Our Statements

october 27, 2020

Turkish State and KDP are Biggest Threat to KRG Security

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq has embarked on a widespread smear campaign against our Freedom Movement. They don`t fall short of distorting the facts in order to mislead the public opinion accusing our movement of being involved in the killing of KRG officials. Preparing false reports is an attempt to create a justification for future conspiracies against our movement. The reports that some members of our movement have been engaged in perpetrating attacks against foreign officials and companies working in South Kurdistan are totally baseless. These false reports are being prepared with the help of the Turkish intelligence service, MIT, and aim at justifying and legitimizing future attacks against our movement.

The people of South Kurdistan know very well which forces protected them in the face of the IS attacks in 2014 – and which forces left them unprotected. As the Kurdistan Freedom Movement we consider the protection and safety of Kurdistan`s people our national and moral duty. For this cause hundreds of our comrades have sacrificed their lifes on the front line between Sinjar and Erbil, including our commanders Zekî Şengalî, Egîd Civyan and Têkoşer Gewer.

Our movement has always considered the safety and stability of South Kurdistan one of its most important duties. Never have we put our country or people in danger. Hundreds of comrades from our ranks have fallen fighting for this cause. They are the best proof for our commitment. It is widely accepted that the Turkish state and the KDP are the biggest threat to the security of the KRG. Because of their joint activities, Kurdistan`s mountains hardly witness a day without the sound of bomb explosions and rocket attacks. Just like Erdogan, the KDP tries to intimidate the opposition by kidnapping, threatening and putting pressure on journalists, teachers and political activists – thus seriously damaging the safety of South Kurdistan`s citizens.

We call on the Kurdish people and all related political circles to be aware towards this smear campaign and psycho war of KDP and the Turkish MIT and thereby foil these plots through their constructive and patriotic attitude.

KCK Council for Foreign Relations