Our Statements

june 16, 2021

“We Welcome the Launch of the `Defend Kurdistan` Initiative”

For almost two months, heavy fighting has been going on between the guerrilla – this selfless force of the Kurdish people`s struggle for freedom – and the Turkish occupying army. In the areas of South Kurdistan, which the Turkish army wanted to capture within a few days, an enormous resistance has been taking place since then. Today, the Turkish army is stuck on a few occupied hilltops, and the guerrillas’ daily blows are taking a heavy toll on it.

The fighting between the Turkish army and the guerrilla has recently become even more intense. It was precisely at this stage that the KDP surrounded guerrilla areas with its military forces and positioned itself along the lines connecting them. This has caused great concern among the Kurdish public. Murat Karayılan, the commander-in-chief of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Central Command, warned that there could be skirmishes with the guerrilla if the KDP moved its military forces into areas they had not entered in 30 years – especially at a stage when the war against the Turkish state had gained intensity. Despite numerous calls from various groups, the KDP has so far not withdrawn its military forces from the affected region. On the contrary, the deployment of additional forces continues. This has once again increased the concerns of the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state’s occupation attacks that aim to crush the Kurdish Freedom Movement and complete the Kurdish genocide, and the support of the KDP, have mobilized the Kurdish people and their friends. Protests were organized in all parts of Kurdistan and in many other countries and numerous statements were made to take a stance against the occupation and to prevent the KDP’s participation in the war against the guerrilla. The Kurdish public and friends of the Kurds are following the current developments very closely. As part of this important public attention and protests, Kurdish patriots, together with friends of the Kurdish people, have traveled to South Kurdistan. Their aim is to take a stance against the occupation and to prevent an armed conflict between the military forces of the KDP and the guerrilla. They had planned to travel to the war-affected regions, to contact the affected population and to oppose a possible attack by the KDP on the guerrilla. In doing so, they wanted to respond to the feelings of all Kurds and democrats. The only goal of their civilian efforts was to contribute to ending the current concerns of the Kurdish public. However, their efforts, which were highly welcomed by all patriotic and democratic-minded people, were met by an indescribably brutal response from the German state and the KDP.

We salute all Kurds and all their friends who are part of this patriotic democratic effort. We strongly believe that such democratic protest actions will make an important contribution to prevent the occupation by the Turkish state and the battles desired by the KDP.

The KDP’s decision to treat these constructive, peaceful and democratic efforts like an enemy has caused surprise and resentment among the Kurdish public. More and more people are now convinced that the KDP is not interested in preventing fighting with the guerrilla. We also reacted with similar feelings when the KDP positioned its forces around the guerrilla areas while we were expecting talks with the KDP. We would like to reiterate that we have no interest whatsoever in a war against the KDP. Such a war would be solely in the interest of the Turkish state. We therefore continue to expect the KDP to withdraw its forces from around the guerrilla areas and make them return to their former positions.

The recent peaceful, civil and democratic efforts have made certain facts even clearer to the Kurdish patriots and the international friends of the Kurdish people. It has once again become clear that the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom is a litmus test and brings to light the true face of all those involved. The German state has broken its own laws and international law to deny Kurds and their friends the opportunity to travel to Erbil. This completely unjustified obstruction was presented by the German state as support for the NATO member Turkey. In this way, Germany has once again shown in all clarity that it is the biggest supporter and complicit in the Kurdish genocide. It has become clear that Germany stubbornly insists on continuing its policy of support and active participation in the Kurdish genocide. Germany’s relations with some South Kurdish parties cannot hide this fact. We call on the German government to end its participation in this genocidal crime carried out in the name of the German people.

With this attitude, Germany is also proclaiming that it is ensuring the survival of the fascist dictatorship in Turkey and ignoring any democratic values and human rights. The Turkish state is becoming increasingly dirty and rotten because of its war against the Kurdish people and the democratic forces. The same is true for all the states and political forces that support the Turkish state. The Turkish state has gotten into this situation because of its policy of denying the Kurdish existence and its Kurdish genocide. Many NATO members – especially Germany – are in the same position today because of their support for this fascist state. They have also proven once again at the recent NATO summit that they are directly participating in the genocidal policy of the Turkish state with their support for its occupation.

The Kurdish patriots and their friends have exposed the true face of Germany and the KDP. In doing so, they have made an important contribution to the struggle for freedom and democracy. They have become active in taking a stance against the occupation and preventing a war between the KDP and the guerrilla. As a result, the occupation by the Turkish state and the KDP’s stance have become an important part of the political agenda. This has created an even broader social and political base for the struggle for freedom and democracy. The protest against the occupation and the KDP is growing stronger every day and helps the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and democracy to gain even stronger social support. Therefore, we would like to respectfully greet all those who have contributed to the establishment of the initiative ‘Defend Kurdistan’ and wish them success for their future work.

KCK Executive Council