Our Statements

june 12, 2021

Let`s Recognize the Seriousness of the Situation and Take Action!

While heavy fighting is taking place between the guerrilla and the Turkish army in Metina, Avaşin and Zap, the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) is sustaining tensions that could lead to clashes between the KDP military forces and the guerrilla at any time. Our friend Murat Karayılan, commander of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Central Command, also emphasized recently that the KDP forces are trying to occupy numerous positions near the guerrilla leading to a permanent danger of skirmishes. He also called on the Kurdish people, all Kurdish intellectuals, artists and political forces to fulfill their responsibility to prevent such skirmishes.

In Europe, Kurdish artists and intellectuals – the conscience of the Kurdish people – immediately responded to this call. They made it clear that skirmishes between the KDP special forces and the guerrilla would cause great damage to the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and called on the KDP not to encircle the guerrilla areas. The feelings of the Kurdish artists represent the feelings and wishes of the whole Kurdish people. We congratulate them for their vigilant attitude. We firmly believe that by increasing their activities, they will play a historic role in preventing such a war that would only benefit the Turkish state – the leading force of Kurdish hostility.

Taking the voice of Kurdish artists and intellectuals seriously is everybody`s national responsibility. By doing so, the entire Kurdish people and all its political forces will fulfill their responsibility and give a clear answer to the call of our friend and HPG commander-in-chief Murat Karayılan. An important level of vigilance has already been created among the Kurdish public in order to prevent such conflicts, which would only serve the occupying Turkish state.

The commander of the HPG Central Command has clearly stated the position of our movement. We follow a policy that does not intend any confrontations with other Kurdish political and military groups. On the contrary, despite the KDP’s steps against us for more than a year, we have always avoided clashes due to our sense of responsibility for the Kurdish people and their struggle for freedom. Despite the KDP`s attitude, which creates the basis for the occupation attacks of the Turkish state, we have always behaved patiently and responsibly. Thus, we have continuously tried not to be made a part of the Turkish state’s games. We have made all necessary efforts to resolve existing tensions through negotiations and to remove the basis for possible confrontations. However, the KDP’s decision to move its military forces to guerrilla areas while the Turkish state is intensifying its occupation attacks has currently led to a situation in which fighting may occur, which would have a negative impact on Kurdish history. Despite the order of the commander of the HPG Central Command to the guerrilla forces to be patient and not to engage in skirmishes, the current attitude of the KDP leads to the possibility of the start and consequent expansion of skirmishes at any time. Statements by KDP commanders that sound as if they were already in open war against the guerrilla and provocative publications in KDP media are an expression of this current situation. All our people and the public should be aware that we as a movement will avoid such confrontations until the last moment. However, should any fighting occur in this situation, it will be the sole responsibility of the KDP.

The KDP interior minister has even accused people of carrying out provocations who want to travel from Europe to the war zones in South Kurdistan in order to act as human shields to prevent a war between the guerrilla and the military forces of the KDP. This is an obvious attempt to cover the KDP`s own provocations and war policy by such distortions and propaganda. Every day, the KDP spreads propaganda against the PKK and guerrilla, thereby playing games with the people’s minds. This attitude of the KDP alone shows the seriousness of the situation. The KDP`s approach makes the call of the commander of the HPG Central Command even more important.

Recently, Ethem Barzani, himself a member of the KDP leadership, criticized the KDP’s policies and its relations with the Turkish state and distanced himself from the KDP. Leaders of the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) publicly declared that they would not participate in an internal Kurdish war. The southern Kurdish party `Hizbu Şui` also took a stand. In addition, Kurdish artists and intellectuals demonstrated their vigilant stance, and numerous South Kurdish institutions and intellectuals addressed the public with statements. All this happened because the immediate danger of war between the military forces of the KDP and the guerrillas was recognized. The statements made against the backdrop of this imminent threat of war are examples of deeply responsible conduct.

The guerrilla and the Kurdish Freedom Movement are waging a historic resistance against the occupation by the Turkish state. And they will continue their resistance in the future. Through their selfless resistance, Kurdish young women and men are risking their lives thus resisting against the occupier. It is hence the historical responsibility of all Kurds to prevent the KDP from encircling the guerrilla areas. We wish for the KDP not to play a negative role towards the huge resistance that is being put up against the occupiers. Even if the KDP does not support our struggle against the occupation, it should refrain from actions that weaken this resistance. Currently, the historical resistance is negatively affected because numerous guerrilla units are forced to protect themselves against the KDP military forces when they should be fighting against the occupiers. Today, the KDP military forces are already serving the interests of the occupying forces by positioning themselves between the various guerrilla areas, thus cutting off contact between them. The KDP must abandon this stance. For while the war against the occupiers continues, such a stance by a Kurdish party and its military forces is unacceptable.

The Kurdish people, all artists, intellectuals and political forces must realize the seriousness of the current situation. Accordingly, they must become active to stop the policy of the KDP, which has a very negative influence on the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom. They must use their influence to intervene in this difficult phase and thwart Turkey’s plans. This is currently the most urgent task of all Kurds. It is time to support the Kurdish youth who resist against the occupation and to take a stance against any attitudes that may negatively affect the heroic resistance and lead to heavy losses. We are convinced that the Kurdish people will rise up everywhere and thus make their contribution to the success of the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom.

KCK Executive Council