannot be saved from darkness. From now on, a stronger and clearer stance needs to be taken against the absolute isolation. This is the measure of being a true democrat, patriot, progressive, libertarian, moral and conscientious.

Our third call is to the peoples of the Middle East and the world. Rêber Apo’s heart beats not only for the Kurdish people but also for the freedom of the peoples of the Middle East and the world. During his 25 years of imprisonment on Imrali as well as outside, Rêber Apo has worked for this. He has resisted, deepened, intensified and shared his ideas with humanity. Despite such harsh conditions, he defended not only himself but society and humanity as a whole. We need to see, know, explain and embrace this reality more. This is a requirement of being human, democratic and libertarian. The absolute isolation against Rêber Apo is totally unacceptable. This cannot fit into any human, conscientious and moral measure. We need to take a stronger stance against absolute isolation. We must definitely break the absolute isolation and ensure the freedom of Rêber Apo. For this, we have to aim to bring all humanity to its feet.

With these feelings and calls, we congratulate all people taking part in the international campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question” and express our support and belief that it will be successful.


KCK Executive Council