Our Statements

april 28, 2021

Let`s Increase our Struggle for Building a World Where Every Day is a New May 1st

We would like to congratulate all workers of the world and the Middle East and all Kurdish workers on the occasion of May 1st – the day of unity, solidarity and struggle. May 1st is a day of raising the flag of socialism against Capitalist Modernity, the enemy of all workers and of the society. It is a day on which humanity – irrespective of color, religion, language or sex – expresses its longing for a free and democratic world. We would also like to commemorate all martyrs of May 1st and the workers` struggle. They have turned May 1st into a day of democracy, freedom and communal life and heralded the free future of humanity.

Huge sacrifices have been made in order to turn May 1st into what it is today. The execution of four workers` leaders in 1887 proves that May 1st stands for a great cause. Ever since that day, a huge number of people have fallen martyr. Their directive and call have turned May 1st into a day which shows that freedom, democracy and socialism will be achieved soon.

May 1st represents a communal mentality and life. In the Middle East and Kurdistan – the land of communalism – the legacy of this day is vigorously being kept alive. In Turkey, May 1st has always been celebrated by millions as a day on which many have fallen martyr and as a day of great struggle. The murder of 34 workers and democrats on May 1st, 1977 has turned this day into an even bigger day of struggle and has strengthened its tradition.

As one of the most ancient people of the Middle East, the Kurds have lived a communal life all throughout history. Since the 1970s, they have become the leading people for the struggle of democracy, freedom and socialism in the Middle East. Today, they are proud and honored to be one of the most important defenders of the May 1st values. Based on their paradigm of women`s freedom, ecology and democracy, the Kurds of today are people that defend and live socialism in the most democratic way. This is why the AKP-MHP fascism – the most important representative of Capitalist Modernity in the Middle East and the biggest enemy of democracy – attacks the freedom forces of the Kurdish people.

Women have created the communal and social life of humans in the Middle East. Today – in the person of Kurdish women – they have become the leaders of a life based on democracy, communalism and women`s freedom. March 8 and May 1st complement each other and form a unity. Thus, they play a historic role for spreading a new understanding of socialism all over the world. Just like all women of the world rose up on March 8, on this year`s May 1st all peoples – not only in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East – will will rise up. From now on, May 1st will be celebrated as a day of democratic socialism based on women`s freedom. It will be a day of unity and solidarity which will accelerate the end of Capitalist Modernity.

Today, the fascist AKP-MHP government in Turkey has become the biggest enemy of democracy and freedom. Despite the fascist nature of this government, the forces of Capitalist Modernity entertain strong relations and pursue a common policy with it. They call this government a dictatorship and accuse it of fascism while at the same time supporting it.

The fascist AKP-MHP government has also used the Covid-19 pandemic – a result of capitalism`s mode of production and way of life – against the workers and peoples. At first, it had claimed that Covid-19 did not exist in Turkey. But today, it says that this sickness has spread all over the country. Thus, it uses Covid-19 to weaken the struggle of the democratic forces and workers against the fascist AKP-MHP government. Recently, this government announced a total lockdown due to Covid-19. It has done so in order to prevent the peoples from protesting against the attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and in order to prevent the democratic forces to come together on May 1st and fight against this government. Therefore, the government itself is responsible for the massive spread of Covid-19 in Turkey. Nobody should accept AKP-MHP`s use of Covid-19 as a protective wall in order for them to remain in power. All workers in Turkey need to join forces with the workers in Kurdistan and wage the united peoples` struggle for democracy while at the same time taking the necessary health precautions. The unity, solidarity and struggle of the peoples and workers on this year`s May 1st need to spell the end of the current government. Everywhere in Kurdistan and Turkey needs to be turned into a place of celebrating May 1.

It has become a historic and very important duty to wage a struggle against this government. This government does not consider Covid-19 or – like Daesh – the month of Ramadan as an obstacle for itself and has mobilized all resources of the people and the whole youth for its war. It seeks to carry out a genocide against the Kurdish people and is also responsible for the massive spread of Covid-19 in Turkey. Therefore, all workers, peoples and the Kurds need to show the will to struggle against the attacks of this government.

The Kurdish people needs to acknowledge that the AKP-MHP government has started a war that aims at completely uprooting all Kurds. Therefore, they need to join the struggle for their existence and stand side by side with the guerrilla against this government. All workers, peoples, women, the youth and all democratic forces need to join together, increase their struggle against this fascist government and thus spell its end. We would like to congratulate all peoples on May 1st and call on them to increase their struggle for building a world where every day is a new May 1st.


KCK Executive Council