Our Statements

october 11, 2023

Taking a Stance Against Turkish Attack on Mosque in Mexmûr

We strongly condemn the Turkish state’s targeting of the mosque in the refugee camp in Mexmûr [Makhmur] on October 7 and we would like to salute the struggle of the people of Mexmûr who are resisting since the 90s against the occupying and plundering attacks of the Turkish fascism and the forces partnering with dirty alliances such as the KDP.

The fascist, colonialist Turkish state, which uses the religious feelings of the peoples, continues to intensify its genocidal attacks in Kurdistan. They carried out genocidal attacks against Rojava and Şengal [Sinjar], which we can also evaluate as an attempt to hide the blow they suffered after the sacrifice action in the heart of Ankara, to create the image of a strong state and to overcome the great shock they experienced. They also continued their operations and attacks against the south Kurdish areas of the Medya Defense Zones [by the Kurdish Freedom Guerilla controlled areas] by increasing the number of war crimes they commit and expressed that many cities such as Sulaymaniyah were in their targets by threatening them. These genocidal attacks are the continuation of the plan to deepen and continue the conspiracy against the leadership.

The Turkish state and its partners, who ban the Kurdish language and do not tolerate the Kurds’ self-governance and call their most humanitarian demands ‘terrorism’, both deny and slaughter the Kurds by using Islamic concepts in their language. They also shamelessly call for common sense in the war in Gaza and criticize the massacre of civilians, children and women as if they would really care. We would like to stress out that Kurds, like other Muslims, have the right to live on their mother and ancestral lands, in accordance with the principle of justice in religion. It is a requirement of their humanity that they use their language in every aspect of life. Like all peoples, they have the most natural right to govern themselves wherever they live and to establish social institutions and organizations. It is necessary for them to voice their most human rights and demands. The ruling Islamist Turkish state politics and mind does not accept the Kurds to have a status, to have the opportunity to live humanely, to govern themselves with their language and culture on their mother and ancestral lands, and does not even tolerate the existence of a Kurdish entity on the face of the earth.

The people from Mexmûr are a people known for their resistance against the oppression throughout their history. For years, they have been trying to ensure their existence by creating life opportunities under the fascist, National-Islamic synthesist attacks of the Turkish state. It is a people who did not surrender to the fascist attacks of the Turkish state and turned to the Freedom Movement and were forced to migrate from Nehdara to Bihêrê, Etruş, Nineveh and finally to Mexmûr under the most difficult conditions. For years, they have been subjected to all kinds of special warfare of the KDP and have not surrendered despite all kinds of torture and torture practices, including the embargo. With the spiritual strength they received from the leadership and the Freedom Movement, they have always stood by the freedom struggle with their deep-rooted social values and have carried out the freedom struggle with their unyielding stance. Despite all the will-breaking policies and surrender impositions of the KDP, they express the reality of a people who endured all kinds of difficulties in order not to surrender. In other words, there is a reality of a people whose will has been tested. They have built a waterless land like Mexmûr, where the desert climate prevails, with their great belief in freedom and their unshakable will, and turned the place where they live into a paradise.

Our people in Mexmûr know that their worship and obligations will be accepted by the Almighty, no matter where they are and under what circumstances, as long as their intentions are based on good and pure deeds. Everywhere is a place of worship when the struggle for rights and justice is being waged against injustice. The struggle against oppressors and hypocrites is the greatest of all acts of worship. The people of Mexmûr have known these things for many years. Their struggle for freedom is also a struggle to protect and preserve the values of democratic Islam. In this sense, the bombing of their mosque can only hurt them as an attack on a sacred place. They know that it was Erdoğan and his cohorts, who pass themselves off as Muslims. With such an attack, the religious enmity of Erdoğan and his partners has once again revealed itself.

Erdoğan and his state, together with his partners, have proven that they do not recognize any values in their attacks on the people of Rojava, Mexmûr and South Kurdistan [Northern Iraq]. For the sake of power, he does not hesitate to put all Islamic and humanitarian sacred values under his feet. It is developing genocidal attacks against the Kurds in Mexmûr, against the Kurdish and Arab peoples in Rojava, and against all Christian, Alevi, Êzidî [Yazidi] and other peoples and beliefs living in North East Syria. Erdoğan, who never stops using such sacred terms as Allah, Islam, Quran, Prophet, Muslim brotherhood, denies the languages, cultures and different beliefs created by Allah by attacking democratic autonomy where all peoples and beliefs will live freely and imposing a state with a single identity. The Turkish Republic, is practicing great cruelty by attacking women and children as well as attacking holy places. We call on Muslims of all ethnic identities, to take a stance against this enmity against religion, humanity and morality in a more organized and powerful way.

The reason why the AKP and all its partners corrupt religion and carry out genocidal attacks by using the words religion, Allah, prophet and Quran is the power they get from the lack of voices of the true religious people. For this reason, we call on Muslims from all peoples, all Muslims who believe with pure and clean feelings, all scholars with conscience and morals to raise their voices against the genocide attacks. We call on Muslims, Alevis, Êzidî youth and women of different faiths to participate more actively in the struggle for the physical freedom of the Leader of the Kurdish People. We call on everyone to fulfill their responsibilities for the period of work that will frustrate the conspiracy and build the free and democratic lives of the peoples of the region. We call on Muslim peoples to take a stance and show their attitude against these brutal genocide attacks.

People’s and Beliefs Committee of KCK