Our Statements

september 05, 2022

We Congratulate the Guerrilla on its Successful Resistance Against the Turkish Occupying Army

Last night, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla resisting against the occupying Turkish army has struck yet another big blow to the enemy by shooting down a helicopter carrying the invaders in Girê Amediye in the Metina area. Thus, the guerrilla has added one more to its many successes. We would like to congratulate all HPG and YJA-STAR guerrilla fighters resisting in [the South Kurdish areas of] Zap, Metina, Avaşin and Xakurkê on their successful attacks and express our greetings and respect for them. We are sure that these attacks and successes realized with the Apoist sacrificial spirit and style of striking will continue.

The guerrilla is inflicting heavy losses and defeats on the enemy. The Turkish state, on the other hand, does not reveal its losses and hides them from the public. Since September, the guerrilla has shot down several helicopters. Yet, the enemy admitted that only one helicopter crashed in Girê Amediye, because there was no longer any possibility to hide the helicopter that was downed there. This helicopter crashed close to the area where it was hit and thus remained under guerrilla control. The enemy was therefore forced to admit that one of its helicopters had crashed in Girê Amediye. But in reality, the guerrilla shot down two more enemy helicopters on September 2 and 3. We congratulate the friends who carried out these attacks with the same feelings and salute their action.

The offensive launched by the genocidal colonialist Turkish state to occupy South Kurdistan [North Iraq] has almost completed five months. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has been resisting against the invasion attacks in Zap, Metina and Avaşin with a sacrificial spirit for five months and has thus defended South Kurdistan. Due to the guerrilla´s resistance, the occupying Turkish army has not been able to advance but has suffered great blows and defeats from the guerrilla.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla continues to strike devastating blows against the occupying army, thus causing joy among our people and international friends. The guerrilla is fighting heroically and sacrificing itself to protect the honor of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. The people of Kurdistan and their international friends have a strong feeling of pride due to this heroic resistance which follows the line of the şehits [martyrs]. AKP-MHP fascism has come to the brink of destruction as a result of the resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla and the struggle of the people of Kurdistan. Therefore, the patriotic people of Kurdistan and their international friends must now strive to finalize the destruction of the AKP-MHP by further increasing their struggle.

We congratulate all HPG and YJA-STAR guerrilla fighters who have once again inflicted defeats on the invading enemy, salute their attacks and wish them continued success. We once again commemorate with gratitude and respect our şehits who have made us all victorious and full of honor in the face of the enemy. We promise once again that we will carry their struggle to victory. Today, as in history, the bloodsucking invaders will lose and the peoples, women and the forces of freedom and democracy will win.


KCK Executive Council