Our Statements

september 19, 2023

The Recent Attacks in Southern Kurdistan are a Result of Collaboration and Betrayal

As reflected in public opinion, the attacks of the Turkish state have increased. Recently, attacks took place in Sulaymaniyah and Hewlêr [Erbil]. Two days ago, attacks were carried out in Rojava [Western Kurdistan/Northern Syria] and Şengal [Sinjar]. Many people were martyred as a result of these attacks. On the other hand, the Turkish state is already continuously attacking our movement and the guerrilla, which is showing a great resistance. We would like to respectfully commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution and democracy in the person of those who were martyred in all these attacks and we reiterate our commitment and struggle promise to the martyrs. The patriotic people of Kurdistan will definitely hold the enemy and the traitors who stand with the enemy responsible for all this.

Unfortunately, treason is part of all these attacks. These attacks and martyrdoms do not happen as a result of the strenght of the enemy, but with the support of betrayal. This is a bitter but true reality. The Barzanis’ relationship with the Turkish state is a clear betrayal and the reason for all these attacks and martyrdoms. If this situation is ignored any longer and the necessary actions are not taken, then we as a people will be in a more painful and worse situation. By not taking the necessary stance against betrayal, we pave the way for the system established through betrayal to function. There is no Kurd who does not know what this system is. It is the Turkish state’s plan to exterminate Kurds and Kurdishness through massacre and genocide. The Turkish state and the ruling AKP-MHP government are implementing this plan. It is very clear that this is the basic policy of the Turkish state and those who stand with it are also partners in this plan. We mention this for the following reason; while it can be easily seen that the Barzanis’ relations with the Turkish state are collaborationism and betrayal, this situation is not openly expressed and the necessary attitudes against it are not shown. This has certainly not been done until today. Thus, the development of a strong objection and reaction by the people against the betrayal has also been prevented.

The increase in the attacks came after Hakan Fidan [FM of Turkey] traveled to Iraq and South Kurdistan and held talks. The recent developments in the south Kurdish region of Bradost reveal that new plans are being made and that the Iraqi state wants to be included in this. In the Bradost region, attempts are being made to enter the areas where the guerrilla is based and pressure is being exerted on the people to leave their homes. It is very clear that this is a preparation for an attack and a part of the Turkish state’s occupation plan. What is being done in Kirkuk is also part of this plan. These attempts are not to liberate Kirkuk, as the Barzanis want to project, but to hand it over to the control of the Turkish state in exchange for a share of the oil in Kirkuk. The plan for Kirkuk is a plan of the Turkish state. This is the reason why the Turkish state is passing this situation off with token reactions. Otherwise, the Turkish state does not have the approach of wanting Kirkuk to be a part of Kurdistan to solve its problems. The plan of the Turkish state is to completely occupy and annex South Kurdistan.

The Barzanis are fully engaged in the politics of the Turkish state. There is no need to explain the politics of the Turkish state and its approach to the Kurds. This reality is not seen sufficiently by thinking that, the Barzanis and the ‘Kurdistan Democratic Party’ (KDP) they lead, are Kurds. This has also created a psychological situation. However, the Barzanis have no concern for Kurdistan. As long as they control a few cities in Kurdistan, rule them and use them to serve themselves, the rest is not important to them. The rest of Kurdistan is a bargaining chip for them for the sake of eating the blessings of a few cities. If this was not the case, if they had a concern for Kurdistan, would they have welcomed Hakan Fidan with open arms? Hakan Fidan is a murderer. Every day he is calculating how to kill more Kurds. He is dripping with Kurdish blood. And the Barzanis welcome such a murderer with open arms and embrace him. This situation alone is more than enough to reveal the reality of the Barzanis.

We want to emphasize this. If the correct and necessary attitudes had been taken against the betrayal until today and the reaction of the people had not been prevented, the situation would not have reached this degree, the enemy would not carry out such an attack plan and there would not have been so much pain and losses. This is precisely because the necessary attitude against the betrayal was not taken by organizations, parties and institutions; by intellectuals, writers and artists who are the conscience, voice and consciousness of society. This situation has encouraged the betrayal and deepened it day by day. If this reasoning is done in a carefree manner, everyone will reach this conclusion.

The attack in Hewlêr was against the office of the ‘Kurdistan National Congress’ (KNK) and as a result of the attack the KNK representative for South Kurdistan Deniz Cevdet Bülbün was martyred. It is extremely meaningful that the attack was against the KNK, as the KNK is making an important effort for the national unity of the Kurds. It has recently carried out important work in this direction. One of the most important ones was the conference it organized in the city of Lausanne on the centenary of the Treaty of Lausanne. Important discussions were held at this conference and important decisions were taken to ensure the unity of the Kurdish people. The Treaty of Lausanne means the division and dismemberment of Kurdistan, the denial and annihilation of the Kurdish people. In the centenary year of this treaty, it was extremely important to organize such a conference in the city where the treaty was made, to reveal the foundations of Kurdish enmity and genocide based on the Treaty of Lausanne and to put forward the will to establish Kurdish unity against this. However, the Barzanis did not attend this meeting. Because the Barzanis do not have any concerns and goals such as Kurdish unity. On the contrary, they have an approach that benefits from the Kurdish genocide and they want it to continue. If this were not the case, their hearts would be beating for Kurdish unity like all of us, they would be seeking for this to happen like all of us, and they would be excited about such initiatives. But this is certainly not the case with the Barzanis. Not because we say so, but because their deeds reveal what they are. It is time for everyone to put the truth as it is, no half-talk. We have to call treason treason. If we can do this, if we can call betrayal a betrayal and take a stance against it, we will prevent greater falls and disasters. This is how we will realize the unity of the Kurds. Otherwise, we will pave the way for greater betrayals and disasters. This will be the greatest evil to be done to the Kurds, to the cause of Kurdistan.

We would like to say the following about the attack in Sulaymaniyah. We do not yet have comprehensive and precise information about this attack. There are information that the attack was on an airfield and that there were martyrs. The attacks on Sulaymaniyah are aimed at intimidating the people of Sulaymaniyah, opening the south Kurdish region Soran to the Turkish state and the Turkish intelligence service like the Behdînan region, and ensuring that the ‘Patriotic Union Kurdistan’ (PUK), like the KDP, enters into collaborative relations with the Turkish state. Since the people in Sulaymaniyah and Soran region have not given up their patriotic stance until today, a new attack has been carried out. We strongly condemn this attack. We have no doubt that the people of Sulaymaniyah and the Soran region will continue their patriotic stance. The calculations of the Turkish state can be understood from the attacks against Sulaymaniyah and Soran and the plans it makes through these attacks.

We strongly condemn these attacks carried out by the Turkish state with the hands of traitors. It is time for everyone to take a clear and strong stance against the betrayal. The Turkish state carries out its Kurdish genocide policy and concept based on betrayal. This is clearly visible. The way to stop this policy and frustrate the concept is to stop the betrayal. If all patriotic Kurdish organizations, parties, intellectuals, writers and artists take a clear and strong stance against the betrayal and if the people of Kurdistan express their reaction strongly, then the betrayal will be stopped, limited and neutralized. We reiterate this call once again and call on all people in the country and abroad to take to the squares and express their reaction against the betrayal in a strong way and call on parties, organizations, institutions and personalities to lead this.

KCK Executive Council